Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Gun or cell phone

Can you tell? I found this at The High Road; a firearms related forum that I recommend joining. Everyone there is as friendly as it gets, and you have the opportunity to learn a lot.

Here is where to sign up.

As for the game, I scored a 685, but I could immediately tell the difference. I took me awhile to figure out which keys to hit.

Good luck.

Violence in the UK

Mike W. from Another Gun Blog mocks the gun laws of the UK, and highlights the futility of controling crime by banning stuff.

Go check it out.

The elusive one-shot-stop myth

Over at Monster Hunter Nation, Larry Correia blasts the Marshall & Sanow "One Shot Stop Statistics."

Go over there and read it, and try to get to the end without blowing soda through your nose.

National Park carry proposal from DoI

This is from the VCDL regarding the Department of the Interior's proposal for carrying firearms on National Parks and National Wildlife refuges, posted here in its entirety:

Breaking news! The Department of the Interior has now published a proposed rule change for the National Park Service!

The proposed rule change is as follows for National Parks: "A person may possess, carry, and transport concealed, loaded, and operable firearms within a national park area in the same manner, and to the same extent, that a person may lawfully possess, carry, and transport concealed, loaded and operable firearms in any state park, or any similar unit of state land, in the state in which the federal park, or that portion thereof, is located, provided that such possession, carrying and transporting otherwise complies with applicable federal and state law."

The proposed rule change is as follows for National Wildlife Refuges: "A person may possess, carry, and transport concealed, loaded, and operable firearms within a national wildlife refuge in the same manner, and to the same extent, that a person may lawfully possess, carry, and transport concealed, loaded and operable firearms in any state wildlife refuge, or any similar unit of state land, in the state in which the national wildlife refuge, or that portion thereof, is located, provided that such possession, carrying and transporting otherwise complies with applicable federal and state law."

The problems that I initially see with the proposed rule change are:

* It does not allow for carry in a National Park or National Wildlife Refuge buildings even if the state allows carry in its state park and state refuge buildings. Federal law currently allows for carry in federal buildings unless they are posted. And even then you are allowed to carry for "other lawful purposes."

* It does not allow for open carry, without or without a permit, even if the host state allows for such carry in a state park or refuge area.

* It requires that the state allow the person to be able to carry in a state park or a refuge before they can carry in a National Park or Refuge. It seems to me that you should be allowed to carry in a National Park or Refuge unless the state prohibits carry or says specifically that you cannot carry in a National Park or Wildlife Refuge.

One good thing about this proposed rule change is that it will allow for reciprocity. Thus people from other states who can carry in Virginia will be able to carry in National Parks and Wildlife Refuges within Virginia when they visit here.

VCDL is continuing to analyze the proposed rule change and will be firming up its final position in the near future. I will advise when we have done so.

In the meantime you can read the proposed rule change for yourself by clicking on the URL below:

Here is more coverage from the VCDL's blog, The Sentinel. The VCDL swings a big sword and, even though this is a national issue, this organization will get some work done.

I highly suggest signing up for their VA-ALERT whether you are a Virginian or not. You will not receive any spam, I promise, and you will get excellent updates several times a week.

Here is my previous coverage of the issue.


Man standing in line to buy Grand Theft Auto IV is stabbed several times.


Say it isn't so..

In "Gun Free" DC!!! Two students shot in school, shootout with police, carjacking; it's just a typical day in the district! Dare I call it The Wild West?

Fortunately everyone survived, including a cowering teacher who, with a gun to his head, was just waiting for the gunman to end his life when the gun jammed. I guess being totally defenseless can work out. Who knew!

Now that the bad guy has been captured, look for DC to give him 4 years in prison, and push for more gun control. You know, cos' wandering around a school and shooting people isn't illegal enough, so DC needs as many laws as they can get, with which they will not put this scumbag away for life.

He deserves a second or third chance! He had a bad childhood!

What's the bet? That this guy has been through DC's legal system before, and has a mile long record?

Albert Hofmann dies at 102

Albert Hofmann was the chemist that created the powerful drug LSD. His motives were altruistic, but when the US and British governments got ahold of the stuff they started testing it on their own people. Of course it was for their own ends, like the US wanting to find out if it was useful for warfare. The British wanted to know if it was truth serum.

