Thursday, April 28, 2011

Word smithing

Why is it that those who write an anti-gun piece feel the burning need to add "shooty" type words or conjure up the Wild West that really wasn't very wild? It's almost a subliminal thing, like those people who stick their tongue out when they draw, or those who bob and weave when watching kung-fu movies.

Here's an anti-gun opinion piece in USA Today (surprise!!) that starts out "When it comes to gun fights. . .", making the first thing the reader interprets a violent act, in an article regarding civil rights. Way to go, poncho.

I don't have the time to properly fisk this bird cage liner, but here's a taste (see what I did there?!):

Last month, for instance, Wyoming joined Arizona, Alaska and Vermont to become the fourth state to allow concealed firearms with no permit whatsoever.
Yeah, and it's already turning out to be such a bloodbath like in Arizona, Alaska, and Vermont, right? Oh, you didn't mention that absolutely nothing out of the ordinary has happened in those states since they passed those laws? Weird. You might want to mention that then because you make it sound like it was a disaster for other states, which isn't the case at all.

It goes down hill pretty fast from there. Perhaps another blogger will be by to give this piece the scrutiny it deserves?

Random local violence roundup

Well now, it seems the local savages have been pounding their war drums this week and getting themselves in heaps of trouble.

First up we have the hard-core natives hailing from Culpeper county, Virginia fighting over the important things in life:

"Man charged after report of shots fired at controversial Culpeper river swimming hole"
I mean, we have droughts around here in the summer and all, but this sure ain't the Sahara or anything. Gunfighting over the local watering hole? Whuuuuuuuut??!?!?

Next we have a masked crusader who tried to Robin Hood the milk from the Stafford county Wal-Mart and deliver it to the emaciated community. Why, he should be given a medal and six high-fives! It takes a huge heart to steal milk from the rich and give it to the poor.

Meanwhile, in Spotsylvania county, desperate gunman robbed a pizzeria known to be a huge depository of county funds and Mountain Dew, but mostly Mountain Dew. The county has tried to keep it a secret that the store keeps $40 in cash there at all times, but the criminals these days have access to real-time intel on where the goods are being held.

Also, Stafford teens are getting into their groove by going all stabby on one another during Spring Break. If the adults are doing it, than why not? Right? Criminals gots to learn the ropes somehow.

Again in Spotsylvania, a young man was accosted by someone or something; we have no idea what or how, except that he was found in a ditch unconscious. Looks like we have ourselves a mystery, gang.

And no doubt all this violent rage is being fueled by massive quantities of prescription drugs from King George county. Generally, the local people in the surrounding counties are very docile and polite, but quickly turn to armed robbery, assault, gun violence, fornication, and ritual animal sacrifice when exposed to the dredges of their medicine cabinet which was stolen from them and then sold back at an inflated price plus interest.

Central Virginia used to be a place where random violence like this was unheard of. With the influx of tens of thousands of morons from Elsewhere, America, the crime rate is increasing rapidly. Or it could be the lax gun laws. You chose.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bitter and busy

Daggone. When the hell did my time become so valuable that there's just not enough of me to go around? I need to bottle that shit up and sell it for a fortune if it's that important to the world.

Between my family, my house, and work (almost entirely work), I am completely used up and then some. I am nodding off by 2100 every night now, and I'm a zombie at 0515 when I'm making some coffee. The real work day starts when I get home and I have to fix all the shit that breaks around the house while also handling the general maintenance.

So yesterday afternoon I was destroying the indigenous flora with a gas-powered, bladed whirling machine, bitching in my mind about how silly this weekly task is, and it dawned on me how fickle mankind is. Here we have an outdoor area for recreation that we have to do constant maintenance to in order for it to "look good." Sound familiar? I place grass cutting right under tying a sturdy piece of multicolored fabric in a slipknot around the neck; it's a mundane thing that serves absolutely no utility at all, is extremely dangerous, and could in fact be completely avoided by intiating some common sense. The last bit would entail thinking for yourself, thus breaking the ant-line of human stupidity which would allow for things to really get done.

I'm thinking that I can aviod grass cutting by spraying the lawn with weed killer at the first sign of Spring. It only makes sense. Planting a garden or flowers is different, but grass? Really? Why do we do it? What's the point? We can't come up with something that looks good but doesn't require the use of a device that spins a sharp blade at 500 rpm just 18 inches from your feet?

I could care less about how my yard looks; to me lawn manicures are for three-times retired folks who actually have enough time to cut grass, and who don't have hobbies. I don't have enough time to do a fraction of the hobbies that I have, to say nothing of the ones that I want to do, so to me cutting the grass is a big ass waste of my time. I have drywall to sand and painting to do before I can even think about dinner, and then maybe I can take a glance at the Hornady dies that Mr. UPS man kindly delivered to my door before I stumble off to bed.

On my list directly below grass cutting are work meetings. People will schedule two weeks worth of all-day, mandatory meetings that start an hour before the folks with children can even get into the building, and then top off the first three days of a third week with intense mandatory meetings to address timeliness and why everybody hasn't got shit done around here. Are you fucking kidding me? Is 0900 so damn difficult? I would like to be able to take a piss before sitting down and listening to absolutely nothing of importance for eight hours. And while we're on the subject of urination, seriously, give a five minute break every hour so that the poor bastards stuck in the meeting can jettison the six gallons of coffee that we have to ingest just to stay awake.

