Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What? School staff can't take your kids home?

I have a hard time judging this woman, but at that point she should have been taking a legal approach vice a physical one. I would be irate too if my children were taken to some stranger's home by school staff. What were they thinking?

Maria's father, James Malloy Jr., said the family was upset because the girls were brought home without permission.

"We're trying to figure out 'who are they?' How'd they just walk out the school with our kids?"

A school nurse practitioner told officials that 14-year-old Maria was acting "visibly upset and exhibiting odd behavior." School spokesperson Ebony Pugh said the nurse also noted Maria was "pulling her hair and scratching her face and didn't know what was happening."

"She's like, oh well, the way you acting, like you have a mental problem. I'm like, no, my stomach just hurting," Maria Malloy said.

Too bad we know which side the state is going to take.
"So my wife, she was mad. She's just mad because they've been doing this for years…playing our daughter, our kids. Talking about we don't take them to the hospital, we don't care about their health. And we do. We got 10 of them," James Malloy said.
Sir, didn't you hear? The state knows best, so it's OK to hand over your kids. Really. What could go wrong?

The difference in this story is that my breaking point wouldn't have been the "mental illness" comment, but when I found out they took my kids home with them. That's where I would press charges. The only point where I would get physical is if they were in the process of taking my kids outside or putting them in the car. No way would I let that happen. Molon Labe.

Schools suck these days, and I don't trust anyone employed within that corrupt system. I know that I'm going to have to watch my kids school closely because I'm sure that we're going to disagree about a lot. My main concern is that many schools want to parent you kids instead of teaching them.

Homeschooling sounds more appealing every day.

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