Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Defenseless DC claims more victims

This article has several stories from one night in DC which had seven shootings and one stabbing, with four fatalities. The one that I most want to point out is the first:
According to police and witnesses, Clark went to his wife's defense, and the man in Cadillac pulled out a gun and shot Clark. He was taken to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead.
There are more effective ways to protect your wife from a gunman, but unfortunately DC prohibits it, and are going well out of their way to ensure that you can't protect yourself in your own home. I'm not saying that it's any guarantee, or that him or his wife would even be carrying, or even want to, but they sure didn't have the option, and who was the only one there who was armed? The criminal. Where were the cops? They had no idea that a crime was even going down, so there is no way they could have even stopped it in the first place. And the "shot spotter" systems that DC has so gleefully purchased only tells the police after the shots have been fired, which doesn't help our victims much.

The second story is a man and wife who were tied up and executed in their home. Again, having a firearm in the home does not guarantee your safety, but it surely wouldn't have hurt these two. They may have wanted a gun for protection, but DC is still trying to ensure that it's not a possibility or that it's too much of a burden. To think that they may have been tuned off of the idea because DC is blocking their way is what bothers me the most.

Now DC will save the day by doing another one of their useless blockades or police state tactics, and then rambling about how they need to "get guns off the street."

Can you see the similarities?

We gun loving folk constantly point out the hysterics, inaccuracies, and outrageous statements that the media likes to portray when it comes to guns. Try as we may, the problem always seems to exist, but it is fun and useful to correct them.

When I opened up this Reuters article this morning on the dangers of prescription drugs I had to laugh at the blatant attempt to scare the hell out of those who would read this trash. If you bother to read it you will be treated to the same scare tactic bullshit that you see in gun related articles. Think "deadly assault thingys" and ".50mm terror," and you will be in the same league.

This is what the entire article is built on, and is pretty surprising:
Other deaths are less celebrated. In the 45-54 age group, overdose deaths fueled by prescription drugs now surpass motor vehicle deaths as the nation's No. 1 cause of accidental death, federal data show.

Wow. Prescription drugs are regulated, and people still die. This flies in the face of the those who say that having a gun in your home make you xxx-this-weeks-number-xxx more likely to die, and that your endangering "The Children" by keeping them, because it would now seem that if your being treated for arthritis than your teenage kids are in great peril. Also of note is this:
The federal data also show nearly 7 million Americans abused prescription drugs in 2007 -- more than cocaine, heroin, hallucinogens, Ecstasy and inhalants such as marijuana combined. The figure is up 80 percent since 2000.

This may be entirely possible, but I think that this little factoid is painting with too broad a brush. How many thousands of types of prescription drugs are out there to compare with these five common street drugs? The seven million Americans who "abused" line is dubious as well because it makes you think that all seven million are junkies, when the number is probably a fraction of that. Does the tactic sound familiar? How about the line that "30,000 people die every year to gun violence," that tries to imply that 30,000 people are murdered every year with guns, when that is nowhere near true. If you bring the number up high enough by lumping everything together, than you can make it sound worse than it really is. Same tactic, different subject.
"What you have among over the counter and prescription drug use is a very low perception of risk," said Stephen Pasierb, president and chief executive of the Partnership for a Drug-Free America, a nonprofit advocacy group.

The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Ownership says the exact same thing about CCW. Weird!
"There's very low social disapproval. In fact, there are parents who almost relieved that their kid is using Vicodin and not smoking marijuana," he said.

Funny. I've always thought the same thing, just replace "smoking marijuana" with "trap shooting" and you see what I mean. There are, of course, calls for regulation as the government is the only vehicle to your complete salvation from danger.

Len Paulozzi, an epidemiologist with the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, testified recently in Congress that he believed physicians were improperly trained in the long-term dangers of therapy involving opioid painkillers, or drugs containing opium.

"There are guidelines out there, but we don't think that they're being routinely followed," he said.

Sen. Joseph Biden, a Democrat from Delaware, proposed to make August 2008 "National Medicine Abuse Awareness Month" in a resolution now before the Senate Judiciary Committee, saying the Internet had become "an information superhighway" for abuse of medicine in the United States.