This testing yielded nothing useful, but it did maim, or otherwise ruin the lives of thousands of good Soldiers, and was done without the test "subjects" consent.

Other drugs were also tested on Soldiers, like the drug BZ for example. Remember this next time you suggest that the government would never do anything to hurt the people.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Gun Safety, MSNBC style

On MSNBC's webpage, they have an interactive "gun safety" link at the bottom that is just hillarious. Before you click the link, look closely at the picture:
Gun Safety, MSNBC style
Click to enlarge

You just can't talk gun safety to me with your finger on the trigger.


Ballistic fingerprinting is junk science

This may have been covered before, but I just found it.

The National Research Council did a study that concluded that ballistic finger printing will do nothing to solve crime.

I could have told them that and saved everyone a lot of money.

We need flashlight control

Because they can be deadly weapons.

DC clownshow

A man was shot while DC "officials" are holding a conference on how to stop the violence that will forever plague the city while these idiots are driving the bus. Of course we have a bit of wisdom from Chiefy:
"Violent crime is occurring in small pockets, and we really need to be aggressive about addressing those small pockets where the violent crime is going on, really, a small number of people that are responsible for a large number of crimes," Lanier said.

Because of that small number of people, Mayor Fenty and Chief Lanier will keep everyone's rights suppressed in order to maintain the police state in the District. It's their power trip, and there is nothing that you can do about it.

I thought you were gonna "get them" Chiefy? Instead you choose to rattle your saber in pointless conferences and talk. Your "Only One's" show what could be done by DC citizens to really stop the violence, but that right is only for the privileged who are authorized by you to create their power trip.

I wonder when things will get desperate enough that the citizens take their rights back and start doing something positive about ending the violence. That would be something, wouldn't it?

Orwellian technology for the consumer

Now you can have control of cameras that monitor your house. It's not such a bad idea, actually.

At the touch of a keypad, on his laptop, or on his hand-held, John Evans can keep a live eye on his children and his house on his remote Maryland street with

A tiny camera is positioned above his front door so that he can see his children arrive home from school. Other cameras are inside.

If motion detectors are triggered, he'll receive an alert on his computer or his cell phone if he chooses.

"It will send me a five-second clip of the actual motion so I can see that everything's all right in real time," Evans said.

If a scumbag did attack your house, you may get to see little Johnny blow him away with your shiny new AR-15. That would be real "peace of mind."

Monday, April 28, 2008

What fruit did the evil gun show bear?

Well, I didn't get the AK that I was looking for, nor did I get an SKS which I would have quickly turned over to SailorCurt for one of his legendary trigger jobs. In time...

I did, however, pick up two DPMS receivers: one LR-223 type, and one LR-308. I need a new deer zapper, so I will start working with the LR-308.
Lowers, brass, and bullets

The brass is .223 Remington that I have been working on for awhile now. 250 deprimed, cleaned, trimmed, and primed cases await 55 grain FMJ Remington bullets for killing paper. The Varmint Grenades are for a future post, and they will also be used for special purpose beaver killing.

For fun, and since I'm forthcoming with pictures, here are a few pics of the room where I have all of my stuff:

That is the room as you walk into the door. Here is the left side view:
Man cave left

Here is the right side:
Man cave right

There is an invisible forcefield that repels women in this room. I recommend this to anyone who would have a room to reload ammo or work on guns. Just a thought.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Movie Guns V

This week I bring you pictures from the movie Running Scared staring Paul Walker. I've never been a fan of his until I saw this movie where he plays a very stressed man throughout. There is some great shootouts in this movie; that is, until you go frame by frame. Then you can clearly see the mistakes.

We will start out in the room during the big shootout at the beginning of the movie where three cops bust in during a drug deal. Short shotguns, 1911's, machetees, guys blown across the room; standard stuff. I counted eight distinct sounds of shotguns being racked during this scene, not counting when they are firing. I hate that. Here is a frame showing a bad guy blown ten feet by the shotgun:

This has been proven to be impossible many times, with physics and such, but that doesn't stop Hollywood! Also, he doesn't rack the slide but the shell ejects anyways despite all of the shotguns being pump action. Here is a closeup of a pistol gripped Remington 870:

This is the gun that is used through the entire movie to incite all kinds of violence, shown here being drawn from an ankle holster on the outside of his right ankle:
Ankle holdout

That's when the big shootout begins. First, I would like to say that the "cops" in this movie are the most non-shooting individuals in the history of police work. I didn't count how many shells they fired off, but one guy drops down to reload after firing to empty at distances of about eight feet. Have a look:

If you can't hit someone that close with a shotgun and six or seven shells than you need to find a new line of work. The bullet holes on the walls in this scene appear, disappear, and re-appear again because, I'm guessing, the scene is shot with multiple camera's at the same time, and when the film is edited some of the footage is redundant. Also interesting is how sparks fly off of the door and the drywall from bullet impact.

