Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sour grapes and injustice in the Old Dominion

A disgusting scumbag will get to spend the rest of his life in prison for the murder of a young man in my home town.

Jermaine L. Montgomery will spend the rest of his life in prison for killing food delivery driver Yong Zhang last summer after luring him to a vacant building.

Montgomery, 35, was sentenced yesterday to three life sentences after pleading guilty to capital murder, robbery and abduction.

This is just awful. I understand the logic that dragging the family back from China to relive their son's horrific murder is not in their best interest, but spare me the "we want to save taxpayer money" line. Those two should be hauled out to the side of Courthouse road and shot this afternoon.

I'll provide the ammo.

This guy and his morally bankrupt girlfriend were caught dead to rights in blatant first degree murder, and they do not deserve to breath the same air as the rest of us. That scumbag went into a grocery store and, with the victims own money, purchased the knife that he used to stab the severely beaten and bound man to death with.

I have listened to and read the arguments from death penalty opponents, and I agree with them in most ways, but this is one of the rare cases where it would be warranted and outright lawful justice.

There were no forced confessions, and the evidence leaves nothing to doubt. Somehow in all of this, it comes out that folks who live in my county don't have the stones to put down disgusting animals, and this was taken into account on why the death penalty was not pursued.

Shame on us all.

I know!! Put a label on the bottle!!!

The Food and Drug Administration has assembled more than 35 experts to discuss ways to prevent overdose with acetaminophen – the pain-relieving, fever-reducing ingredient in Tylenol and dozens of other prescription and over-the-counter medications.
Please FDA!!! Save us from acetaminophen!!

What a joke. When the FDA starts screwing with stuff it's bound to be retarded. Just look at how they expertly handled that whole NyQuil/Pseudo Ephedrine/Meth lab crisis.

No more meth labs!!! Yaaaaay!! Wait, whuuut?

So. What kind of likely solutions are these 35 experts considering?
The agency today asked its experts to consider a range of options: adding a "black box" warning label to the products, lowering the drug dosage in some products, or pulling certain types of medications off the market.
Umm, common sense tells me that if you ban the most widely available and used over-the-counter pain relief drug that you're going to have a much greater quantity of pissed off and hurting people flooding ERs across the country. Or, instead of farmer Earl eating two more Advil a day than .gov thinks he needs to stop his migraines, he may just decide to eat a magnum instead. Well, at least his liver will be safe.

And just what do you think will happen when the dose of this wonderful drug is reduced? I can guarantee you that folks are going to eat however many pills it takes to get relief. So instead of taking four of the "leading brand" or three of the "wonder brand that's so much better than the 'leading brand'" people will eat handfuls of the stuff until their noggin stops throbbing. Way to save the world there, geniuses.

Hundreds of millions of Americans use acetaminophen, and these guys want to take it away because a tiny amount of people take too much. Meanwhile, millions of Americans take too many McDonald's cheeseburgers, and the risks from that are massively higher than anything that we have in our medicine cabinet.

Stop trying to meddle in everything!

Only you can prevent sword violence

Or, a Sheriff's deputy in this case.

When you outlaw decorative swords. . . .

Monday, June 29, 2009

Nice gun collection

Too bad the ATF took them all away.

The reporter called an AMD-65 a "AK-47;" and I saw a StG44, a bunch of shotguns, what looks like a 1913 GPMG, and a whole host of other things.

The guy is accused of converting semi auto rifles to fire full auto, and had some weapons with destroyed serial numbers. Not good. Since criminals rarely use rifles to begin with, to say nothing of auto weapons and belt fed machine guns, one can only imagine what type of customers were paying for this man's services.

That makes me wonder.

Give them what they want and no one will get hurt

Yeah, not such a good tactic.

Leave the opossum tactics to the opossums.

Bitter irony

I just read the first line in this article, and I just can't get past it to read the rest:
WASHINGTON -- Kenny Barnes's son was shot in the face and killed during a 2001 robbery, and he's upset that some in Congress want to eliminate Washington's strict gun control laws.
As much as it sucks that his son got killed, I just can't side with him. I may get struck down by the Lord for this, but this is the first thing that comes to mind.

