Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Update on the Philly Police Officer shooting

My previous story here.

It seems that the scumbag was let out of prison after shooting a victim during a carjacking, and had a very violent disposition:

According to police, Giddings was arrested back in August of 1998 for a carjacking, in which he shot the victim twice in the legs and stole $100. Giddings was sentenced to 6-12 years behind bars.

While in prison, police say Giddings was accused of 27 infractions, and found guilty on 18 of those. In addition, police say Giddings was kicked out of two prisons during his sentence.

Giddings was paroled on August 18, 2008. He spent a week at a halfway house at 12th and Bainbridge before disappearing.

Shortly after, police attempted to pull him over for a traffic violation, and he ran off. Officers caught up to Giddings and a fight ensued. Giddings escaped, and four officers were hurt. An arrest warrant was issued after that incident.

During that incident, according to police, Giddings told friends he "would not be taken alive." "Our understanding was, after he assaulted the officers, he made a statement that he would not go back to prison, and he would take down any officer that tried to take him to prison," said Capt. James Clark.

"He was a dangerous individual, and he demonstrated that over and over and over again," said Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey.

Thanks for the hindsight Chuck. It would seem that the Philly gov't dropped the ball on this one, but we know what will get the blame.

Seriously! Is it that hard to keep violent people behind bars? Who cares about the scumbags childhood, or how his quality of life is. If you commit a violent crime against a person then you deserve no quality of life.

Concrete. Bars. Concertina wire. Locked in a box with other violent people that don't like you; that is what is deserved. Stop letting these folks back out into the world to maim and kill.

Of note is that the gun that scumbag Daniel Giddings used was quickly traced, proving for the 1,285th time that the Tiahrt Amendment does not inhibit firearms traces by state or local law enforcement.

Police recovered the weapon at the scene and say Giddings had fired all rounds from the weapon.

Authorities say they've determined that the weapon, and several others, were purchased by a man named Jason Mack of South Carolina back in 2006. The ATF is now questioning

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