Monday, April 11, 2011

Someone's touching the student body

"The Georgetown student body is being warned of intruders in the dorms touching female students while they are sleeping."
Judging by the descriptions, there appears to be at least two scumbags involved. And why on earth even bother releasing descriptions like that in the first place? "Six foot white guy with freckles," and a "six foot Asian guy?" Way to narrow it down. Now the five hundred white freckled guys who are between 5' 10" and 6' 2" are going to be looked at with suspicion. And to be honest, who doesn't look at tall Asian guys with suspicion? (I kid, I kid)

Now, bear in mind that Georgetown University has police officers on campus, but that it is not enough to stop weirdos from getting into dorms and fondling sleeping women. It goes without saying that on campus or off, pretty much any type of modern means of defense is strictly prohibited. The excuse for this is that there are cops who will do that for you, although the article doesn't mention where they were at the time of the touching/assault. Considering that this has been an ongoing problem for years, I assume that students would be better off hiring Scooby Doo to find the heathens instead of leaving the campus cops to do it, if there is to be any expectation of success.

If the pervs can infiltrate your little princess' room for several years without capture, consider that someone with deadlier intent may decide to give it a try since it seems so easy. What is your kid to do for their defense in such a situation? "Get off me for a sec while I call the campus cops?"

Utah and Arizona are looking mighty nice these days.

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