More clever ways to ban guns

I often hear "No one wants to take your gun," but the reality is that there is always someone of influence who is willing to give it a try, and "taking the gun" is not the only way that they can do it.

AP fumbles CCW in bars bill

Of course the Associated Press has to ignore the text of the bill and just run with a story about the Wild West, saloons, and how alcohol and guns don't mix.

Predictable and not very classy.

I wonder why journalists can't read. Seriously. Just read the damn bill, and quit making assumptions about a period in history over one hundred and fifty years ago. This is the reason why many Virginians have such a skewed opinion of such bills.

In Virginia, like many states, you can carry a gun openly without a permit once you're eighteen, and can carry in any establishment that serves alcohol (read: restaurant; VA doesn't have regular bars) as long as that gun is visible. Oh, and you can drink too. While armed. Today. That is completely legal in Virginia. Got a concealed handgun permit? You can't carry your gun concealed in the same restaurants unless you reveal your gun and open carry. Then you are legal to be carrying and you can drink alcohol as long as you aren't intoxicated.

The last "Guns in Bars!!" bill that was squashed in Virginia by that scumbag Tim Kaine made it legal to carry your gun concealed in places that serve alcohol, like Olive Garden or Tony's Pizza, but the law specifically made it illegal to drink. That's right, guns and alcohol can legally be mixed right now, but Kaine stopped the bill that would have made it illegal because "guns and alcohol don't mix." Not that he really believes that; he signed a bill into law that lets Commonwealth Attorneys to carry concealed handguns in bars - and schools too!

Why can't the press give accurate coverage of something? Maybe they, like Tim Kaine, can't read to save their life, or perhaps they just don't care. Either way, it's wrong to make such erroneous assumptions to the public, especially when your sole purpose is to bring the public together with current events.

Crazy people

Well, it looks like the world isn't so scared of us any more. Russia is going to be flexing its muscles at the same time Obama is going to be visiting Moscow; Obama's loves and kisses diplomacy hasn't won over Iran, and North Korea is acting like they're some sort of badass now that they have succeeded in building a nuke as powerful as Tim McVeigh's poop bomb.

The Ruskies are pretty hardcore, but the North Koreans remind me of the overly drunk uncle who thinks he can kick any ones ass despite falling repeatedly out of his chair. But this time the uncle is drunk on power. Iran is kind of like the side of the family that you think you would probably get along with if it weren't for the nasty step dad always causing a shouting match.

Don't get me wrong; Kim Jong Il scheduling a missile launch across our country and threatening nuclear war is something to pay serious attention to, but he's really just too big for his britches when it all comes down to it. I only expect an apology and a poorly thought out gift from our dear leader to Kim for all of this. Iran: whatever; it's not like we're going to be friends any time in the near future.

My only point is that stuff like this didn't seem to happen as much when we didn't have a bunch of hippie pacifists running the show.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Back in the saddle

I've been out of town, so that's the reason for lack of posting. I travel a lot. Here one week, gone the next.

I'll never, ever fly American Airlines again. What a goat rope. That company is so jacked up I can't believe they're still in business. There's nothing like having your flight cancelled minutes after getting fondled by TSA, and then having to get a car and drive hours to another airport only to find out that AA sucks there too. And that's just the beginning.

I'm glad to be home, but it won't last.

I have to break the news to you that Movie Guns is on a temporary hiatus until I can get my home PC back into fighting shape. I simply do not possess the technology right now to make it happen. It's not going away; I just have to get a new monitor.

Hopefully I will have my shit straight by this weekend. Those of you who travel know how hard it is to get the gears of the family machine oiled and running again after an absence.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

When seconds count

Sources close to the investigation said that at about 3:30 a.m. police patrolling the Kings Farm neighborhood saw a suspicious car enter the community. Soon after, three men entered an apartment at Elmcroft Boulevard and Marsh Hollow Place and multiple shots were fired.
Two people were bound, shot, and stabbed not long after the police saw the suspicious vehicle. Whether the car contained the three scumbags or not is not relevant to me. What I think is relevant is that the police were already close by when the scumbags entered the community and took the time to tie the victims up, and then shoot and stab them.