Do I even need to explain this one?
But containing the abuse is notoriously difficult. Thirty-eight states have passed legislation for prescription drug monitoring programs to trace the source of drugs, and police in some states have had success in reducing pharmacy break-ins.

Hello! Tiahrt Amendment? Trigger locks?
A University of Maine program provides pre-addressed, postage-paid pouches to the elderly so they can mail their surplus prescription drugs to state authorities for disposal in a bid to reduce the amount that get into the wrong hands.

Sounds "common sense" and helpful right? We're gonna stop this problem by helping the elderly rid the world of their deadly pills. Surely there's no way that this would inconvenience them by making them count out all of the pills in all of the different bottles that they have? What exactly constitutes a "surplus" and who gets to set the bar on the number of pills that grandma can "safely" have? Oh, and lets not even get into enforcement. Because if grandma refuses to send in her "surplus" of pills that she stockpiles because Medicare takes so damn long to get her what she needs, than we can push legislation that would give her three days to get them in the mail, or we will send these guys to take away the dangerous assault pills. What could go wrong?
It is as easy in the United States to buy opiates or other abusable prescription drugs online as it is to purchase a book, said David Festinger, a scientist who has studied online drug sales at the Treatment Research Institute at the University of Pennsylvania. Regulating such trade is tough, he said.

Does this just smack you in the face or what? Remember the Brady line about teddy bears being more regulated than guns (no link intentional)?

For many children, getting the drugs is simple.

In Philadelphia, Roisman and her friends raided family medicine cabinets for the big prizes -- OxyContin, a kind of synthetic morphine also known as "hillbilly heroin," along with Ritalin and Vicodin -- until she eventually passed out one day in school.

How about: For many children, getting the guns is simple.
In Philadelphia, Shannon and her friends raided family gun cabinets for the big prizes -- A Henry Repeating rifle, a kind of 19th century weapon also known as "poor man's assault rifle," along with a Saturday Night Special and .50mm anti-armor terror weapon -- until she eventually went berserk one day in school.

Sounds all too familiar.
She blames doctors for failing to "watch what they are prescribing" and parents for failing to understand "just how hard people will work to get what they want when they are an addict," adding many teens use the drugs to help study.

Blaming doctors! Awesome! At least she puts the blame on parents as well. This article may have legitimate facts, but the article flat out sucks with all of it's PSH. This is why I hate reading the news. My whole point in this is that as far as the news goes, maybe they just don't know how to write anything without sensationalism these days.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Cool sign

I have no idea what this says, but I thought it was cool. I think there was one in German as well, but I took the picture of the one I can't seem to translate. I think it's written in Romansh considering it was at a border crossing for Switzerland.


I have looked for about an hour now into what this sign says. Does anyone out there know what this sign says?

Update: In comments, Jan-Klaas says:
It´s what we in germany call a "Fahndungsplakat", a wanted poster. The language is turkish. They are searching for a murderer who killed 8 turks and 1 greek, they were all killed with the same weapon: pistol Ceska, Modell 83, Kal. 7,65 mm. The marks on the map show where the people were killed. They offer a reward of 300.000,-Euro for clues that help arrest the murderer.

So maybe it's not so cool, but it is interesting. Thanks much!

Movie Guns XVI

I thought this weekend was gonna be a bust, but here I am with a new Movie Guns on time for once! Next week looks even better as I have already pulled the frames from the film but have not identified all of the guns. I will tell you, next weeks Movie Guns post will be picture heavy with over thirty shots!

I really haven't had a whole lot of time this week since I'm nowhere near home, but gave this flick a once over watch because I haven't seen it since it came out. The film I picked for this week is US Marshals. There were some odd firearms in this one, as well as some cheesy lines from the actors. One DSS agent in the movie referred to Wesley Snipes' character, Warren, as former "Marine Corps Special Forces." The Special Forces are unique to the US Army, not the Marines. I know, splitting hairs. Let's start.