One cool scene has the viewers looking through a hole in the mattress that Paul Walker, "Joey," uses for cover when one of the non-shooting cops fires what looks like #4 buckshot through it:
Buckshot #4

Joey pulls his 1911 of unknown make and fires one round, after which the slide locks back and he reloads. In this frame, the 1911's hammer is down but he is aiming it anyways. Paul Walker shows some gun handling discipline in the movie regardless of these mistakes. Notice the solid two handed grip.

Look close and you can see the hammer back on the pistol as it's firing:
1911 blast


There is some poor gun handling discipline among the cops. They fire the shotguns mere inches from each others face and hands with almost every shot:
Short shotty blast

Here is a look at the stainless steel Smith & Wesson Model 36 that is used in the movie:

At the end of the movie a bad guy shoots Joey with it moments after this frame was taken:
No rounds

Notice anything unusual? There are no rounds in the gun!

Somewhere in the middle of the movie, Joey's wife, played by Vera Farmiga, wields a pistol that I just can't identify:

I originally thought it was a Sig P220 at first glance, but then when I was taking frames from the scene I thought it was some sort of Smith & Wesson auto like a Model 945. It's a double stack grip, so it's not a 945, and the frame mounted saftey says it's not any other S&W model. It looks like a .45 Auto, and you can clearly see the barrel bushing. Also note the hooked trigger guard. Can somebody tell me what this pistol is? Here is a shot of actor Michael Cudlitz holding what looks like the same gun:

At the end of the movie there is another shootout. This mobster has never held a gun in his life by looking at how far down on the grip he holds this Glock 17:

Once again we have Joey with a good two handed grip, this time on the same Glock as pictured above:
Glock 17 aim

The last picture I have for you is an Italian switch blade that Joey uses to run through a pimp in the end. This would be the pimp holding the empty S&W 36.

Like I said before, knives are arms too.

That's all. I hope you enjoyed this weeks Movie Guns!

Update: My brother Seth points out that the gun used by Vera Farmiga and Michael Cudlitz in the movie is a Browning GPDA-9. Good work! I looked for about an hour and a half for the make of that gun.

Book meme

I was tagged by Mike W.

Here are the rules:
1. Pick up the nearest book of 123 pages or more. No cheating!
2. Find page 123.
3. Find the first five sentences.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people.

I am sitting here watching Little Bill on the Noggin channel with my daughter while checking things out on my laptop. The book that I have handy is one that I have been reading for over a year (having a new child has cut into my reading time).

The name of the book is Chemical and Biological Warfare: A Comprehensive Survey for the Concerned Citizen by Eric Croddy. This is light reading for me, and before anyone thinks that I'm a nutjob; let it be known that this subject matter pertains to my career choice, and I am on the side of protection, detection, and deterence.

I'll be watching for the black helicopters...

The passage from page 123 is not one of the more intriguing parts of the book:
In both World War II and later during the Malaysian "Emergency" of the 1950's, herbicides were developed for dual roles: to deny the enemy cover from foliage and to destroy crops being utilized by enemy forces. Agent Orange and other herbicides were used in a similar fashion throughout the Vietnam war. Much of the work in defoliants actually started under the aegis of the US biological warfare (BW) program, for although these chemical compounds and their development were still considered part of the overall CW arsenal, the BW organization was chosen to carry out herbicide research "as a matter of scientific economy."

I had to adjust a little bit because of some bulletized stuff, but that's it in a nutshell.

I am going to tag The Pawnbroker because I am curious as to what type of book he has close by, but I'm going to refrain from passing it on further.

Now, I have gunshow to prepare for.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Maybe I was wrong about hope for public schools

Another kid was plotting to kill large numbers of students in an attack on a high school in Indiana.