Unless the police are sitting right next to you, and sometimes not even then, then the responsibility for your personal safety is your own. Maryland doesn't get that yet.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Gun Free Boston

This is supposed to be a warning about the dangers of guns and gangs in Boston schools. All it is to me is an indication of what a "Gun Free Zone" really looks like.
Gunshots rang out - at least six rounds in rapid fire - as girls played softball last month at Madison Park Technical Vocational High School, just blocks from Boston police headquarters. Only a few girls flinched at the gunfire, and none ducked for cover as a pack of youths sprinted from the shooting site amid the scream of sirens and screech of tires from approaching police vehicles.
So gunfights happen so often, despite there being "Gun Free" signs about and in close proximity to a local police station, that school students and staff don't really even notice it any more?

Is that supposed to be the Clarion call for more gun control?

Is anyone surprised?

California churches have an awakening

As more shootings at houses of worship make headlines, churches around the country are stepping up security, training their staff on how to detect and confront violent assailants, and asking congregants with licenses to carry guns during services.
Well I never thought I'd see the day. Good for them.

This entire article is worth quoting, every word, and it's exactly what the gun rights folk have been saying for some time now. The meat of the article comes from a security consultant who lays out the obvious for churchgoers:
Traditional security measures, like metal detectors or pat-downs, might compromise that sense of sanctuary, Baker said. So he proposed other, subtler methods. He suggested that churches organize undercover security teams -- and recommended that some members come armed with concealed weapons.
Now we're getting somewhere folks. If this is what's being done in churches in California, and written in the LA Times no less, then we're definitely at a turning point no matter how bad things may seem.

No matter the shooter's motivation, churches are easy targets, experts say.

"During a church service, you've got a large number of people in a very confined and close space, and an armed gunman can put a lot of lead down the range in a very short amount of time," said Greg Crane, who owns a security consultant firm called Response Options.

"If the devil comes to visit someday," he asked, "how ready are you going to be?"

Well said sir. Go read this article. The whole thing is good to go. This is the sort of message that needs to be spread far and wide.

The press turns up another weird caliber

She said TSA inspectors found 136 rounds of .762-caliber ammunition; seven .50-caliber rounds; three .233-caliber rifle bullets; and one 40 mm training grenade.
That's pretty scary. I wonder if it's some sort of experimental ammunition to penetrate body armor.

Don't believe everything you read in the news.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Clean out your refridgerator

Ft. Detrick, MD did, and what they found was arguably more icky than anything found in the fridge under your cubicle.

The 13 percent overage mainly reflects stocks left behind in freezers by researchers who retired or left Fort Detrick since the biological warfare defense program was established there in 1943, said Col. Mark Kortepeter, deputy commander of the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases.

He said the found material included Korean War-era serum samples from patients with Korean hemorrhagic fever, a disease still of interest to researchers pursuing a vaccine. Other vials contained viruses and microbes responsible for Ebola, plague, anthrax, botulism and host of other ailments, Kortepeter said in a teleconference with reporters.

Holy smokes!! These guys are saying that it's, like, super easy to overlook vials of deadliness because of all the ice chunks in the freezer and stuff! "Look, it's not our fault!! There's CLUTTER in there for pete's sake!!" Maybe you should not wait sixty six years to clean the things out; not to mention conducting a "spot check" every, like, decade or so to see if, oh I dunno, any of the worlds most deadly toxins are missing? Did you ever think of that!!??!!

And these guys are supposed to be our best and brightest. No wonder they still live at mom's so she can do their laundry.

You don't reckon anybody took some of this stuff home with them at some point in time, do ya?

