Monday, June 29, 2009

AP fumbles CCW in bars bill

Of course the Associated Press has to ignore the text of the bill and just run with a story about the Wild West, saloons, and how alcohol and guns don't mix.

Predictable and not very classy.

I wonder why journalists can't read. Seriously. Just read the damn bill, and quit making assumptions about a period in history over one hundred and fifty years ago. This is the reason why many Virginians have such a skewed opinion of such bills.

In Virginia, like many states, you can carry a gun openly without a permit once you're eighteen, and can carry in any establishment that serves alcohol (read: restaurant; VA doesn't have regular bars) as long as that gun is visible. Oh, and you can drink too. While armed. Today. That is completely legal in Virginia. Got a concealed handgun permit? You can't carry your gun concealed in the same restaurants unless you reveal your gun and open carry. Then you are legal to be carrying and you can drink alcohol as long as you aren't intoxicated.

The last "Guns in Bars!!" bill that was squashed in Virginia by that scumbag Tim Kaine made it legal to carry your gun concealed in places that serve alcohol, like Olive Garden or Tony's Pizza, but the law specifically made it illegal to drink. That's right, guns and alcohol can legally be mixed right now, but Kaine stopped the bill that would have made it illegal because "guns and alcohol don't mix." Not that he really believes that; he signed a bill into law that lets Commonwealth Attorneys to carry concealed handguns in bars - and schools too!

Why can't the press give accurate coverage of something? Maybe they, like Tim Kaine, can't read to save their life, or perhaps they just don't care. Either way, it's wrong to make such erroneous assumptions to the public, especially when your sole purpose is to bring the public together with current events.

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