At the very beginning Chicago cops find this Kahr K9 in Warren's tow truck:
Kahr K9

Next, some Deputy US Marshals raid an apartment to bag some bad guys and one of the guns they find is this Sig P228 that the closest Marshal is holding in his left hand:
Sig P228

The other gun they find is this Mossberg 500 Cruiser that was hidden in a crib:
Mossberg 500 shorty

One bad guy runs towards the back door with a MAC 11, but the Marshals on the other side of the door convince him to stop without a fight:
MAC 11

Next, Sam Gerard (Tommy Lee Jones) gets on a prisoner transport plane and surrenders his Glock 22 which is wrapped in a Kydex paddle holster, and his Glock 27 which is riding in an ankle holster:
Glock 22 & 27

The plane is basically knocked out of the sky by a .22 caliber Zip Gun (somebody needs to tell Hollywood that this is unrealistic):
Zip Gun

Gerard is holding the pieces which he found on the plane after it went down. This particular one was made out of a pen, although they can be made in virtually any caliber with any material.

Once the plane is on the ground, the Marshals on the plane pass out Remington 870's which I originally thought were Mossbergs:
Remmy 870

Gerard is told that a DSS agent has been put on his team, after which he asks if the agent has a weapon. The agent responds "yes, a very big one," and Gerard tells him to "get rid of that nickel-plated sissy pistol and get yourself a Glock!" This of course is the most coveted line from any film for the aspiring Glock fanboy. The nickel-plated pistol in question was this Taurus 945; the latter without a serial number:
Taurus 945
Taurus 945 no serial

The local Sheriff has an unknown service sized revolver in this holster on his hip:
Unk Revolver

Does anyone have any idea what this beauty is?

While looking for Warren who is now a fugitive, a Kentucky State Policeman wields this scoped H&K MP5 from a helicopter:
H&K MP5 scoped

Warren captures the DSS agent with the nickel-plated sissy pistol and holds him at gunpoint with a Ruger SP101 that he took from a truck driver (who referred to it as a .38):
Ruger SP101

Warren finds his way to safety, and later, to a friends house who is keeping a stash of goodies for him. Warren opens a cigar box to reveal some cash, and this Colt Gold Cup in stainless steel:
Colt Gold Cup

He uses it to get the drop on a DSS agent while trying to clear his name:
Colt Gold Cup aimed

A firefight breaks out outside when a gunman starts blasting away with a scoped Coltish looking carbine which I can't completely identify. Here are a couple of shots, but I can't get a picture of the right side which would help narrow down the type:
Colt carbine
Colt M4 Suppressed

The gunman kills the DSS agent and then procedes to miss Warren at a range of about 25 feet:
Can't shoot

The rifle is suppressed which is odd considering the fireball that is seen coming out of the muzzle.

Here is a frame of one of the Marshals holding a Glock 22 with a very low grip, which in real life would make the gun very difficult to control:
Glock 22 bad grip

That frame is from the rooftop in the cemetary when the gunman with the Colt carbine was captured. Here's a shot of Gerard holding his Glock 22 a little better:
Glock 22

That's what I've got for this post. There aren't a whole lot of good shooting frames to be had in this movie, but it was definitely an exciting flick. One of the things that I noticed alot of was most of the handguns in this movie were carried crossdraw, especially by the Marshals. I don't know if that type of carry is true of US Deputy Marshals, if it's part of their SOP, or if it's because they use vehicles so much. Just a thought.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Giving the Sun Times hell

The Agitator rebuts a rebuttal from the Sun Times over Chicago's penchant for being nanny's. It's a good read.

Phoenix gunman was former student

In case you missed the news, a gunman shot three people in a community college in AZ. So far all three victims are still alive. Here's the skinny. There's not a whole lot to the story yet, and I'm curious to see if this guy has a criminal record.

10 movie inaccuracies

From a scientific view.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Celebrating Heller

Smith & Wesson is building a commemorative revolver to remember the decision in US vs Heller with the support of the Second Amendment Foundation.

Best comment:
Fantastic. Hope they make it easy to assemble and reasemble in a hurry!
That's good stuff!

Don't trust anyone with your personal information

Or this may happen to you. It's too bad that the governments system to ensure that you get a social security check is now used as defacto identification which can pretty much ruin your life when someone gets your information. Yet there are those who want you to give them more of your information.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Movie Guns XV

So I got one of those adapters that make my laptop work with these freakin European receptacles. Now I give you your weekly Movie Guns. Better late than never, right?

Now, there's a caveat. My laptop cannot do video capture, but my home PC can. I worked on capturing frames for four days and did not get to the end of the movie, so this week's post is not 100% complete, but it is close. The movie I decided to cover is Tears of the Sun. I found this movie to be quite believable, and it has plenty of guns; more than you might think.