He was inquiring on how to procure an Intratec "TEC-DC9 9mm pistol" so that he could be like the Columbine high school killers. The press gets the weapon right because it is the scarriest sounding thing they have heard for awhile. Loosers.

What is the facination with a weapon like this? It looks scary, I guess, but why would someone want to use a crappy pistol that is known for having little accuracy? It is NOT an automatic weapon by the way, and it shoots a 9mm cartridge. Big deal.

Oooohhh, I get it! It has a barrel shroud! That makes the bullets go faster!

Your dose of stupid for the day:
Authorities detained the teen Tuesday on an initial charge of intimidation, St. Joseph prosecutor County Michael Dvorak said. His office was preparing charges of conspiracy to commit murder after authorities found more than 100 knives at the boy's home, Dvorak said.
100 knives huh? So does that mean that knife collectors are conspiring to commit murder? Should we have a "one knife a month" law? Loosers.

Even more scary, he had deadly assault snakes!
Authorities also found several illegal snakes at the teen's home in Mishawaka, about 10 miles east of South Bend, Dvorak said.
The worst part about it was that he wanted to make bombs:
They found he had searched the Internet on Monday for how to make propane tank bombs and for a reference guide on how to make explosives and other dangerous devices, Dvorak said.
Bombs are the biggest threat because they are so easy to make. When a student wants to kill large numbers of people he or she will look into this and there is no law that will stop it.

There's hope for public schools after all

This is a MUST SEE video this week. After seeing this video I have a flicker of hope that public school is not full of stupid faculty that will outright destroy children.

Rocky Run Middle School in Chantilly, VA decided to invite WWII veterans and survivors - about a hundred of them from the looks of things - to the school for a day of reflection on what life looked like back then.

Every student looked mesmerised by the stories of these old men and woman who endured unbelievable suffering while still in their youth. One woman explained that when she was a little girl living in Poland, her father was dragged away by the Nazis. She never saw him again.

This is the sort of stuff that kids need to see, and any day that the school is not making them watch The Princess Bride over and over is a good day to me.

Maybe I won't have to homeschool after all...

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Beretta's new death machines

Today I got to handle some of Beretta's new firearms at an exhibition. The lineup included some of their rifles, a Cx4 Storm carbine, some shotguns, and a vast array of their new Px4 Storm line of handguns.

Unfortunately I left my camera in the car as I was informed that picture taking was prohibited; we were not at a firearm exhibition, but it just so happened that Beretta had a booth there - like a diamond in the rough - so I took some semi-crappy photo's with my camera phone because the guy running the booth said go for it.

Here is a look at their table:
Beretta's table

I was most interested in the Px4 Storm handguns because they are so unique. They use a rotating barrel that is different than the 92F/M9 series of pistols, but in a way, kinda similar (this did not include the sub-compact).

The first one I picked up was the sub-compact in 9mm. The little gun holds 13+1 rounds of ammunition and sports a 3" barrel. This is the only Px4 pistol that used the Browning type, tilt barrel system. The Beretta guy claims that it is smaller in size than the Glock 26, and it very well may be, but the gun looked and felt a little wider.
Px4 Storm sub-compact R

It was definitely shorter, and I could definitely see picking up one of these babies one day in the future. If you look just above ans forward of the trigger guard you can see the dimple where the operator can rest their finger. The best feature I saw was the finger rest that is part of the magazine. Only the smallest hands will get a three finger grasp on the gun unless this clever little rest is snapped down.
Px4 Storm sub-compact

Px4 Storm subcompact finger rest

Pretty neat. Moving on, we have the full sized handguns with options such as Trijicon night sights, Illuminova sights, and different action types to fit each users need. The pistol pictured is the Px4 Storm type F, which is a traditional DA/SA with safety/decocker mounted on the slide.
Px4 Storm type F

The trigger feels like the trigger on a 92F to me, with a long 9# stroke on DA, and a 4# SA trigger once you take up all of the slack. The rotating barrel is really cool if you can make anything out from my pictures:
Rotating Barrel
Rotating Barrel 2

Looking at this picture you can see the triangular lug of the barrel which rotates counter-clockwise a few degrees to unlock through a gap in the slide. You can also see the Illuminova sights which light for about 30 minutes when exposed to an outside light source. These are probably the most ergonomic pistols that I have ever handled. They feel great in the hand.