More scary stuff:
Kortepeter said the inventory found nothing missing from about 70,000 items the institute began cataloging in 2005. He said Army criminal investigators have concluded that three vials of Venezuelan equine encephalitis that were discovered missing last year "were likely used up but for some reason were never recorded with the database."
Yeah. "Except for the 3 vials of VEE, every thing's accounted for!!" So what about the sixty two years of time between when the VEE was "likely" used up and when the Biological Program started? Was anything from the inventory found missing then?

Keep in mind that there are several more facilities like this throughout the country. Are you telling me that nobody in the DoD chain of command, or anyone who work(s)(ed) at the facility during all this time thought to maybe keep a ledger of what went in and out of these freezers?

This is why I think that instead of throwing open the doors to thousands more personnel that have access to these materials, access should instead be cut waaaay back. This is not the field of work to have a mishap where some absent minded professor has a moment of question: "Damn! Where did I place that Igloo cooler of Marburg Hemorrhagic Fever? I must have left it on the bus."

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Intruder shot by 70 year old man

In Houston.

Seems reasonable to me. There may be more to the story, but as of now it looks like the teen was caught in the yard stealing by the home owner, and then was shot after he threatened the man.

Read the comments for some interesting discussion. It seems that the overwhelming opinion of Texans is that getting shot to death for not respecting someone's property is perfectly acceptable.

I mention to the dissenters who suggest that the old man should have just casually summoned the police to deal with the trespassing thief, that the trespassing thief, if he was really innocent of stealing, could have just casually summoned the police to get his things back instead of heading towards the homeowner on his own property in a menacing manner. Especially in Texas.

Cougar attacks on the rise

In British Columbia.

One lucky mother uses her bare hands to fight one off of her daughter.

As I understand it, Canadians are pretty much prohibited from carrying firearms. Doesn't matter much for the cougars considering armed men with badges get to shoot them after the attacks.

North Korea to launch missile

Towards Hawaii.

I swear that country reminds me of the type of kids in elementary school who would wave their hands really close to your face and say "I'm not touching you I'm not touching you I'm not touching you!!!"

President Obama has not issued a response to this threat to our 57th state, but is rumored to be in a high level meeting with his thesaurus this morning to come up with a term stronger than "provocative."

DC Police have a point

And I side with them on their determination that gun cameras, while well intentioned, are actually pretty useless.
Council member Harry Thomas Jr. on Tuesday introduced a bill requiring Mayor Adrian M. Fenty to come up with a "plan for the installation of video and audio recording devices on service firearms of all police and special police officers."
The police argue that the video/audio will only tell part of the story:

Kristopher Baumann, the head of the D.C. police union, said the cameras would come with high costs and no benefits.

The lack of footage showing a confrontation before an officer draws a gun makes the captured evidence useless, he said, and every officer would have to be retrained because
the camera alters the balance of the weapon.

Yup. My thoughts as well. Thomas says that he intends to reintroduce the law basically until something better comes down the road. Who really cares that the legislation sucks. We have to do something damnit!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Legislation that speaks volumes

But does nothing to stop violent criminals, and sounds like it kicks dust on the otherwise dead corpse of the right to bear arms in DC. Hey, at least they're doing something, right?
The D.C. Council on Tuesday adopted an emergency anti-crime bill that further tightens the city’s gun laws, raises mandatory minimum sentences for certain felonies and criminalizes riding in a vehicle where there is an illegal firearm.
And by illegal firearm, DC Examiner Staff Writer Michael Neibauer actually meant to say, but didn't, is that it includes every firearm; because carrying one in your car is illegal as far as I have heard.

So what about Americans who are on a peaceable journey with their firearm while on their way to states who still give a damn about the rights of their citizens; like New Hampshire? Oh, I'm sure there will be some exception for those folks. Sure, sure. There's no way that innocent people get ensnared in carefully calculated laws such as this. It's only for the criminals, you see.

Not all of the council members voted for the law. Apparently, they are acutely aware of the constitutional disaster that the anti-gang part of the legislation would have brought: allowing arrests of groups of people for assembling is a tough nut to crack indeed, but the same council members could care less about the constitutional right to bear arms; even after the smackdown they received last year in the Heller case.