Some day I will write a manual of common sense, but something tells me that half the people who read it would have their head explode.

A book for me!

A for-real-no-shit book for parents like me:

Go the Fuck To Sleep is a bedtime book for parents who live in the real world, where a few snoozing kitties and cutesy rhymes don't always send a toddler sailing off to dreamland. Honest, profane, and affectionate, Adam Mansbach's verses and Ricardo Cortés' illustrations perfectly capture the familiar—and unspoken—tribulations of putting your little angel down for the night, and open up a conversation about parenting in the process. Beautiful, subversive, and pants-wettingly funny, Go the Fuck to Sleep is a perfect gift for parents new, old, or expectant. Here is a sample verse:

The cats nestle close to their kittens now.
The lambs have laid down with the sheep.
You're cozy and warm in your bed, my dear
Please go the fuck to sleep.

Perfect! My oldest (3 years old) now has my wife or me read a bedtime story, and it's always insufficient for her needs. Perhaps this book will be enough. . . .

(H/T The Agitator)

Monday, April 25, 2011

That won't get them far in life

Opportunistic thugs attempting to steal a van got more than they bargained for when they prised open the doors and were faced with a team of heavily-armed SAS officers.
Frickin' OOOPS! The officers wouldn't go into detail on the games that they played with the thieving scumbags, but one can use their imagination.

Speaking of pink pistols

No, not the Pink Pistols, who I linked to in my last post, but a favorable article about the NRA convention which discusses the growing firearms market for women.

The article is completely void of hysterical anti-gunners warning about blood in the streets this weekend, but it does turn out this little gem:

Those who attend the convention will find the latest styles and types of weapons on the market, but they will not be able to stroll out of the Downtown convention center with a newly purchased automatic weapon, Parsons said.

"If someone is interested in an AR-15, they can go to the manufacturer, check it out, hold it, look through the scope and get recommendations for a retailer where they live who can sell them that product, but they aren't going to buy it that day and go home with it," Parsons said.
Ms. Greenwood of the PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE-REVIEW, like other media yahoos, doesn't know that an AR15 is not an automatic weapon. I know it just blows the mind that such a mistake made it past the tight editing we enjoy in the media these days. Weird.

Pass the assault

In regards to the McDonald's attack from a few days ago, more of the story is now known.

The attackers names are not known, but we do know that they are 14 and 18 years old and that they should know better than to stomp on people's heads. Also, the moron who was filming the whole thing was a McDonald's employee (he's been fired, for what that's worth). We also know that the attack started over the victim allegedly checking out one of the attacker's boyfriend. So the whole shootin match should have never happened if any single person in the mess had been sane.

I have to throw the yellow flag here at McDonald's acting like they give a damn about the morality of their employees; the employee filming the attack and laughing is reprehensible for sure, and I have no concern for his livelihood from losing his job, but in general, businesses like McDonald's have made it a policy for employees to not intervene in such things. In our litigious society, trying to stop an attack will get your company sued. Now it seems that not stopping an attack will get you fired, or even shot to death, so it's lose lose for everybody.

There are some folks who care more for humanity than they do for the preservation of their job (me included), so that point is valid, but I can't see how commenters are throwing rocks at the camera man considering the public's usual policy of watching the mayhem while they wait on the cops to show up, if anyone's even bothered to call it in to begin with. The point I'm trying to make here is that people at large don't really care about some poor 22 year old getting her head kicked in because everybody is too locked on like it's entertainment, and they're waiting for someone else to do something. It's accepted that this is the way of the world, so who's to blame? This isn't the first time scumbags up and decided to do violence without cause. It's the way things have always been.

I do think that people in some areas are starting to warm to the idea that they can do something to stop this sort of violence without getting themselves hurt or killed, and this is because of modern self defense tools. Equalizers work; that lady in the video that tried to help wasn't very effective, but she would have been with the help of her little friend P3AT. Hopefully people wake the hell up and start getting involved.

***Update: We have on of the attackers names - Teonna Monae Brown - and also there will be a protest by a transgendered rights group. I bet the group didn't phone in for help for their protest.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dinner Pic

All the rage these days:

This one was from a couple of days ago. Cheap turkey burgers are a staple in my diet. If it weren't for frozen and canned foods, I would starve to death in the urban habitat where I currently live because I can't cook for shit. You can turn me loose in the woods with nothing more than a loin cloth and a Ka-Bar, and I can make a weapon capable enough to kill an animal, skin it, then make a fire and burn the beast's flesh until it's fit for consumption. Put me in a grocery store though, and I will die unless it can be torn out of a box and eaten. I could live for years on Stella Artois though.

Simple food for simple people!

TSA Grope-Warrior caught distributing kiddie porn

Federal agents also allege that Transportation Safety Administration Officer Thomas Gordon Jr. of Philadelphia, who routinely searched airline passengers, uploaded explicit pictures of young girls to an Internet site on which he also posted a photograph of himself in his TSA uniform.

I don't know about you, but I'm not at all surprised. People who routinely touch people inappropriately against their will are generally considered to be scumbags, and there is a special place that society has reserved for such folks. Here we have a bona fide gate-rapist who likes younger entertainment, and it makes you wonder how many of these sick fucks there are screening Americans at airports.