Check out the Px4 Storm website to get some better details. Other models include the type G, which I handled, that is a DA/SA with a decocker only - no safety. This would be similar to other types of handguns with no manual safety, but only a decocker, like the SigSauer P226.

Another handgun there is the 90 - Two. This is an updated version of the popular 92F, but with a 1913 rail mounted on the dust cover. This is a large handgun that will probably find its way into law enforcement holsters as a service weapon. I didn't get any details on this gun, but it felt great in the hand and pointed well.

Beretta is also building the M9A1 for the US Marine Corps which also has a 1913 rail.

I was able to handle the Sako TRG 42 chambered in .338 Lapua Magnum:
Sako TRG 42

The action was all snickitty-snick and smooth as glass. The trigger was excellent, as would be expected on a rifle like this, and the rifle felt way lighter than I anticipated. You can't see it in the picture, but the muzzle is threaded for a suppressor.

Too bad I didn't get to handle this one:
Tikka T3 Tactical

That is the Tikka T3 Tactical chambered in .308 Winchester, also sporting a threaded barrel. Notice the adjustable cheek piece and 1913 rail. The barrel was 20" which is pretty handy. I want one!

At that point the guys running the booth had had about enough of me, so I didn't get to play with the shotguns. I briefly held the Cx4 Storm long enough to hate the sights. My main gripe is that I didn't get to shoot any of these.

That's all the damage for one night. Enjoy the pictures!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Great motivational posters!!

Via The High Road.

Tearing the needle off the record...

...when I enter the room. This article is by David Manes via Political Cartel, and it's about how plastic grips and such on evil "assault weapons" - silly term - metamorphisize a rifle into some hip firing, deadly baby killer.

A flurry of comments ensued, mostly by gun bloggers, and I joined in while the conversation was hot, and finally went on a rant which seemed to end all conversation. My comment is next to the last at the bottom.

Despite all of this nonsense, David does try to engage in some friendly discourse; although he does not let facts ruin his perception. Here's a tidbit:
"There is a reason why these weapons are considered “assault weapons;” they are designed for attacking a large force of enemies in a combat situation."

Laughable; yes, but it's not polite to point. Here's more:
"Of course these additional military-style features add to the lethality of a weapon. Why else would the military be using pistol grips and barrel shrouds and folding stocks, etc? Do you really expect me to believe that the military (and all the other militaries in the world) have chosen these elements for purely cosmetic reasons?"

Yes David, collapsable stocks make the bullets go faster.

My last comment was sparked by "one of us." You know the type - I own guns too, but mortal citizens don't have the right to own xxxx gun because xxxx.

Blaaahhhhhh....I just threw up in my mouth.

Read the comments if you want to get some great information from some gun bloggers who are very knowledgeable. Or you can just read the article if you want a good chuckle.

Taking new shooters to school

Armed Canadian has an offer at the top of his blog inviting people to learn to shoot. All they have to do is show up.

He got two more people introduced to the world of shooting this past weekend, go check it out!

Super guns

This is the same regurgitated article that has been circulating the media for the last three or four months regarding Mexicans crossing the border into the US, and then somehow buying the type of firearms that make ABC news pee in their Levi's. "Gun show loophole" my ass.

But I found a picture of the dreaded ".38 caliber 'Super Pistol" that Jerry Seper of the Washington Times was talking about:
I've heard that this type of pistol can push that 38mm caliber round clean through a garbage truck; from front to back; in-one-end-and-out-the-other! Yeah, it's that powerful, that's why the Mexican Federali's call it el penetrator de camión de la basura!!

And you better hope they don't get ahold of one of these:

That thing fires a round that can penetrate the planet, that's why terrorist drug runners call it "el penetrator del día del juicio final de la tierra," not "mata policia" like ATF special agent in charge Bill Newel says. Apparently, the other news sources haven't found out that the same 'bullet' is chambered in the Walther P99!!

If they bought one of these .22 caliber pistols, called "el pequeño 0,22 que puede" by terrorist extremists, they can shoot through a standard ballistic vest and save a few thousand peso's:

I just peed myself..

Update: Check out this video of an ATF agent shooting not only the "el penetrator del día del juicio final de la tierra," but a full-auto M60 general purpose machine gun that he uses to shoot up a car door. All humor aside, the M60 costs about $40,000, and you can't buy one at a gunshow without 6 months of paperwork. They are lying to the viewers.

