Sunday, August 31, 2008

What a week

It seems that I have a penchant for getting busy at this time of the year. Travel is killing me, and it will get worse before it gets better. As it stands I will be in the air more than I will be on the ground in September. I hate flying, can't stand airports, and I think the security measures that we currently have are pathetic. I don't feel that the security checkpoints in the airports accomplish a damn thing but to humiliate people, and I make it a point to make that opinion known to all who work there, to include the US Customs scumbags. That may be offensive, but I could care less due to the amount of absurd and mindless handling that I have had to endure, and the shear amount of personal possessions stolen from me by those bastards over the last five years or so.

There hasn't been too much for me to mock in the news as of late because of the election. I don't usually post political crap on this blog because the whole election this year has been too much like a celebrity death match. Our biased media has again made our decisions for us out of the "goodness" of their heart, when all I wanted was fair coverage of every candidate so I could make up my own mind. So far I have refused to play along with it, and am still convinced that neither political candidate has anything for me.

Admittedly, I am now paying some attention to McCain's camp for choosing Palin as his running mate. Not that I'm convinced or anything; I vote small government, which McCain certainly is not, but Palin may be. Time will tell. Visiting the lefty blogs makes me laugh as their opinions are all over the place, and I don't believe they have realised the whole picture yet. I think they underestimate conservatives, pro-gunners, and pro-choicers. Their pointing out the lack of experience thing is laughable on its own. At least the Republicans are putting the experienced candidate on the ticket for President, instead of the other way around. The cart before the horse and all. I personally think that McCain now has it in the bag.

I am not at all loyal to any political group because I think that's foolish, but as I said I vote small government, which means I rarely vote Democrat. My disdain for Republicans is just as strong as for any of the other parties. A candidates stance on gun rights is my yardstick for measuring their view on civil rights, and how they will treat me as a citizen. I will not vote for an anti-gunner under any circumstances, but I won't vote for a terrible candidate just because he or she is pro-gun either. Small. Government. That's it. That rules out drug warriors and anti-gambling yahoos. It rules out nanny staters and socialists. It rules out McCain and Obama.

The fact that many people get all weak in the knees at the very sight of Obama is just ridiculous, and it strikes me as being dangerous. Underneath it all, US Presidents are still civil servants, and need to be viewed as such. Treating them as if they were a deity is wrong because, ultimately, it is the population of this country that runs the show. The people giveth, the people taketh away. That's how it's supposed to work anyways.

Many pundits say that Palin is a poor choice for McCain because she is not a "Washington insider." With the type of approval ratings that congress earns nowadays I wonder why anyone would want her to be. She is attacked for not having foreign policy, but Obama's foreign policy is piss poor at best, and he's running for the office of President, not Vice President. I treat every politician with outright scepticism even if their political beliefs align with mine. Even if my own mother became the President I would give her the awkward eye. Still, I'm not convinced at this point to place my allegiance with any candidate.

To tell you the truth, the promise of government run health care scares me more than anything. I've had government run health care before; it's called Tricare, and boy what a sugar coated turd that is. When I was on active duty in the Marine Corps, I can remember going to physical therapy for my back at the pool. The instructor would give you a floaty belt to put on and you would perform calisthenics for about an hour. The only problem was that there was only room for twenty two people in the deep end of the pool, including the instructor, and eighteen of those would be overweight Marine wives and three would be injured Marines trying to get off of light duty. I would be sitting on a bench with four or five other Marines who were waiting to get into the pool and start their session, but none of those large ladies ever gave up their spot, and I don't recall any of them making any progress. Three months of this told me that physical therapy was a waste of time. My visits with the civilian doctors brought more of the same; most just wanted you out of their office so they could continue to play put-put, and we're not even getting into places like Walter Reed hospital. Last I heard, Medicare wasn't doing so hot either.

Changing the subject, Movie Guns will be some time tomorrow; hopefully in the morning. The idea started out with just a few pictures, but now the whole thing has evolved into a monster. I like the monster. I have so much fun doing Movie Guns that I wish that I had the time to do one every other day. I probably wouldn't run out of films to cover either. Right now it takes about six hours to get one post complete, and usually that time is spread around five or six days. I do know that I need to go movie shopping soon. I expect that in the next couple of weeks I might get off schedule, but I will deliver as soon as I get my feet back on the ground.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Movie Guns XX

03Late again, but it's a good one. I picked this movie up at a PX in Kansas because of the 1911 on the front cover. I had no idea it was a new release, but it's a great movie. There are a few gunfights in it, and there are a ton of guns to see in this film.