Starting off we have this 1911 that a rebel leader uses to execute the Nigerian presidential family. There's not enough of it to get the make:

A team of Navy SEALs jumps in to recover an American doctor, Dr. Kendricks (Monica Bellucci), and the SEAL leader, Lt. Waters (Bruce Willis) is holding this Colt M4 with an Aimpoint optic:
M4 w/Aimpoint

Notice the tape on the bottom of the magazine which helps draw it out of his Load Bearing Vest (LBV).

As the SEALs prepare to leave the Cstholic mission with Dr. Kendricks, Lt. Waters leaves this Walther PPK with the priest who refuses to leave:
Walther PPK

The little Walther doesn't help the priest any, and these rebel troops barge into the mission carrying AK 47's and an RPG 7 that doesn't have a rocket:
RPG no rocket

Later, while the SEALs are moving a group of refugees to safety, one of them is seen with this M72 LAW in his back, and another is carrying a Remington 870 shotgun with shotshell saddles:
Remmy 870

The SEALs reach their extraction site where the SH60 Seahawks touch down to pick them up. One of them can be seen with M60 mounted at the door:
SH60 Seahawk

Toward the middle of the movie, the SEALs find a village where the local rebels are executing the people. They decide to intervene. Before the attack, one of the SEALs is holding a Sig P226:
Sig P220

As they crawl into possition, a AK 47 can be seen on the back of one of the SEALs:

Lt. Waters initiates the attack with a suppressed H&K Mk23 Mod0 pistol in what is probably the only documented use of one:
H&K MK23 Mod0

Here, 'Red' (Cole Hauser) is also using the H&K MK23:
Red's Mk23

as well as 'Link' (Johnny Messner), who fails to notice that his slide is out of battery:
MK23 out of battery

One of the refugees saves Lt. Waters life by blasting an attacking rebel with this SKS:

When the SEALs find out that one of the refugees is transmitting their possition, 'Flea' (Chad Smith) takes him out with a M21 wearing a Leupold MRT Mk4 scope:
M21 w/ Leupold 3x9 MK1

At the end of the film, the SEALs get into a firefight with the rebel forces, and Lt. Waters fires back with his M4 which doesn't have the lens covers on the Aimpoint flipped up:
Aimpoint closed

'Red' and 'Flea' are fighting with their M60 and M21:
M21 & M60

The rebels answer back with AK's and this RPG 7; this time with a rocket loaded:

The last weapon I managed to capture is this Colt M4 with M203 grenade launcher carried by 'Zee' (Eamonn Walker):
M4 w/ M203

That's it this week. If you like big firefights than this movie is for you. Bruce Willis plays a believable SEAL team commander, and his team carries an arsenal of weapons. Check back sometime and I may have an update. As for next week; it doesn't look good. If I can figure out how to capture images from film on this laptop I will be in business.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Euro blogging

Greetings from Europe! I promise I have a movie guns for you but right now my computer is dying and I don't have one of the adapters to make my laptop work. It will have to wait until tomorrow.

Friday, July 18, 2008

1911 motivational posters


That's funny right there!

Over at The War on Guns.

Gun owners have massive shootout during DC gun registry

Actually, no. There were not many people who showed up, and only one gun was registered. So much for blood in the streets. Dick Heller, the man who took his 2nd Amendment case to the Supreme Court and won, did not register his gun when he first showed up because he didn't think he could transport it from Maryland:
Heller has been keeping his gun in Maryland and does not believe the amnesty program for people who have kept guns in the District illegally applies to him. Heller and his attorneys said they were worried about transporting the weapon across the border without a license. After police assured him it wasn't a problem, Heller said he would come back later with the gun.
His fear is well founded. The silly patchwork of "reasonable" gun laws that brainless politicians have put out over the years makes the honest people in this country worry about breaking the law accidentally.

That sucks that citizens walk on eggshells to abide by the laws that criminals don't even pay any attention to.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

DC gun registry round up

Lots of info from Uncle, such as:

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

DC rewards those with illegal guns

So DC will start registering guns for its residents tomorrow, with some caveats:
Guns will be returned to owners, and they will get paperwork indicating that registration is in process. After an FBI background check, which takes about 14 days, the guns will be officially registered.