Again, I avoid flying as best as I can these days, but sometimes it's unavoidable unless I fancy losing my job. With the exception of a body cavity search, I've received all the sick shit that TSA can muster at airports all over the country. I have no sympathy for this guy, and I hope his message gets spread far and wide.

Friday, April 22, 2011

McDonald's attack

I have run into plenty of gun carrying people who, like me, mentally roll play different defensive scenarios that they may wander into from time to time. I have found that in many of these scenarios, it usually entails several aggressive males approaching or whatnot, kind of like a "Yo homie! Is that my briefcase?!" kind of attack. Unfotunately it doesn't always end up being such an easy choice on if/when/how to intervene to protect yourself or someone else.

Here is a video from Liveleak that was posted on Drudge and ARFCOM showing a brutal attack by two women on another girl in a McDonald's, rumored to be in Baltimore. I will warn you that this video is very disturbing:

Now gauge what your response would be if you were a patron at this resaurant. This attack went from a moment or two of fisticuffs to flat out head stomping, and if you have the stomach to watch til the end, there's blood and a seizure in there as well.

I show this as an example that an attacker(s) may not always be large aggressive males that present you with the time to react. This could be your wife or significant other being attacked by two women, and you walk out of the restroom and have to make an immediate decision on what to do. If the victim was a complete stranger to you, what would you do?

Discussion here at ARFCOM.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bearing Arms

No, I don't mean firearms, medieval arms, or anything of the like. I'm talking Arms of the strategic type, with a couple of tactical ones thrown in for good measure.

Now, I really want you to check out the pictures in this thread regarding nuclear weapons. Seriously, go on and look at it. The next time you look at your grandfather, think of the batshit crazy ideas his generation had when designing this stuff. Then think of how you would feel as a nineteen year old Army trooper carrying a tactical nuke on your back, and then setting it up and launching it at an enemy that you can see with the naked eye. Maybe back then they had no idea that they were exposing themselves to massive amounts of radiation in several forms, or maybe they did and didn't care. With that sort of stuff - radiation exposure, I mean - there are things associated with it that can be worse than death, like a very very slow and painful death, or even having a penis sprout out of your forehead to the laughter of your friends. But it's no laughing matter.

Browsing through the pictures I can definitely see where GI Joe came from. All of the futuristic, half-human cyborg soldiers shooting lazer beams at one another doesn't seem all that far fetched now. The Ohio class submarines are both terrifying and awesome as hell at the same time, and I'm thankful that a group of demented scientists and engineers came up with the idea while hanging out at the water cooler one day at work.

Demented Engineer - "Hey Earl, you reckon we ought to come up with something really deadly to counter the Reds? I just don't think the tanks can get it done."

Evil Scientist - "By golly Sam, I think you may be onto something! If we could harness the power of the sun by splitting atoms, we could put it in some sort of clever technical device that can deliver it to those damned commies. Then we would be unstoppable!"

Demented Engineer - "I'm liking your zeal, Earl! If we took all that powerful scientific bullshit that you just came up with and stuffed it into a humongous tube, we could stow like fifty of them on a submersible ship that would then be capable of destroying the entire world! It would be great!!"

Evil Scientist - "And then we could put some of my scientific bullshit in something smaller, such as one of those right circular cylindrical devices you were pontificating about, one that would be portable enough for one of those warfighter drones to carry into battle."

Demented Engineer - "That would clean up the rest of the Reds that survived the evil holocaust. Good thinking; now let's get to work!"

Having been on a few military bases myself - some of them so spooky that I walked around with every hair on my body standing up, blading 45 degrees towards anyone I came across - I can only imagine how many dudes in white labcoats are busy at work, protractors and calculators in hand, designing crazy stuff that we haven't even heard of yet. Scary huh? What could possibly be more badass than an underwater ship carrying more ordnance than was dropped in WWII?!?!

Well armed in Mexico

Looks to me like the Mexican armed forces and Mexican law enforcement are pretty well off as far as guns go. They also have armor, air support, artillery, crew served weapons, and uhmmmm. . . .what else was there. . . .oh yeah, US funding. That's helpful too.

It also looks like they could care less that H&K is no longer in the business of arming Mexican government personnel, and thus indirectly arming the cartels, considering that Mexico is using weapons from the likes of Beretta and FNH, and have even fielded their very own rifle for their military.

And while the Beretta ARX160 would probably be on the top of my list if I had to fight the cartels, I certainly wouldn't feel too inadequate to be outfitted with an FN FAL either. Wouldn't necessarily want to clear rooms with it, but for street fighting, yeah, give me the well worn four foot battle rifle that spits 7.62.

Circus side show

BERLIN (Reuters) – A shootout between two German circus families competing over tent space has left six people injured, police said on Tuesday.
If we can't agree on registration and background checks for circus folk, than what can we agree on?

Germany obviously needs to strengthen its gun, knife, baton, and circus freak laws to prevent madness like this in the future.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

More non-gun stuff

It's this thread again at ARFCOM - U Laugh U Lose. Page 58 now. I lost it on this video.

Bizarre, I know, but don't be drinking coffee or anything if you laugh at random stuff like this. You've been warned.


Get out of the passing lane!

I just found a reason to like New Jersey cops. More of this, please!

No fines or tickets. No wasting time. Just get the hell out of the passing lane!!! Lesson learned.

Found here at ARFCOM GD.

