Wednesday, February 5, 2014

RIP... RIP Ammo

You've heard about this new RIP Ammo, right?

So, it's generated a ton of buzz on the web over the past two weeks. I know I got a bunch of emails about it. The funny thing is, everybody was giddy about it but nobody had ever fired a single round.

Now, there are not one but two at least somewhat critical reviews of this stuff.

In the first video Shooting the Bull shows how this stuff isn't much different than a round of .22lr. Yep, the "wussy" handgun caliber most of us make fun of and say we'd never carry for self-defense.

In the second, Richard Ryan shows petals breaking off and some of the issues this stuff has with drywall.

I think this stuff is a joke and I won't shoot it.

Maybe I'm too "old school" to not drool when I hear about something as gimmicky as this. Their marketing plan was ridiculous and over-zealous. It made gun owners seem like a bunch of blood thirsty pricks, which we (mostly) are not.

The second thing that bothers me is when we jump on something that isn't based on proven results or science at all.

The gun community was all about it. The mainstream media was all about it (for better or worse). Heck, even Esquire wrote about RIP Ammo... and how stupid it made gun owners look.

Come on guys (and gals), we're better than this.