Monday, April 25, 2011

Speaking of pink pistols

No, not the Pink Pistols, who I linked to in my last post, but a favorable article about the NRA convention which discusses the growing firearms market for women.

The article is completely void of hysterical anti-gunners warning about blood in the streets this weekend, but it does turn out this little gem:

Those who attend the convention will find the latest styles and types of weapons on the market, but they will not be able to stroll out of the Downtown convention center with a newly purchased automatic weapon, Parsons said.

"If someone is interested in an AR-15, they can go to the manufacturer, check it out, hold it, look through the scope and get recommendations for a retailer where they live who can sell them that product, but they aren't going to buy it that day and go home with it," Parsons said.
Ms. Greenwood of the PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE-REVIEW, like other media yahoos, doesn't know that an AR15 is not an automatic weapon. I know it just blows the mind that such a mistake made it past the tight editing we enjoy in the media these days. Weird.
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