Kidde Scorn

Ok, so why is it that modern smoke detectors these days not only cry wolf half a dozen times a year, but decide to do so only at zero-dark-thirty? It defeats the whole purpose of having them in the first place, if you're so used to them giving false alarms that you don't even bother to check the house out in the middle of the night. You instead spend your time waiting to hear which one goes off first so that you can either smash it on the ceiling with a broom like it's a bigass bug, or take it down and sling it out into the yard like I did last night.

A couple of years ago I updated our house to code by retrofitting the old battery powered smoke detectors with integrated, hard-wired Kidde smoke detectors. A week later I was far far away in a foreign land when the report from my wife came in that the whole house was beeping at like three in the morning. It finally stopped on its own, and didn't repeat that again for several months. At this point, it's a quarterly thing for the detectors to sound off for no reason, and it always happens late at night.

As a residential electrician in a past life, my experience has been that in a twelve pack of modern smoke detectors, one or two of them right off the bat are going to be defective. You normally find this out when you test them; the ones that are screwed up are immediately noticeable, and you replace them so that the home owners don't have an issue with them in the middle of the night. From what I can recall, the smoke detectors from my youth - the one you payed a nickle for and got ten free at the bargain bin at the local flea market - always worked like their supposed to for twenty years or more. You replace the battery when it starts to chirp, and they only go off when there's real smoke, like when you're burning some delicious bacon.

Somewhere along the line the manufacturers who make these detectors have fallen asleep at the wheel.

Last night we had another one go down - the second this year - at a quarter til' three in the morning. Knowing my wife, she no doubt lost the rest of the night's sleep over the event, which means she'll suffer at work today over an item that I would gladly pay three times as much for if it just worked like it's intended. If not, it's back to the flea markets for the nicotine coated one's that some farmer took down when the battery died. I know those will work.


I met my first bloggers yesterday!

I'm somewhere around my 4th year of blogging and I had yet to meet a single blogger. Yesterday I met with Nancy from Excels at Nothing, and Michael W. from Doin' the Time Warp for some time at the range shooting handguns. Both of them are genuine good people, and it was a great time having a group therapy session with them.

Michael W. let me shoot a vintage Webley Mk VI and IIRC a Polish P-64. Fun stuff! The Webley is a substantial handgun that takes some getting used to for someone who is not accustomed to revolvers. Michael W. has no problem at all grouping with it; something tells me that he has had a double action sidearm in his holster once or twice. The P-64 is more familiar in my hand, and despite being all steel would make for a fine carry piece. Nancy let me shoot her Springfield XD-9, which is the first time I've ever been able to shoot one with any purpose. As a Glock advocate (not fanboy) I have to say that the ergonomics of the XD pistols are excellent, much more so than a Glock, and it has a better trigger to boot. And while Nancy claims to be a noob, I wouldn't want her shooting at me! She has a wonderful teacher with the kind of experience most shooters pay big money for.

It has been quite awhile since I've put that many rounds downrange from a handgun, and it was very therapeutic. Thank y'all for the experience! Let me know the next time you want to meet up!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

For the warring gnomes in your cupbard

Via the Overnight Thread at Ace of Spades comes this Youtube video of the world's smallest functioning crossbow:

I'm counting down til' the lamentations of the Brady Campaign start, and the feds across the country release a message about deadly mini-crossbow threats to law enforcement.

Because we've done enough to find the cure for cancer

Well duh! What did you think was gonna happen in a town called Manassas? Did you really think the sinless townsfolk would let an adult themed store get away with attracting people with money to burn by holding a contest where people get to see voluptuously subdued bewbies? Banish the thought!

Look, we've apparently got the cancer thing kicked, so we don't neeeeeeeed the dollars that such an event would bring anymore. We've got tons of money coming in. Besides, who would want to see such a sight? Young women prancing around in T-shirts and pasties won't attract legions of money spending people by dousing themselves with water on stage! Are you crazy?!?

Someone needs to tell those store owners to put down the dildos and try their hand at a proven money making event. . . . like a bake sale or lemonade stand or something.

The Nightlife of Prince George's county teens

Prince George’s County police said they arrested one person after a fight and stabbing outside a club Monday night.
What are teens doing outside of a nightclub? On a Monday night? Just looking to dance, I'm sure; they're probably misunderstood and mad at their dad. No biggie, except they're in the hospital.

The story doesn't mention it, but this whole violence thing has got to be caused by the evilness of guns, as well as Go-Go dancing. Especially the Go-Go dancing. That stuff breeds violence like you would not believe. One thing's for sure, it has absolutely nothing at all to do with the general lawlessness that is rampant around the DC area. Not at all - in fact, maybe some tough knife laws will help to prevent teen Go-Go nightclub violence in the future. Make it hard for angry teens who only want to take their frustration out on the dance floor to buy sharpened pieces of metal, so they won't do something dumb that they might regret. That's the ticket!

Friday, April 15, 2011

State of the CTone address

Things are going well these days. I'm living the American dream in my house that isn't worth anything near what I paid for it, despite the blood and sweat I've put into it. I work too much, but enjoy benefits that America's forefathers didn't enjoy in their time, namely: running water, constant electricity, automobiles (hard to justify "enjoyment" with em' these days), TV, cell phones, and bad ass repeating firearms. No complaints there.