Two weeks for a background check? What a joke. They just want it to be as big of a pain in the ass as possible. Remember how I said that the incompetent DC officials are throwing everything they can at this in order to make it difficult? I give you some of this:
The emergency legislation will allow handguns to be kept in the home if they are used only for self-defense and carry fewer than 12 rounds of ammunition.

I'd say that the "12 rounds" requirement is going to be challenged as that number is arbitrary. This is what really pisses me off:
Handguns, as well as other legal firearms such as rifles and shotguns, also must be kept unloaded and disassembled, or equipped with trigger locks -- unless there is a "reasonably perceived threat of immediate harm" in the home.

I recall the Supreme Court saying this in the Heller decision:
". . .the requirement that any lawful firearm in the home be disassembled or bound by a trigger lock makes it impossible for citizens to use arms for the core lawful purpose of self-defense and is hence unconstitutional."

I hope DC gets its pants sued off tomorrow. And how does this make you feel:
The registration process actually will be faster for people who have had illegal handguns compared with people who want to purchase guns.

Great! So not only are they trying to keep citizens from exercising their rights, because it can't be done without their authority, but the DC government is going to reward those who are breaking the law first. I can only bash them so much because if I lived in crime ridden DC then I would probably have a gun in my home too, but to think that Fenty and his crooks are going to piss all over the citizens rights by stonewalling them, and then make it easier for those who have broke the law just burns me up. But know that DC is going to work harder to bend its own people over at every chance:

"This is not perfect legislation," said D.C. Council member Phil Mendelson, who worked with the mayor's office on the bill.

"The first step is what we have before us today so that we maintain important provisions in our gun registration law while we continue look at how we can further refine our gun registration law."

No shit it's not perfect! And by "refine" they mean that they will push further garbage requirements that will inhibit the god citizens, while the gangbangers continue to buy and carry whatever the hell they want without challenge. Bastards!

But there is some light at the end of the tunnel:

City officials said they fear gun advocates may rush back to court to force the District to get rid of some of the new provisions.

The Cato Institute, which is one of the groups that fought the handgun ban, said
it's ready to take the city to court again over the new law.

The Cato Institute rocks!

A long day

I found out this morning that I will have a son this November! So that's cool! So sorry about the light posting today.

Other than that, I've been working on the impending travel that I have coming up. Unfortunately there are no gun blogger get togethers in my neck of the woods right now, even if I had the time. There's gonna be one this Sunday up North of me, but I won't be around for it.

I do have about 150 pictures and data from a test that I'm working on. I was hoping to have it posted by this weekend, but I have a little more shooting to do. I have some other shooting stuff that I want to do as well when I have the time. Time is one of those things that I would be willing to pay a decent amount of money for right now.

I will be on point tomorrow so come back by and take a look.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A good fisking

This fisking of a NOLA news article over at Fighting For Liberty is a borderline rant that got me laughing several times. Best line:
"You sound like Dr. Evil … “Five Hundred BILLION AK-47s!!!”

That's too funny!

Another lawsuit is sure to follow

Uncle has the skinny on DC's new gun laws. I say there will be another suit filed against the bastards in no time.

Don't bring a stick to a knife fight

Gangbangers beat and stab a man in his home, but then apologize when they realize they have the wrong guy. A woman that lives in the house was unable to stop the attack. Here's why:
The woman, who spoke to KCRA but did not want to be identified, said she came running down the stairs with a stick in her hand just after 6 a.m. when she heard a commotion.

There is a much better tool to deal with thugs. What would she have done if they attacked her?

Don't trust others with your security

DC Metro "accidentally" posts the Social Security numbers of 4,700 people on their website. Way to freakin go! The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority has been proudly providing incompetence since 1967.

With the type of leaders running the circus it's no wonder why they have so many problems.

What is it with government wanting to hold your personal information? What could possibly go wrong? I'm not even going to get into the whole Social Security numbers used as a defacto ID because I would turn red with anger.

Monday, July 14, 2008

New Gun Blog

Take the time to check out The Pretty Pistolera. She's a shooter and gun blogger with some skills to boot!

Holy hysterical gun myths!