The ATF agent, and also ABC news, would lead you to believe that the gun fires some amazing type of cartridge that can "penetrate light armor" just because it can shoot through a car door. It cannot penetrate light armor; that is a bald faced lie. It can, however, penetrate a car door like just about any other type of firearm. Whoopity-doo.

This is why the mainstream press pisses me off so much. Liars!

Update: I just sent ABC news an email concerning this article:

This is one of the most disingenuous articles I have ever read - Not to mention that it’s the same trifling article regurgitated among other “news” agencies for the last four months.

You are tricking your viewers into believing that Mexicans are sneaking across the border, going to a gun show, and buying a $40,000 M60 - a Class III machinegun that even a qualifying American can only own after filling out months of paperwork with the ATF/rock that the lying ATF agent crawled out from under.

Wow, so a FN FiveSeveN pistol can pierce a Kevlar vest meant to stop anemic handgun rounds? So can the common .22 Magnum - So can a knife too, by the way.

How about doing some actual research for once; instead of relying on some ATF fraud who agrees with your bias opinion that every firearm is evil because you heard it can shoot down satellites.

“Assault weapons made in China and Eastern Europe, resembling the AK-47, have become widely and cheaply available in the U.S. since Congress and the Bush administration refused to extend a ban on such weapons in 2004.”

Take this quote from your article for example. These “assault weapons...resembling the AK-47” were available before, during and after the “ban,” which didn’t ban them at all. A quick Google search would have brought that to you attention, but don’t let the facts get in your way, because it does sound frightening to keep calling everything an “assault weapon,” despite the fact that it is not so.

Keep up the work, lest I run out of material to mock on my blog.


Carlton Revell

I'm waiting with baited breath for a response...

Update: Confederate Yankee has lots more; H/T to Says Uncle. It seems ABC news has been caught in a perpetual lie about this issue before.

Update: Initial ABC generic response:

Dear ,

Thanks so much for sending us your contribution. We read everything we get from our users, and will pass on this information to our reporters and editors. We hope you'll continue to send along facts and information. Thanks again --The Team at

Sure thing, Team! The question I have is: what will you do with the facts and information given to you?

6 shooting deaths in 8 days

Of course this is in "Gun Free" DC. I thought they had effective laws that are supposed to stop this sort of thing? And why did the cops not prevent these senseless deaths?

I can tell you that part of the reason that DC is so violent is because of people like this woman, who provides today's dose of stupid:
"This is Earth Day today," she said. "We were focusing on flowers, and now we have to move back and start focusing on homicides again."
Damn criminals!! If they would just LISTEN to us then everyone could go back to fondling kittens and stuff!

But I thought they were super deadly?

Bank robber shoots teller for no good reason with a "compact assault rifle." The teller is pregnant with twins; the round that the scumbag fired did not kill either of the three victims despite hitting the teller in the abdomen.

That's good news. The bad news is that it appears that if you just "give the bad man what he wants" you may end up shot anyways.

Also, if the scumbag used a "compact assault rifle," then how did a shot to the abdomen fail to kill not only the woman, but her two unborn children as well? I thought they were super powerfull and all, you know, because they have, like, grips n' stuff.

I bet he had a High Point carbine, which is not an "assault rifle;" compact or otherwise.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Great Quotes

From the Mighty and Egregious Charles via GeekWithA.45:
One of the problems with the Supreme Court's role in enforcing constitutional boundaries that they are a panel of firefighters nominated by a pyromaniac and approved by an arsonist's convention.

Good stuff!

Gang Control

SailorCurt has an idea that will surely end Chicago's violence. I mean, we have to do something!

In case you didn't hear, "Gun Free" Chicago had 32 shootings this past weekend, killing 6 people.

I agree that SailorCurt should run for city council.

John Lott's Fox News piece

His Fox News piece is about "Gun Free Zones." Go check it out.

.300 Caliber Terror!

Oh, I love the press! They're licensed to give out factual informatiom, doncha know.

A priest from the US was arrested in Russia, and sentenced to three years in prison for trying to bring a friend a box of rifle cartridges:
Miles has said he brought the .300 caliber cartridges for a friend who had recently bought a Winchester rifle. He said he did not know bringing such ammunition into Russia was illegal.

Those are super deadly!

