Thursday, April 3, 2008

Dangerous colored assault tools on the rise

Since the hysterical anti-gun folks are shrieking about "colored guns meant to look like toys," as if gangbangers are going to send their $55 Bryco .25 Auto in to get a $200 Duracoat from Lauer Custom Weaponry, I decided to also point out the dangers of power tools meant to look like toys.

See, this is what normal power tools are supposed to look like:

But then, with the growing popularity of colored firearms, the power tool lobby decided to make things more colorfull in an attempt to boost sales:

And turned them into assault drills!

Then they did the same thing with Power Saws!

And nail guns!

Why, some poor child may saw his or her arm off thinking that these are toys! We must pass legislation immediately to keep these assault tools off of our streets in the name of safety...and the children!

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