The weather is strange though. Two months ago I took this picture with my kidos while wandering through a park in the cold: Two weeks ago we had snow on the ground, and this week we saw the 90s. Not the 90s like rolled pant bottoms and poofy haircuts; I mean 90 degree temps! Very strange.

Also, I'm building a new rifle to be my walking everything rifle. If it's up to what I hope it is, I may even be living my dream of shooting F-class and competing with the world's best shooters in the next year or two. My reasoning is, if your racecar isn't living up to your expectations, no matter how close, than you build a faster racecar. I'm almost there.

Another exciting development is that my wife's computer died (for the 3rd time), and she not only has a shiny new one, her old one is in the shop getting a new hard drive so that I can use it. Quickload will be the first item added, then we shall test its ability to capture frames from movies. Deduct from that what you will. I've been through so many PCs in the past three years that I haven't been able to do the things I started this blog to do. That will change soon. Exciting times are ahead, and I'll keep my few readers informed of what's going on. Thanks for reading!

What did BAG day bring?

Well I have to admit, I didn't buy a firearm today per se. I did place an order for firearm parts though, and the place I spent my hard earned notes at was none other than Les Baer Custom. My debit card cried out when my order was processed, and when the nice lady on the other end of the line asked me if there was anything else I desired, I told her that if I had twenty bank cards in hand I couldn't satisfy my want for all things Les Baer. She laughed.

If you're wondering about what I am up to these days, here's a gander at my recent acquisitions; all of these are towards a specific purpose, and I'll leave y'all to figure out what it is. I'll even give you a hint: that beautiful black piece of anodized rail that is no longer in production gives it away, especially if you know anything about that handguard:

The brass arrived today, and we danced til' the wee hours while listening to Led Zeppelin. Actually not; today I took off from work to renovate by bathroom. Fun stuff. I did oogle the brass for a moment, then went back and got loud with a battery powered sawzall.

If you can identify the brass, and combine that with the knowledge of the rail/handguard, then you will know the whole secret to the awesomeness that I will be wielding in the next two to three months. It also means you're a dork. A military dork.

I don't expect that I'm the first to put two and two together, but Google the Wise does not produce knowledge of anyone else doing what I'm doing. My goal is to shoot teeny tiny bugholes at distance with the most efficient cartridge mankind has ever devised in the most sexy AR style rifle mankind has ever made. Seriously, if it were possible I would have this rifle's babies. It's that awesome. If you've figured out what it is, give me a shout in comments.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Nit picking with knitting needles

We must do everything within our power to stop the scourge of knitting needle violence. Registration and regulation on length and size is only the start.

I would bet that a knitting needle in your carry on luggage would pass the scrutiny of TSA's finest grope-warriors. Surefire will come out with a tactical model by summer's end.

Security Theater

DENVER – The rape of a woman at Denver International Airport has left family members raising questions about the late-night attack and officials defending security at the Rocky Mountain hub, which serves millions of travelers each year.
Rare or not, this is exactly the sort of thing that people who carry a gun for protection are often heckled about. Something along the lines of "why would you neeeeeed to carry an icky firearm in an airport; the security is so tight no one would dare hurt you." That shit didn't hold water in this case, now did it? And before the argument is presented, I'm not claiming that had the victim in this case been armed, the attack would not have happened. There's no way to back that up. Despite that, there is no way to say that an attack can't happen in an airport - it did; and "well it's so rare I doubt it will happen to you" sounds fine as long as you're not the one who's on your back being attacked while half a dozen capable individuals stand there and do nothing.

The whole damned country has been mocking TSA over their abominable security measures and day to day physical assault of millions of Americans, and there are still unicorn loving folk that will tell you in the same breath that you're secure in an airport and don't need to worry about your personal security. I have to raise the bullshit flag.
"We have many, many layers of security," spokeswoman Jenny Schiavone told the newspaper. "We believe the airport is absolutely safe."
I'm sorry Ms. Schiavone, but are airport employees included in the "many layers of security?" Aren't all airport employees trained to look for and report immediately anything that appears suspicious, or perhaps a crime being committed? It's irrelevant whether they knew or not that it was rape, or even rape-rape, because I'm fairly sure that sexual acts in general fall into the category of suspicious activity that should be reported. In this case, there must have been far more pressing matters at hand because the airport spokesweenie is defending their employees:
Airport officials believe airport workers, including employees of outside contractors, "responded appropriately," Schiavone said.
Walking past humping humans is appropriate in DIA? Good to know. Now Americans who are in that airport also know to follow the now established precedent of how to "respond appropriately," as well as what constitutes a "good witness:"
Jackson, of the Denver police, said two workers pulled a man off a woman shortly before police officers and airport security personnel arrived, and others saw the incident and telephoned for help but didn't intervene.
"Mind your own business, citizens! For we know not whether those writhing bodies so entwined are in a moment of consentual passion, or whether this is a viscious attack! Indeed, it matters not at all, as we are to ignore the act and be good witnesses." Pathetic.

Now that it's all said and done, the victim has a bona fide claim against the airport, as she was hurt while on their watch, and under their security measures. Airports in general have become such loathsome places that I no longer enjoy flying like I used to. I avoid them like the plague. The American people should look at this attack and remember it the next time they're taking of their shoes and getting fondled by the dredges of society in blue shirts. That security that you think is there is not.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

AR Kaboom: don't mix powder edition

The worst AR Kaboom I've ever seen. The shooter came out of it with minor injuries, but his Cavalry Arms receiver, barrel extention, and bolt carrier group were lunch.

