Monday, June 15, 2009

Violence in LA

LOS ANGELES -- Celebration turned to near riots in Los Angeles after the Lakers defeated the Orlando Magic to win the NBA finals Sunday.

The Los Angeles Police Department says about 25 people were arrested after some threw rocks and bottles, damaged police cruisers and set several small fires in the streets outside Staples Center.

This is because they were celebrating. I guess all of the non-rioting citizens are lucky the Lakers didn't lose.

I'm pretty tough on California, but it stands to be known that only coastal California is crazy. I point out this article to show that there is something more to the violence in LA, and in other metropolitan cities, than guns or gangs.

When you have a populace that finds it perfectly acceptable to torch businesses and turn over police cars because they're happy, then you have a populace that will never be civil no matter what the situation, and you're not going to keep the peace with stupid laws.

Unfortunately, those arrested in the rioting will more than likely get a slap on the wrist and be turned loose; no doubt they will be at the next major game for some more mayhem.

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Mose Jefferson said...

Great post. This would be a good point to make to anyone who believes you can legislate risk out of society. Up here in Oregon, our legislature is currently passing a ban on cell phones while driving, in order to magically fix the problem of irresponsible drivers. Yay magic!