Mendelson dismissed the argument that law enforcement lacks crime-fighting tools to battle the summer crime spike. There needs to be a legislative focus on “more effective strategies,” he said, not constitutionally suspect proposals that may not work.“

Between the police and the prosecutors, we have two volumes of the D.C. Code,” he said. “There are plenty of tools.”The emergency bill sets harsher penalties for using a stolen vehicle to commit a violent crime, creates a gun offender registry and eases the way for prosecutors to detain an allegedly violent criminal pretrial.

So now we see the two faces of the beast.

On one hand, DC has plenty of words written down on paper for their half hearted attempts to stop crime; in essence, there's no need to pass the part of the bill that's "constitutionally suspect." On the other hand, the council passes the bill with a "constitutionally suspect" part of the law because making something more illegal will surely stop crime this time.

It reminds me of what Kevin at The Smallest Minority always says: "Do it again, only HARDER!!"

I'm not imagining things here folks. The council members have selective hearing when it comes to rights, and it's almost like they have no idea of this phenomenon. Almost:

Critics argued that civil injunctions threaten civil liberties — innocent bystanders may be swept up by police and tagged as gang members by the courts, they said. The proposal, said Ward 3 Councilwoman Mary Cheh, was “gimmickry” and would lead to racial profiling.

“Once a young person is labeled as a gang member, whether they are or not, that is a tag that can never be removed,” said Ward 5 Councilman Harry Thomas Jr.

You don't say?

So there's no way that gun owners will be swept into this and be "tagged as gang members" by "gimmickry" gun legislation? And once they end up convicted of transporting their scary looking STI MatchMaster across the utopia of DC, you can count on them earning a "tag that can never be removed."

How does that not threaten civil liberties?

Dumbassery: What could go wrong edition

John Hinckley Jr. will be given a drivers licence!

Hell, we give them to people who aren't even citizens of this country, right? Who cares if we give one to a murderous nutbag.

But don't worry folks. He's been court ordered to carry a taxpayer funded cellphone! Maybe the judge will tell him under the strongest possible terms that he is NOT allowed to text while driving. And since it has GPS, there's no way he can ditch the phone in order to avoid being tracked!

Isn't justice fun!!

And just to be absolutely sure that any more nutcases don't shoot sitting presidents or their aids, we should go ahead and take guns away from all the sane citizens that we can. That will help.

Cutting edge crimefighting tools to stop suicidal spree shooters!

WASHINGTON – Citing recent killings in Arkansas, Kansas and the nation's capital, Attorney General Eric Holder on Tuesday said new hate crimes law were needed to stop what he called "violence masquerading as political activism."
Yes, because we all know that psychopaths who strike a notion to kill Jews at a museum or Soldiers at a recruiting station, and who are not concerned whether they survive the deed, will be deterred by hate crime laws.

What a freaking diabolically genious plan you have there AG!

Oh, please sir! Save us all from the evils of crazy men with toughly written words! And act fast, because there's bound to be another scumbag neo-National Socialist (that will be called "right wing" by ABC News and other propaganda outlets because he is a veteran) planning an attack right now.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New footage doesn't look good

The Oklahoma Highway Patrolman that clashed with an EMT almost a month ago says his dashcam vindicates his actions.

I can't agree from what I see.

Any disputes about a traffic violation, failure to yield to a police cruiser with flashing lights, or whatever, should have been dealt with at the hospital. The moment the EMT said he had a patient in the car is the moment all arguing should have stopped. Both the cop and the EMT have a sworn duty to protect the public, and the woman in the back of the ambulance is "the public."

If it were my ass in the back of that ambulance, you can bet that I wouldn't be happy waiting on the side of the road for two professionals who serve the public to finish their dick measuring contest. Take me to the hospital already.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Now I'm confused

PITTSBURGH -- In June, Pittsburgh police arrested one of their own after discovering a man on the city's South Side was grazed by a bullet from an off-duty police officer's gun.
The off duty cop had a BAC of .11, but was found "not guilty of aggravated assault, drunken driving and reckless endangerment" by the judge. I find that odd since a citizen would surely have been found guilty under the same circumstances, and there would probably be another charge for carrying a firearm while intoxicated.