Spike TV has a show on DEA operations in Detroit, and this trailer on the agents weapons training made me laugh out loud. Sayeth one agent:
"traffickers here prefer a AK47 . . loaded with teflon tips which can penetrate almost anything."

Then he says that the AK47 rifle that he's holding is:
"this is America's new pistol."

Good grief. They let these guys handle weapons? Someone ought to point out to the DEA that the teflon-tip-bullets-pierce-body armor myth was debunked quite some time ago, and that maybe a little research into the matter would prevent one of your agents from sounding like a moron. Oh, and that rifles in general are rarely used in crime, much less the AK47, and that rifles should not be confused for pistols.

Bitter, gun-clinging church folk cancel church gun giveaway

Because of an injured foot (not a gun inury). That's too bad.

And before anyone pisses their britches; this wasn't one of those secret religious groups that the media likes to attack, this was a plain old Baptist church. It sounds like a good time:
“You make a lot of new friends down here,” said Vikki Goncharenko, who attended the conference. “You get to meet new people. There's a bunch of things that are going on. It's just, you have a wonderful time.”

I'm on the lookout for a new state to move to that doesn't tax you to death. Does Oklahoma have personal property taxes?

Just give him what he wants

Well, the bad guy wanted a T-shirt and the clerks life. He got both.

I have to shake my head in disbelieve when someone says that line "give them what they want and they will go away." What a shame. And to those who say you don't need a gun because you can dial 911:
Glass said he called 911, but claimed the operator put him on hold, so he ran out onto Cascade and flagged down the first police officer he saw.

His friend was already dead. 911 is great and all, but you're on your own until the cavalry shows up.

Nice machine gun

I doubt it's functional, but it's cool anyways.

Banning terror snakes is common sense

In Fairfax, VA, a motel owner found out that he was renting a room to someone who was storing deadly snakes, which the news anchors call "poisonous" (it's "venomous," you morons). There are plenty of cases showing the dangers of assault snakes. From a man staying at the motel comes this dose of stupid:
I just find it surprising that there's so many . . . you know . . . wild snakes in a room at one time . . kinda . . makes me kinda scared.

We need to pass legislation to stop snake owners from building caches of venomous snakes, and definitely ban the "wild" snakes as they are just super deadly. Arlington county now bans them outright. People have a right to not be scared, and that's way more important that the whims of snakes rights extremists.

Come on folks. It's common sense.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Movie Guns XIV

I am actually going to get you a Movie Guns on time this week. I didn't plan on getting into another big post this week as my time is spread very thin, but here it is. This week's Movie Guns is on the movie SWAT. There are so many guns in this movie it makes my head spin, and there were many that I couldn't get a good shot of.

There were some mistakes, but for the most part everything was realistic. The actors had to have received a good deal of firearms training, as there are plenty of indicators of it such as when the SWAT officers reload the Kimber pistols they bring them up to eye level and do their magazine change. Some of the scenes were a little over the top, but that makes for great entertainment.

Let's start. The opening scene is based on the North Hollywood Shootout; so much so that some of the scenes are actual footage of the event. One of the bad guys (BGs) outside is arbitrarily firing an AK 47 with a drum magazine:
AK47 w/drum

He is wearing a PASGT vest with multiple Kevlar panels taped to his extremities, and he manages to gun down a police officer when he breaks cover for no aparent reason. For some reason the Los Angeles SWAT can't bring him down with automatic gunfire because of all the "armor," but someone didn't tell Hollywood that centerfire rifle rounds like the ones fired by the SWAT officers would penetrate that vest like it wasn't even there. I would know. Look close and you can see the strikes on the back of the vest:
PASGT armor

Another BG has a AK 47 with underfolder stock:
AK47 underfolder

A third BG has a pistol that I haven't been able to identify. I've seen it before, but I can't put my finger on it. Here are two pictures:
Unk pistol

SWAT responds with the worst air assault ever. Then they breach the roof and enter the building:

Most of them are carrying Colt M4's with ACOGS mounted on the carry handle. I don't know why they would need a 4 power optic when they operate in a city. Personally, I would opt for the EOTech or Aimpoint, but what do I know. Here is Street's (Collin Farrell) weapon:
Colt M4 w/ACOG