It's a good thing Russia has all of those effective laws, you know, to keep citizens safe. Funny how Russia always gets passed up by the Brady Campaign when they look to other "industrialized" countries with effective gun laws.

Senior citizen stabbed to death

In North East DC. He was a 72 year old disabled man who couldn't make it down his own steps to lock his door. He was home alone, and police say it was a "robbery gone bad."

If only there was a small, but effective tool that would have negated the robbers strength, and would have allowed the old man to fight back.

The old man's son said that he was "easy pickings."


Monday, April 21, 2008

Serial robber attacking the elderly

In Maryland and DC. Four women have been robbed and police are convinced that it's the same guy. He breaks in and holds the women at gunpoint while he ties them up. He then goes about robbing them at his leisure.

Too bad this is in a "gun free zone" or the robberies may have gone down like this.

We're gonna get you!

Well that's just super, Chief! DC is "cracking down" on crime after five people are killed over the weekend. So after defensless people are gunned down, Chiefy is gonna try and stop it! Look out bad guys!

It's a good thing that there are so many unarmed victims walking around, otherwise the criminals would have a hard time creating their own power trip.

This article is so quotable it makes my head hurt.
Officers in the 5th Police District said they have seen a "disturbing" increase in violent crime, prompting Mayor Adrian Fenty and Police Chief Cathy Lanier to increase police presence.

Prompting?!?! Outstanding work Mayor! But I thought everyone was super safe because the citizens can count on the police to keep them alive, and they don't have any need for individual protection. I bet the five victims would have loved to have a means of protection in their final moments.
Lanier said officers are working double shifts, cracking down on nuisance crimes and interacting more with the community to try to drum up leads to solve the homicides.

They can stop nuisance crimes all damn day. When a citizens life is on the line, there is no one there to stop it except the citizen, but they can't! They have no means of defense.
Police said they believe two of the homicides may be connected to neighborhood rivalries. Officers are working with community leaders to come up with ways to stamp out the violence.

Maybe you should let the community "stamp out the violence." What an idea! But DC "officials" think that when gangs are trying to kill you to take your lunch money, the only person who has any chance of saving you is the cops who will be there any minute. Trust us. And if (when) they don't get there in time:
"If you're out here shooting people and committing crimes, we're gonna get you. We are gonna get you," Lanier said.
Scary stuff!! So after the criminal goes on a shooting spree, the brave DC police will try and catch them. No word on whether they will prevent such killings in the future.

And how about those thugs that they caught? Do you reckon they were NRA members? Do you think they had permits to carry those guns? I didn't think so.

Nice save

In SC, an 18 year old high school student was collecting the materials to bomb his school. His principal said he was a top student and didn't cause trouble.

So many people think that firearms are the only tool that enable one to kill, but this is flawed logic. There are more efficient ways to mass murder, and the materials are readily available to anyone.

There are a number of lefties who believe that if firearms were taken away from us mere civilians, than the world would cease to become violent because there would no longer be a way to kill. History says otherwise, and I often point this out:

History is filled with far more killing in the absence of firearms. We cannot dis-invent the gun, nor can we destroy all metal, stone, bone and wood. There will always be a method to kill in numbers, and the laws of men cannot suppress a black heart.

Good on the parents of this kid for paying attention.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Cool anti-gun video

My rant to Wal-Mart

I didn't have the time during the week, but here is what I sent them today:

To whom it may concern,

It upsets me to hear that Wal-Mart signed into agreement with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the Mayors Against Illegal Guns. This group works diligently to destroy the rights of guns owners, and I can't see how this agreement will produce anything useful. Federal and State law are adequate for retaining the Federal Firearms License needed for Wal-Mart to sell firearms, and to go “above and beyond” based on the assertions of a blatant anti-gun organization is disingenuous.

My first firearm, a Mossberg Model 500 shotgun, was purchased at the Wal-Mart here in Fredericksburg. I defended Wal-Mart when the decision was made to reduce firearm sales, and I have always purchased ammunition and other shooting supplies at my local Wal-Mart because prices are always lower than other stores. However, I will not defend nor patronize a business that takes measures to stand on my rights.

This agreement assures that I will be taking all of my business elsewhere. Please spare me the generic reply that Wal-Mart has issued to the outraged gun owners before me; I have seen that reply, and find it to be lacking.