Scroll down to the bottom for pictures.

I've read most of the information that is there, and the cause was confirmed as a mixture of pistol and rifle powder. That will do it.

The mixing of gun powders is exactly why savy reloaders only have one powder out at a time. I keep mine locked up in a cabinet, and only bring out the one that I'm going to be reloading for that specific cartridge at that time. I learned that lesson the hard way once when I was loading .308 Winchester and had Hodgdon H335 and Accurate Arms 2460 on the bench. After a lunch break or something I came back and couldn't remember which one I was using, so I ended up pulling about a dozen bullets and started over. I like my face right where it is.

Pew? Like a whiffy Pew, or like. . . . .

I'm not really sure what they're talking about. See for yourself:

The story is titled "Packing Heat in the Pews," like citizens have a Star Wars lunchbox full of handwarmers with them when they go to church. How about a title that isn't despicable for once? Sure, "Citizens Request Clarification Of Equivocal State Code In Order To Not Be Fined/Ostracized While They Peacefully Assemble To Worship While Withholding The Means Of Self Defense" probably won't fit too well in the headline, but come on. You media types can at least show a little bit of neutrality every now and then. I swear, it's like you're walking around with you balls showing, and everyone can see them but you do nothing about it, wandering around with a huge smile on your face.

Anyways, Jim Snyder of the Virginia Citizens Defense League was interviewed, and I guess his clip got past editing because he didn't get his gun rights on. He chose instead to point out the obvious, that really nice Virginians want a silly statute clarified. That's why he gets paid the big bucks.

Also, the two people interviewed saw Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli's (my buddy Ken!) legal opinion as a good one. Of course, interviewing a huge white guy with a shaved head and long goatee in front of a Wal-Mart in Deliverence county, Virginia was bound to yield an opinion favorable to gun rights, so maybe the reporter wasn't so biased. I swear though you could here him curse under his breath when the nice looking woman said that she understood why people wanted to be armed in church; you have to take the bitter with the sweet. The opposition came in the form of a pastor at some church where, presumably, there had been several armed madmen hell bent on mayhem that were stopped cold at the door because they feared incurring a fine for having a firearm during the murder they were about to commit. So I can see his point about churches being places of safety and refuge.

So now churches are "talking" about whether or not to allow their flock to have a few sheepdogs within their doors. Good. If they have a problem with it, then they can clearly post their doors and let everyone know what the deal is. I find gun owners in general to sometimes wield their purse at issues that affect their rights; and from what I'm hearing about ATMs and credit card services in church to keep those notes out of default, the pastors might want to consider not cutting out some of their most loyal base. They may also want to consider that having half a dozen sheepdogs in the congregation would prove worthwile if a random madman got past the lunatic forcefield that protects the church and storms in with a shotgun.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mommas, don't let your babies grow up to be Delta

How about some 11 year old fire and maneuver complete with immediate action drills this morning? Very cool!

Gun safety iiiiiiiiiiiiissssss AWESOOOOOOOOOME!!!! Yeah, I watch a little too much Yo Gabba Gabba these days. Don't judge.

I found the video on this thread at, which if you take the time to read, a Frenchy goes all Oh Noz!! over the idea of a non copper handling a gun, and then he gets his ass handed to him by American commentors. Just so you know.

Protection is personal

This morning I wanted to give a shout out to Ken, (Can I call you Ken? I feel like we need to be friends or drinking buddies now) aka Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, over his recent legal opinion on what constitutes "a good and sufficient reason" to carry a weapon to church, to wit:
Cuccinelli wrote that the self-defense is at the heart of the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which guarantees the right to keep and bear arms.

The statute Cole questioned is in the penal, or criminal code, section of state law, and because of it must be “strictly construed against the Commonwealth and in favor of a citizen’s liberty,” Cuccinelli wrote.

Because of that, he said, “I conclude that lawfully carrying a firearm for self-defense and personal protection constitutes ‘a good and sufficient reason’” under the law.
Telling it like it is! Way to go! Hell, I like you. You can come over to my house and. . . . .oh, wait. . . .well, I can't give you my sister; she's already taken by a Good ol' Boy with an affinity for having his own weapon pointed at him - but I promise you that if you stop by we will smash into the Stella Artois or Woodford Reserve, your choice.

Now, it should be known that this legal opinion is not codified law, but it might as well be. Virginia has made it known that they like to do things their own way - for better or for worse - and the weight of the state's Attorney General is on the side of gun owners on this one. Regardless, there are some (like you know who) who are very butt-hurt over the idea of someone discreetly carrying a modern self defense tool to church without accruing a $250 fine:
“Places of worship don’t need loaded guns brought into them,” Malte said. “The way Attorney General Cuccinelli states it, it looks like he’s giving an opening to guns in churches, and we oppose that.”
Well, Mr. Malte, to the best of my knowledge, churches don't have the funds these days to spend on spree-shooter forcefields to keep the lunatics out; so if you look at things in that regard, nothing has changed. Instead of having one or two churchgoers in the congregation carrying their heaters because they value their gift of life, there will now be like five. Why don't you jump up and down while holding your breath?