The part where it gets really confusing is here:
"In this particular case, we had testimony that Mr. Abel was assaulted, there were witnesses that saw Mr. Abel assaulted, and it's his responsibility as a citizen and as a police officer to pursue that person who assaulted him," Hanlon said.
So he had a duty as a citizen to pursue an antagonist with a firearm while intoxicated? Good to know. Somehow I don't think the same rules apply to those without a badge.

Gun turned against scumbag

But. . .but. . .I thought only criminals know the secret judo gun grab.

Sucks for him.

Violence in LA

LOS ANGELES -- Celebration turned to near riots in Los Angeles after the Lakers defeated the Orlando Magic to win the NBA finals Sunday.

The Los Angeles Police Department says about 25 people were arrested after some threw rocks and bottles, damaged police cruisers and set several small fires in the streets outside Staples Center.

This is because they were celebrating. I guess all of the non-rioting citizens are lucky the Lakers didn't lose.

I'm pretty tough on California, but it stands to be known that only coastal California is crazy. I point out this article to show that there is something more to the violence in LA, and in other metropolitan cities, than guns or gangs.

When you have a populace that finds it perfectly acceptable to torch businesses and turn over police cars because they're happy, then you have a populace that will never be civil no matter what the situation, and you're not going to keep the peace with stupid laws.

Unfortunately, those arrested in the rioting will more than likely get a slap on the wrist and be turned loose; no doubt they will be at the next major game for some more mayhem.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Movie Guns updates

I have updated Movie Guns VIII - Miami Vice, as well as Movie Guns XI - Blood Diamond as part of my effort to fix my screwups.

I also would like to point out that I just saw the movie trailer for Public Enemies staring Johnny Depp and Christian Bale that is based on the story of John Dillinger. To really get your pulse racing, the film is directed by Michael Mann, so you can bet on the gun slinging to be top shelf.

Massive technical difficulties

So, my home PC is no longer on the rocks (it's at least running under it's own power) but the big ass 22" screen is TU. While I was on travel, I was going to do a Movie Guns on my work laptop since I didn't have the kids around to otherwise direct my attention.

Sadly, my new work PC has the same problems as my old one, in that it can't capture images from a movie. Pasting a picture into MS Paint, or any other program doesn't work, so no Movie Guns yet. To top that off, coming home from travel took way longer than I had anticipated, so that is where I've been.

O'Hare Airport sucks.

Now, the time has come in my home renovation to do my man cave, so the home PC is unplugged and buried under stuff in a back room, but my wife's new computer is available. Also, my mother kindly gave me a laptop to use in the meantime, but both of these lack the big ass screen that I believe gives me such nice screen caps.

I have an idea though, but I don't want to give it away just yet in case I'm really just an idiot. Brilliancy or bust!

I'll keep you posted.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

This is my rifle, this is my gUUUUUUUn!!

Where art thou, CTone?

Sorry about the lack of posting lately, I've been running at full tilt. I've got some goodies for you to show for it though.

I've been on travel to Rock Island Arsenal, Il: a beautiful island in the middle of the Mississippi River that has been building weapons to slay our enemies for almost one hundred and thirty years. And let me tell you, they've got stuff here that I've never seen before, and some of it is flat out amazing.

The island was built in the early 1800s as a Fort, but was converted into an arsenal to house the US' war machine. The terrain is very flat, and most of the buildings are massive structures built with what looks like huge stone block dredged from the depths of the Mississippi. One has the feeling that this installation was built to withstand years of bombardment and siege warfare. All around the arsenal are guns of every sort that bristle out towards the surrounding Illinois and Iowa.

Now, we gunnies always talk about guns, but in reality we are talking about firearms, or small arms. The two terms are nowadays generally considered interchangeable, but there are major differences that military folk are quick to point out. Firearms are weapons that are carried by the individual. Guns are big crew served weapon systems that fire special purpose projectiles.

