Monday, September 1, 2008

Movie Guns XXI

Movie Guns this week brings you the violent cult classic Scarface. I felt compelled to cover this movie because it is an icon amongst films featuring gangsters, hitmen, and the like. There is not a whole lot of diversity in overall weaponry, but the movie simply would not work without high tech hardware. Considering the technology and accoutrements on today's weapons, Scarface may seem to be lacking; but consider that at the time of the films release (1983) this movie had the cool cutting edge guns of it's day, most of which are the same weapons that are popular today but without all the gadgets.

Technically all of the characters in Scarface are bad guys, including a cop. If I speak of a "bad guy" I am referring to those who are enemies of the main character, Tony Montana (Al Pacino).

Enough of my blabbering; let's get into the weeds. First up is an Italian type switchblade that Tony uses to run through a man as a favor and means to get a green card:

Moving on, we get to one of the most violent scenes ever put on film. Tony is sent to buy cocain from some Columbians who are not really interested in selling anything. The Columbians ambush Tony and his friend Angel (Pepe Serna) and take Tony's Beretta Cheetah that he had stuffed in the back of his waistband:
Cheetah in waistband
Beretta Cheetah

A Columbian woman pops up with a suppressed MAC 11 that she had hidden underneath a pillow:
MAC 11 Suppressed

The BGs put Angel in the bathroom and cut him up with a chainsaw while they make Tony watch. Here is a well worn Beretta 92F pressed to Tony's face:
Beretta 92F

Tony's friends Manny (Steven Bauer) and Chi Chi (Angel Salazar) head into the apartment to check on Tony. Manny slams a magazine in his MAC 11 (possibly a MAC 10, but it's too hard to tell) and Chi Chi has a blued Colt Python:
Manny's MAC 11
Colt Python
Colt Python close

Angel and the Columbians get killed in a quick shootout. The way the scene was filmed didn't give any good action shots, but there are plenty near the end to make up for it.

Tony gets in good for a while with a druglord named Lopez (Robert Loggia), who eventually hires two hitmen to take Tony out. They both have MAC 11s hidden under a table and pop up for a "spray-and-pray" type hit and fail:
MAC 11
BGs with MAC 11s

Hollywood has this fantasy with automatic fire in that you don't have to aim, but only have to let off a continuous 1,000 round burst to hit your target. Automatic fire is no substitute for marksmanship, and Tony demonstrates this when he drops both hitters with prone defilade fire from his Beretta Cheetah:
Tony's Cheetah

Here is your textbook mortally wounded bad guy who feels the need in his death throws to let off a burst from his weapon which damages a heavy overhead structure enough to cause it to fall catastrophically on himself:
Shooting ceiling

That must be one of the first things action movie directors are taught. Anyways, Tony is now pissed at Lopez, so he pays him a visit. In the background you can see Chi Chi with a suppressed UZI:
Suppressed UZI

Tony has Manny kill Lopez with a suppressed handgun that I couldn't get a clear picture of, but then Tony takes matters into his own hands and kills a dirty cop who has a holstered J frame S&W revolver:
Tony aims
Tony fires
Dirty cop's unk revolver

Next we have Tony getting busted for tax evasion, and three cops arrest him; one of which (guy on the far right in the white shirt) has a small unknown automatic, and the other has a blued S&W Model 36:
S&W Model 36

I'd say that man knows how to handle that gun. His elbows are bent slightly, and his hands are firmly wrapped around the grip. Realism folks.

Tony has a discussion with his lawyer about his arrest, and you can see his holstered J frame S&W in a leather shoulder holster and his faithful Beretta Cheetah in an Inside the Waistband (IWB) holster:
Holstered S&W
Holstered Cheetah

Next we have a not-so-good picture of a chrome 1911, probably a Colt, in the hands of Tony's associate, Ernie (Arnaldo Santana). The hammer is down because no one in Hollywood has a clue as to how a 1911 works:
Ernie's 1911

We now get to the meat of the guns featured in this movie as we get to the final showdown in Tony's mansion between Tony and a Bolivian druglord's platoon of hitman.

First, Tony's near naked sister Gina (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio) tries to kill him with this S&W J frame revolver (unknown model) in retaliation for Tony murdering her husband, Manny:
Gina's S&W

Bizaar. One of the hitmen pounces into the room and kills Gina with an UZI:
Henchman's UZI

A coked out Tony throws the BG off of the balcony and then hoses him down with the UZI:

That has got to be one of the coolest Movie Guns pictures of all time.

Meanwhile, Chi Chi is fighting multiple BGs at the front door with an UZI:
Chi Chi firing UZI

One of Tony's no name men uses this unknown revolver to trade fire with a BG who has the second and last 1911 seen in the movie:
Unk revolver
Unk 1911

Another BG at the door has a pistol gripped shorty shotgun of unknown make:
Shorty Pump Shotgun

A BG that looks like a homeless hippie cuts Chi Chi down at Tony's office door with a MAC 10 that I originally thought was a MAC 11:
Hippie firing MAC

Tony opens up his gun cabinet and pulls out a M16 with a M203 grenade launcher. In the cabinet you can also see two UZIs, an H&K G33 with G53 collapsable stock, and what looks to be a cross between a SA80 and Hungarian VEPR:
Gun Vault

No impact, no idea. That's the clearest picture I can get (the bullpup rifle on the right, behind Tony). The stock is what will give it away.

Tony blows the door away, along with the BGs behind it, with a 40mm grenade from the M203. In the really real world this would not be possible as the 40mm greande has a fuse that will not arm until it passes out of the danger range for the operator firing the weapon. "Say hello to my little friend!"
Say Hello

Tony kills guys on his left and right with his rifle as he steps outside of the door:
M16 flash
M16 w M203

Two of the BGs have FN FALs, and some of them have MAC 10s, MAC 11s, M16s, and some that I can't ID:
MAC with stock down

Tony gets shot many times but is too coked out to die. He stuffs an odd looking 40mm grenade into the M203 before fumbling with a magazine in a slow M16 reload:
Loading M203
Loading M16

He then blows away a half dozen BGs with the M203:

I caught that picture the moment the pyrotechic detonated. The two BGs on the right forget their cue to fall down and die until about four seconds after the blast. Oops!

The last picture I have is of the wannabe tough guy with the sunglasses on at night that kills Tony with a double blast from a cut down double barrel shotgun:
Sawed off double barrel

That's all folks! What a kick ass movie! Dig around in the Photobucket folder for a few more pics that I didn't add. Sometimes I don't think they will make the post any better so I leave them out. This is a movie that every gun guy (or gal) needs to own. There are no lawful uses of firearms shown in the film, but the action is great. Realism is lacking a little, but then again this movie was released in 1983, so give it a break.


Haji said...

Lt. Dan may have new legs, but his eyes are closed. lol

Anonymous said...

That gun pressed to Tony isn't a 92F it is a Beretta M951, the older model.

Unknown said...

Again, good eye. I should have noticed the lack of a slide decocker.

Anonymous said...

The M203 on Tony's M16A1 is actually a fake M203 launcher. You can tell because it doesn't load like a real M203. It has a latch that opens on the side to insert the charge. It is a 39mm muzzleloading prop. They are also used in "Predator" on Arny's M16 and in "Heartbreak Ridge", on a recon soldier's M16. They have a single trigger, a much squarer trigger guard and a more flat and distant ribbing on the tube.