This opinion is common sense squared. There is simply no good cause in fining non-violent people for an act that hurts no one. Also, Ken Cuccinelli is my hero.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Unsafe shooters, meet your god

I don't know for sure that this kid isn't a troll, but he breaks every safety rule ever devised in this video. Witness as Blake (who owns you, apparently) shows you the power of an 18.5 caliber Glock firing real shell bullets made by "Wuff:"

From this video I learned to use forehead goggles to protect myself from ricochets in case I can't outrun them. That's valuable info.

It's stuff like this that makes me adamant about teaching my kids gun safety, instead of them learning it on their own with the help of their brave and stupid camera man.

Name your worst pain

I love the General Discussion thread at ARFCOM. Here I found the thread "Let's talk about PAIN." ARFCOMmer Agent Funky comes in for the win:
"Fell off a 40ft wall, broke elbow, ribs and landed on some steel reinforcing bar that went through the crotch om my trouses missed by junk, went past my stomach and chest and penetrated under my jaw, through my tongue, through my pallet and and into my nasal cavity by a half inch...... Everything hurt that day but the pallet and tongue injuries were worst."
Yikes! That had to suck. Others have been shot, stabbed, shot and stabbed, etc. I think the above nails it though.

Someone's touching the student body

"The Georgetown student body is being warned of intruders in the dorms touching female students while they are sleeping."
Judging by the descriptions, there appears to be at least two scumbags involved. And why on earth even bother releasing descriptions like that in the first place? "Six foot white guy with freckles," and a "six foot Asian guy?" Way to narrow it down. Now the five hundred white freckled guys who are between 5' 10" and 6' 2" are going to be looked at with suspicion. And to be honest, who doesn't look at tall Asian guys with suspicion? (I kid, I kid)

Now, bear in mind that Georgetown University has police officers on campus, but that it is not enough to stop weirdos from getting into dorms and fondling sleeping women. It goes without saying that on campus or off, pretty much any type of modern means of defense is strictly prohibited. The excuse for this is that there are cops who will do that for you, although the article doesn't mention where they were at the time of the touching/assault. Considering that this has been an ongoing problem for years, I assume that students would be better off hiring Scooby Doo to find the heathens instead of leaving the campus cops to do it, if there is to be any expectation of success.

If the pervs can infiltrate your little princess' room for several years without capture, consider that someone with deadlier intent may decide to give it a try since it seems so easy. What is your kid to do for their defense in such a situation? "Get off me for a sec while I call the campus cops?"

Utah and Arizona are looking mighty nice these days.

Metal folding chairs and spandex underwear

That's all that separates the federal government from another exciting form of entertainment: professional wrestling.

Both industries use sensationalism and theatrics to make for an exciting spectacle; both have clearly divided casts of characters that can go from antagonist to good guy in a moment; both have orchestrated maneuvers for the safety of all parties; and most importantly, both have predetermined outcomes. It's all fake but interesting entertainment carefully crafted to keep you dramatically chained to the edge of your seat.

The news this morning is awash with the story of how President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner were in heated "negotiations" this weekend over issues with buzzwords like "debt ceiling," "spending cuts," "deficit cutting," "divided government," "Ministry of Darkness." Well, maybe not that last one. I'll leave it up to y'all to determine which politicritter played Rick Flair and which one played Ricky Steamboat.

Thinking about it, is there really a deficit? Does it exist? Does any of this really matter? If Americans were not struggling against perpetual debt, trying to pay off a federal deficit, they would be in a perpetual struggle to pay off something else. We have become too comfortable running like hamsters in a wheel to achieve something we believe we have to achieve.

While the fruits of the federal government's labor (funny, right?) does affect millions of people, I consider it totally fake and will continue to love my family and serve my fellow man with complete indifference. Water off a ducks' back. If anyone needs me, I will be in my bunk dreaming of one day being able to shoot F-Class, and fish for Marlin on my own boat.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Missouri women want equality

Experts cite two main reasons for the increase. First, they say most women want to take their protection into their own hands. And now with concealed carry laws, it makes it easier for them to do that.
Who knew? It surprises me that this short article doesn't harpoon the idea of women using common self defense tools like so many other news articles. American media is usually opposed to the idea of woman using guns, because somehow woman are way more sophisticated or something, and don't need to stoop to that level. Equal pay, but not equal might. I think we're finally coming past the dark side of the moon when news stories show favor to armed women.

Don't axe the cops

When officers arrived at the day care, the father did not back down. He lunged at officers with the ax, according to police. Three officers shot at him.
This had to have been suicide by cop. It looks like there was good cause for the mother and the daycare to deny this guy from being able to pick up his kids. I'm guessing that he had reached the end of his rope and fell off, and had nothing to lose at that point.

Axes are definitely deadly weapons; however, I wish manufacturers of modern day axes would stop dulling the edge before sending them to Home Despot. I know the lawyers put them up to it -- if you go to the genesis of every problem in America you will find a lawyer -- but swinging a heavy butter knife is not the best way to get work done. Trust me.