I got the chance today to go to the Rock Island Arsenal Museum, and I have some gun porn to show you that might shed some light on what I'm talking about. Here we have an example of a firearm:

That is a gorgeous example of a Nambu pistol, if you don't mind me using 'gorgeous' and 'Nambu' in the same sentence.

Here is a gun, taken outside the museum:

See what I mean?

Some more guns:

Here are some mortars:

There was about a hundred feet of wall in the museum that was covered with firearms of every imaginable type. I suspect that even the most knowledgeable gunnies would scratch their heads at some of the stuff I saw there. Keep in mind that these weapons are behind six inches of glass, and so the picture quality might not be the best:

Obviously I'm not going to try to identify them as there are so many, and there are plenty that I've never seen before. The good thing is that there are numbered tags on all of them, and there are binders every ten feet or so for you to find out the type of weapon and history behid them. I'm not going to post all of the pictures that I took - you'll have to go to the museum yourself and check it out, but her are some of the more strange looking weapons:

You don't want to be hit with those last ones!

Think you can ID any of em'? I've got news for you, that's only the begining! What do you think about this:

Or this death ray looking thing:

Confused yet? So am I. It reminds me of the movie Demolition Man, when Wesley Snipes says "wait a minute. . .this is the future. . . where are all the phazer guns?"

I have no idea what these are:

I did look some of them up, like this M16 looking pellet gun manufactured by Daisy as part of the "Quick Kill Project," whatever the hell that was:

Or how about number 5895:

Would you have ever guessed that it's a High Standard Model 10 Police modified in a bullpup configuration with a flashlight built into the handle? Nope, me neither.

How about these Gwinn Firearms Bushmaster pistols:

That's just a taste though. There are walls and walls and walls of Broomhandle Mausers, M1911s, Sigs, Berettas, Brownings, revolvers of every shape and form, machine guns, submachine guns, rocket launchers, muskets, trade guns, wall guns, howitzers, sabers, you name it.

Keep in mind that all of these deadly things were at one point designed by some intrepid and thoughtful individual who believed that somewhere, someplace, a Soldier or Marine might perhaps be interested in hunting down and killing someone with one. I love America!!

If you ever get the chance to go, I highly recommend it. And the best part is that it's free!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

My Gateway is busted

My two year old Gateway is all jacked up, but it's running. Unfortunately, I'm not on it because the monitor is dead. The warranty is two years from what I can gather, and it's been right at two years. A quick Google search shows that my monitor is known for dying a quick death.

I remember a time when people took pride in building shit that lasted for awhile. Those days are over.

My computer is not the only thing that's screwed up. I got a HTC Fuse for Christmas, and when I have time I'm sending it back because it's so jacked up it barely works. I have two pages of stuff I've wrote down that doesn't work, and that's not counting the stuff that's just part of the design. That it answers calls in my pocket is a design problem; that it forgets every phone number in my speed dial is a defect. I have to hard reset sometimes several times a day because it locks up and won't work.


When will people start making quality products again? Electronics these days are especially unreliable, and I don't trust my lively hood to them.

I will have lots of time next week, and I will be using a laptop to do the Movie Guns post. I wanted it done this weekend but that's impossible right now. Stay tuned.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Have no fear citizen! Crime camera is here!

DC officials are going to stop crime in Adams Morgan by. . . . .putting up a "crime camera."

I thought those didn't stop crime?

This piece of breathtaking ingenuity comes after council member Jim Graham proposed banning late night pizza joints in the area because of "Behaving the way they do in terms of music, in terms of letting people hang out and also in terms of tolerating a certain level of violence."


If you're a business owner, tourist, or otherwise good person enjoying the night life in DC, then you're enabling scumbags to cause crime. Maybe someone should propose a curfew, since the only reason to be out at night, besides going to a club or a pizza joint, is to rob said people and shoot one another. It's for your own good folks.

