Thursday, April 3, 2008

DC gun grab update

See past coverage here and here.

It seems that DC residents are not so naive after all. Good for them. Too bad DC Police Chief Cathy Lanier still tries to play everyone a fool:

The chief now says any searches would be done only by appointment unless there is an "urgent need,"
Uh huh, and what exactly constitutes an "urgent need?" And my, my, how about that amnesty:

Amnesty will be granted for any gun possession charges but not for any crimes committed with that gun.

The chief said police also will be alert to child abuse or other social services issues that may require government follow up.

"If we go into a home and we see a case of severe abuse or neglect; I mean, there's certain things that we just can't ignore," Lanier said.

And you wonder why you have this:

Since the program was announced weeks ago, it has been delayed in part because of fears citizens' rights will be violated.

No shit.

I'm not defending people that neglect their children, but what the government considers "abuse or neglect" and "certain things that we just can't ignore" sounds equivocal to me, and I am a very skeptical person when it comes down to government honoring a citizens rights.

Think I'm crazy? What happens when the police show up for an "appointment" and they see your Japanese Maple grow operation?


Update: Check out the consent form. Nothing in there says anything about "certain things that we just can't ignore." Definitely unconstitutional.

Here is the brochure for the "Safe Homes Initiative." I find this interesting:
While the main objective of the program is to search for illegal weapons, if drugs or other illegal contraband are found in plain view in your home during a SafeHomes search, officers will be obligated to seize the items in question. You will not be prosecuted for any drugs found in your home.

What else will they be "obligated" to seize? Perhaps disposable cameras? And this:
By cooperating with police, you are doing an important service to your community. Your efforts will help put an end to violence by bringing criminals to justice.
How will criminals be brought to justice if they are giving amnesty? More lies:
Parents or guardians will have the option to voluntarily allow their neighborhood foot
beat officers to enter their homes to conduct safety checks for weapons without risk of arrest.

What they don't say is that "without risk of arrest" is cast aside if they see "certain things they just can't ignore" which could be almost anything they want.

When you let agents of the state who possess the power to seize and arrest into your house, you open doors that you just can't shut.

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