Guns on campus

In Arizona, the House passes a law allowing guns to be carried on college campuses. It's now up to Governor Jan Brewer to sign. I'm counting down the days till we see all the blood on sidewalks state wide like in Utah.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The science is settled

I missed the premier episode of MythBusters last night, but from what I hear, they put the .45 ACP vs. 9mm debate soundly to bed. Who would have thought the ol' 1911 had more oomph than a .44 Magnum?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dirty jobs

This frickin' guy is crazy!! I guess to some people it's not a big deal handling live cobras. To see dozens of them with their hoods wide open, all pissed at you, and you have nowhere to go, creeps me out. If you don't like snakes, then don't click play:

Cleaning The Cobra Pit - Watch more Funny Videos

Bounty hunting for bigtime felonious Good Ol' Boys

Aparently the US media aren't the only ones who like to make the news fantastic. I'm not a hater; I wish the best for Mr. Matlock, and hear from those I trust that he's getting the finest training that is offered in Virginia. Even Dog the Bounty Hunter likes the guy, so I hope he has a safe career catching bad guys. But please don't be so hard on that "bail jumper."

He's a really great guy, I promise. If you mess with him, he may be inclined to give you the shirt off his back, let you sleep on his couch, or even loan you his AR rifle and let you point it at him. Besides, if you lock him up, I won't be able to borrow his canoe to go fishing in a couple of weeks.



It's not usually the best idea, and when it goes south it really pisses people off:
If you are in a serious relationship with a female nurse. . .

There is a pretty good chance you are a scumbag.

Based on years of observation and analysis, I can state with some degree of certainty that nurses tend to gravitate toward the most low-life, disability check aspiring, wastes of carbon on the planet.

They will then cling to said low-life for years, patiently awaiting a marriage proposal, no matter how many times they are lied to, cheated on, or stolen from.

It is tragically fascinating.


The Original Poster, or OP, didn't get the corroboration he was seeking. Instead he got some severe backlash. Don't piss people off by insulting their significant other.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Close encounter

This morning I left for work a little later than normal, and almost met my demise because of it. I like to leave while it's still dark in order to avoid all the traffic and lunatics on the highways, but I'm seeing now that it doesn't matter.

Waiting to turn left out of my subdivision onto a quiet, no-name country road that used to have significant importance during the Civil War, I have to nudge out into the half mile of standing traffic because drivers these days have no concept of the law in regards to not blocking an intersection. They can see you there with your blinker on, and it's not like they can go anywhere, but they still pull forward and block you in. Honk your horn and these people will slowly turn their head toward you and stare with an empty stare, for a moment, and then say HMM-hm-hm-mmmah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah! Fucking cattle.

If I turn right, I would be heading into the flow of cattle toward the main highway, which leads to Interstate 95 - the aorta of the East Coast. The hoofed creatures are all mostly heading North to DC. I almost always turn left to take the backroads because I would rather take the scenic route, which also serves to preserve life and limb, as I do not see myself dying on the highway to the hood of a former out of state, latte drinking metrosexual.

Being sober, alert, and trying to drive as safe as possible, I thought the way was clear so I crossed traffic and pulled into the opposite lane, only to almost get smashed by a little sportscar. The driver of that car skidded into the edge of the road to avoid hitting my dumb ass, sending gravel all over the roadway. His car being so low, it couldn't be seen above the line of stopped cars heading East. Being grey in color the car was perfectly camouflaged with the wet roadway, there was no way I could have seen him. I could have waited for an hour for traffic to go away, or leave an hour earlier like I used to to avoid this nonsense to begin with. Either way, I wish every driver on the road in Virginia was as skilled as this driver, because I was certain I was going to get hit. It would have been my fault. If you come across this blog, skilled driver, I do apologize.

As much as I bitch about all the non-skilled drivers that I encounter day by day, I'm admitting to myself that it's really due to there being way too many cars and people in an area that can't possibly support the excess traffic. It's simply too much. I get run off the road about once a month like the guy I mentioned above, and have several close calls a week. I work in an adjacent county, and when I was young the drive took me 20 minutes to make from driveway to parking lot. Now it takes me an hour, so I spend two hours of my life a day sitting in traffic. I know I should be ashamed, but it's not unusual to see me stopped at a stoplight in an ocean of Volvos, shaking my fist at all the bahleat-bahleat-bahleating idiots while screaming a nonstop chain of obscenities that would make R. Lee Ermey envious. Where the hell did all of you come from? Do you morons have any idea about how sad it makes me to be stuck in a gigantic intersection in front of a stripmall identical to the one a half a mile before it, reminiscing about how I used to hunt there with my friends in decades past? Then you people moved here in droves so that you could be two hours from DC, and it pisses me off.

I don't want to raise my children here amongst this mess, so I have been devoting my energy towards getting away from it. Not too far because my family and friends are all here, but I would like to get away from the traffic even though it will take me several years. I'm breaking character bringing a problem without voicing a solution, but I had to let it out. Thanks for reading my rant.

Why would you need a gun in a park?

You know, around all the kids and swingsets and stuff. You must be paranoid.

Stranger things can happen

So you buy a gun, shoot it, train with it, carry it, and keep it safely loaded in your home just in case some tweaker scumbag fresh out of prison and on parole tries to force his way into your home. Or perhaps things don't go quite according to the defense scenarios that you have been playing in your head since you bought the piece, and you have to use it to subdue a drunken Middle Eastern doctor who is shooting at a stripper and her bodyguard in a townhome parking lot with a shotgun because she wouldn't have sex with him. Man, have people lost their minds? The bizarre stuff that happens these days just defies description.

Monday, April 4, 2011

That answers my question

Commenter SPOC in comments explains a bit about history in Bermuda, and why they have Ruger Mini-14s. I do believe he wins the longest comment contest. Good stuff!