Fredericksburg, VA

Time will tell what their response is, but as of this week I am officially off the low price teat of Wal-Mart. My problem now is that Target sucks, and doesn't sell ammo, and I have been on a borderline Gander Mountain boycott for over a year now.

Update: That didn't take long. Wal-Mart responded with the generic email that I specifically asked them not to send. They did, however, say that for further correspondance, reply to this email. I will see what else I can get from them.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Movie Guns IV

After a long and tedious week, I am proud to bring you another movie guns post. I actually pulled frames from two movies, and I had a hard time deciding which one to post this week as they are both good.

This weeks movie guns is from the movie I Am Legend, starring Will Smith. I doubt that he's a shooter in real life, but he has fired lots of gun props so his weapon handling skills are not too bad, even if there are a couple of bad flinches in there.

There are not a whole lot of different guns in this movie, but there are some great firefights and closeups. Will Smith's character has amassed quite the arsenal, and has various weapons stashed strategically throughout his house.

Here is the M4 with ACOG optic that is used throughout most of the movie. That wire for the Pentagon light pressure switch should be moved out of the way of the ejection port.

Not once during the entire movie did I see the ejection port cover closed. It's a little fuzzy, but check out what he is pointing at:
Not lion medicine

That would be a lion. Shooting a lion with an M4 would probably just piss it off. You can see the Pentagon light with laser on the side of the rifle. Later on in the movie he does a little room clearing using the light, and what does he find?...


Danger close!
Smith blasts this zombie on auto with his M4 at close range under the illumination of his weapon mounted light. Good stuff!

Nothing excites gun people more than the chance at fighting zombie hordes! I know many of gun owners, and none of them desire to shoot another person, but zombies....they are already dead, so the ethics involved are not important. Zombies are just moving targets.

In a self defense situation only one or two attackers are involved, and the fight is over in seconds. Afterwords there is the part of dealing with taking a life. Not so here. The thought of thousands of dead...or undead...hostile targets that explode into ickyness when shot is every gunnies dream, and this is backed up by the fact that most online gun forums have a disclaimer stating that zombie threads will be deleted.

Here we have a scene where Smith is choosing his carry gun for the day:
M249 SAW

We have a M249 Squad Automatic Weapon; too big for day-to-day carry even against hordes of undead. Then we have:
War chest

Two M4A3's with all kinds of mounted goodies. I have no idea what the third gun from the left is; maybe a Tippman paintball gun? Imagine if New Yorkers could have a gun locker like that without fear of arrest!

Next up we have a Benchmade Auto Stryker that Smith uses to cut himself free of a rope.
Benchmade Auto Stryker

Hey, knives are arms too! Knife laws in this country are every bit as stupid as gun laws. A good knife in your pocket is comforting.

For the H&K fans we have Smith fighting zombie dogs with an H&K USP, caliber unknown:

Zombie dog

Yikes! Danger close again!
Zombie dog gets a USP snack

Ultimately, Smith is saved by his courageous and bad ass German Shepherd. Man's best friend can be the fight winning weapon when the chips are down.

Later on we have Alice Braga drawing a Glock 19 with a retention lanyard:

Glock draw
Glock 19

She doesn't shoot it, but it's still cool that she's packing.
Smith has a Smith & Wesson 5903 on the counter that he had taken out of a drawer in the living room:
S&W 5903

During the final fight Smith pulls an M4 from the umbrella stand and gets some work done on full auto! Who says M4's can't be used for home defense!
M4 blast

Here you can see a blank that has ejected from the rifle.
M4 shootin blanks

Check out the cases in the air. Smith is looking over the top of the rifle and trying to walk the rounds into the zombie. It would seem that this scene suffers from the "bottomless magazine" syndrome. Right after this frame the rifle runs out of rounds, and the viewers are treated to the mechanical click-click-click-click-click sound to inform those who have no firearm knowledge that the gun is empty. Hollywood!

M4 full auto

Smith finishes him off with the Beretta 92F that he keeps on his nightstand.

92F blasting zombie

The deadliest zombie medicine in Smiths arsenal is the M67 fragmentation grenade. I wonder if he paid his tax stamp to the ATF to have this in his Manhattan town home!

M67 frag

That's it folks. It took me about three hours to pull the frames from the movie, label and then organize them, and I have the frames already pulled for the next movie guns. I promise it will be as good or better than this one!