The fourth BG is taken out first by a sniper with this Remington 700 sporting a Leupold 3x9 Mk4:
Remington 700 w/ Leupold 3x9MK4

Next we have the SWAT officers enjoying a little range time. Hondo (Samuel L. Jackson) is seen here firing the issue Kimber TLE 1911 with Surefire 610 light:
Kimber TLE

McCabe (Josh Charles) is firing the same pistol at steel poppers when his gun stovepipes:
Kimber TLE fire
Kimber TLE stovepiped

Despite the stovepipe he clearly "fires" the gun about four more times by squeezing the trigger. Street gives the poppers a go with his Kimber, and when he does a reload he uses this cup-and-saucer hold that makes the pistol recoil harder than it normally does:
Poor grip

Later, the film switches to SWAT officers in training, and the cops are shooting at a 2x4 covered with playing cards at a distance of about 800 yards. Why they're shooting at that range is questionable, but Street, as well as the others, are shooting this Remington 700 with Leupold 3x9 MK2:
Remington 700 w/ Leupold 3x9MK2

Afterwords, they have to assault a commercial plane and take control from other cops posing as bad guys. One officer fires a line over the front of the plane with this Mossberg 500:
Mossberg 500 harpoon

The story switches to international billionaire criminal Alex Montel (Olivier Martinez) who is taken into custody. He offers 100 million dollars to anyone who can spring him out of jail and get him home, which brings out all sorts of BGs who think they're up to the task. The first BGs who try to get him free pose as LA cops and bust him out of a police bus, and one of them takes out the two cops on the bus with the cliche Beretta 92F that is wearing a suppressor:
Beretta 92F suppressed

Notice that he is not even trying to look at the sights as his eyes are closed. We have seen this actor doing this before (Domenick Lombardozzi) in Miami Vice which I covered in Movie Guns VIII.

His partner pulls out a Intratec TEC-9 and cuts loose:
Intratec TEC 9

Hondo and Street take him out with the Kimbers:
Side by side Kimbers

Notice the brass in the air from Street's weapon. When SWAT attempts to move Montel to a secure location, the helicopter that they are getting ready to load in gets shot down by Street's old partner, Gamble (Jeremy Renner). Gamble uses this suppressed 50 BMG sniper rifle which looks to me like a Accuracy International AW frame, although AI makes a 50 BMG rifle: the AI AW50F, but that is not this weapon:
50 BMG rounds

The rifle also looks like it's wearing a Bushnell Elite 6-24x50 4200 scope judging by the turrets, but the ocular lens housing looks like a Super Sniper. Sorry, I'm a gun dork.

Anyways, Deke (LL Cool J) has this Remington 870 all decked out with Surefire light and two shotshell saddles. I couldn't get a shot of him shooting it:
Remington 870 Tactical

Later, a large gang tries to take out the convoy of cops that are escorting Montel on the ground. The ambush is initiated by this guy with a H&K MP5PDW firing with his eyes closed:

One of the BGs jumps out of the back of a truck and throws a smoke grenade while carrying this Ruger Mini 14 with folding stock:
Ruger Mini14

Another BG has this chrome AK 47:
Chrome AK47

SWAT guns down this guy who has a MAC 11:
MAC 11

Most of the other BG's are carrying AK's, but one of them is firing down into the convoy from the building above with a M72 LAW:

Later, Gamble manages to spring Montel from police custody and he is then chased by SWAT. When they get close to him, Gamble places this M18A1 Claymore anti-personnel mine to take them out:
M18A1 Claymore antipersonnel mine

Street finds the mine and moves it to breach an iron gate by shooting it with his Kimber. In the really real world firing a handgun at a Claymore would not set it off because it uses C4 as the explosive. You can shoot C4 all day and it wouldn't explode.

During the final shootout, Sanchez (Michelle Rodriguez) is blazing away with this H&K MP5:

Her eyes are closed and she doesn't use the sights, but she fires it well.

The last gun that I found is this Sig P220 with some sort of compensator that Gamble carries:
Sig P220 Comped

That's it for this weeks post. Some of the movie is a little far fetched, but the shootouts are still good-to-go. Check it out sometime. Also, something I have not mentioned, you can click on the pictures to make them larger which will take you into Photobucket. Every now and then I will have some extra pictures in there that I didn't get posted.