I can't get over the fact that those elected to office in DC insist that you should leave your safety to the police, but then turn around and blame business owners for putting up with violence; like they should do something about it. You can bet that when the first citizen walks outside his or her store and tells the thugs to stop fighting, and they pull guns and shoot them dead, that Graham, Fenty, and Lanier will come out and say that they shouldn't have gotten involved.

Maybe it's time for another "All Hands on Deck," because DC is kinda hard up for money these days, and you know that ticketing drivers and barricading neighborhoods is great for the vibe.

Sheesh. DC residents: you voted these morons in office, so you get all the government you deserve. Enjoy it.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Late start this morning

Blogging will be light today and tomorrow. Actually, I wouldn't count on any blogging tomorrow as I will be otherwise engaged in something else.

As a side note, my computer went tango uniform this week, but my mom managed to bring it back from the edge of its demise. I have to get a new monitor cord before I can fire it back up, and when I do I will be working on my next Movie Guns post, which will surely be a Mega Post.

I have been putting off this particular film for a long time, as I know that I will be way over my head. I realized though that I do not have any more time this week than I did the last, so I'm going to grit my teeth and get to work. This is one of my first requests by the way, and I take such requests seriously.

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Assault rifle crime

Well, the rifle didn't assault, but the man holding it did. Either way, the 30.06 used is closer to the term than, say, the rifle used here.

Crime down last year

According to the FBI.

Can anyone tell me what's up with that Walther P99 in the picture? It looks like the slide is broken.

Update: As pointed out in comments, the Walther is actually a pellet gun.

Thanks much!

On the recruiting station shooting

Well, it looks as if the scumbag responsible converted to Islam and decided to go out and kill Soldiers. Too bad he didn't give them the chance to a fair fight by meeting them on the battlefield. I guess his faith and desire for martyrdom wasn't as strong as his desire to be famous; now he will get a wrist slap from our justice system and spend like thirty years in prison.

It's so weird that the shooter didn't turn out to be a veteran with a Ron Paul bumper sticker.

There's also some dispute about the "small arsenal" that whats-his-face had:
At the time of the shooting, the subject had approximately 200 rounds of ammunition available, police said.
A couple lines later we find out what constitutes an arsenal:
But the car was loaded with a small arsenal. Officers who searched the car found more than 100 rounds of ammunition, an SKS assault rifle, two pistols, and two military books.
Wow. Not to be picky or anything, but a one hundred percent increase in ammunition for an arsenal makes for pretty terrible reporting. I guess that mathematics is passed up in journalism training for more useful skills like sensationalism.

Also, an SKS is not, nor was it ever, an assault rifle.

Monday, June 1, 2009

On California's budgeting nightmare

SailorCurt has a hilarious post of a letter to The Governator on tightening that fiscal belt.

A must read!

Strong legislation needed

Witnesses told 7NEWS that a fight between gang members precipitated the shooting. Geneva, who didn't want her last name used said that she saw gang members flashing signs and fighting with each other just before the shooting.

Obviously we need to outlaw gangs and ban gang signs, that's just common sense, but the first thing that crossed my mind was that they have violent gangs in Colorado.

Colorado? Really?!?!

Anyways, it's pretty horrible that an innocent person was killed. I don't have much sympathy for gangbangers that kill each other, but bystanders are a different matter.

One more condemnation should just about do it

Or maybe a strongly worded letter. From the UN.

SEOUL, South Korea – North Korea has transported its most advanced missile, believed to be capable of reaching Alaska, to a launch site on its west coast near China, news reports said Monday.

The reclusive communist country was also reportedly bolstering it defenses and conducting amphibious assault exercises along its western shore, near disputed waters where deadly naval clashes with the South have occurred in the past.

OK, so North Korea stopped rattling their saber and has now started swinging it around wildly above their head.


North Korea is bitching about US and South Korean spy planes, but correct me if I'm wrong in that spy planes are pretty much obsolete. I mean, we have satellites, so why would we bother with putting a pilot's life at risk by sending him into harms way when we can just get the intel we need from Google?

On another note, I always get a case of the giggles when the news shows something as phallic as a ballistic missile being raised with a name that looks like it says "Tapadong."