This weeks Movie Guns is on the movie Street Kings. It's your typical dirty cop gets tangled in a web of lies, but there are some key things that make it unique. First off, Keanu Reeves must have received some excellent training as his gun handling and magazine changes are near perfect. Second, there are some guns in here that are probably the first to be seen on film, and last, this movie kicks ass.

Beware that there may be spoilers if you haven't seen this movie.

The first gun is Detective Ludlow's (Keanu Reeves) 1911 of unknown make. It has an extended slide stop, ambidextrous extended saftey, and adjustable sights. He drops the magazine to check the rounds and then does a safe brass check. Then he places the pistol on his sink while he gets ready for work.
Mag check
Brass check

Ludlow cleans the pistol before sheathing it in a paddle holster, and then goes out and sells a M2 Browning Machine Gun to some scumbags out of his trunk:
M2 on bed

The exchange with the scumbags went like:

Scumbag: "What the fuck is this? We said a machine gun!"
Ludlow: "It is a machine gun."
Scumbag: ". . .the kind you can carry!"
Ludlow: (Grits teeth and shakes head) ". . .couldn't get any of those. This baby's got character. Korean war vintage. Maybe even mowed down one of your grand papasons when he was charging the wire at Incheon."

Good stuff.

Next, Ludlow gears up with a stainless steel 1911 and this Galco double magazine pouch:
Galco double mag holster

He then goes into the scumbag's house with gun blazing! In the middle of it all he does a reload, and you can see that he keeps his finger on the top round in the mag to guide it into the gun.
Good reload

One of the baddies has a Colt Python:
Colt Python

Another has a shotgun that I couldn't get a good picture of, and a third has this shiny Kahr K9:
Kahr K9

Ludlow finds this chrome 1911 under a couch cushion and plants it on a dead bad guy:
Gawdy 1911

Afterwords, in the hospital, Captain Biggs (Hugh Laurie) is seen with this off-safe Beretta 92F:
Beretta 92F

In a later scene Ludlow goes into a convenience store, and his ex partner, who thinks that he's there to kill him, takes him to the ground and puts a Beretta Inox in his face:
Beretta Inox

Ludlow was trying to warn him about these two guys who come into the store with a M3 "Greasegun" and a Smith & Wesson Model 76 sub-machine gun:
S&W 76

Ludlow pulls this weeks mystery gun from a Fobus ankle holster and returns fire, but then runs dry because he didn't have any reloads:
Fobus ankle holster
Unk snubby revolver

Notice the arrow straight backstrap on the gun that rules out S&W from what I can see. Let me know if you have an ID on this gun.

During a funeral for a cop murdered in the convenience store, a uniformed detail performs a rifle salute with these M1 Garands:
M1 Garands

Ludlow and Det. Diskant (Chris Evans) go on the hunt for some bad guys and come across this one who has a Rohrbaugh R9 hidden in his waistband:
Rohrbaugh R9

Another scumbag that they catch has a AK 47 on a table by the door:

We also have what looks like a Pro-Tech Tactical Response 3 that Ludlow pulls from his left front pocket:

Diskant keeps Ludlow covered with a nice high grip on this Glock 22 (or Glock 17, depending):
Glock 22

Ludlow and Diskant get ready for the worst case scenario in the arms room at their department. In the background is this H&K MP5SD:

Ludlow passes a Remington 870 with side saddle shell holders and Speedfeed stock to Diskant:
Remington 870 Speedfeed stock

They get into a shootout with two BGs inside of an apartment. One BG has this two-tone Sig P239, and the other opens up with the S&W 76:
Sig P239
S&W Model 76

Ludlow fires back with the black 1911 from the beginning, and again does a great magazine change:
Nice mag change

After Ludlow takes them out, he gets captured by two of his supposed buddy cops in his girlfriends apartment. Both of them are toting Remington 870's:
Remington 870's

The two crooked cops take Ludlow into the California hills and shoot at him with Kimber Custom TLE 1911s which may be the 1913 railed version, or they could have a Dawson Rail put on so that they can take the Surefire 610s:
Kimber TLE

Last gun is this blurred picture of a 2-1/2" or 3" Smith and Wesson revolver. This is the clearest picture available, and it looks to me like it's a model 626. I could be wrong.
Unk revolver

Throughout there were lots of indicators that a real life shooting enthusiast had some clout in the making of the film, like there were no random racking noises from shotguns, no clicking hammers on Glocks, and fingers were off triggers. It was also nice to see some realism on the reloads, with the gun raised up to eye level and fingers off of triggers or firmly on the first round in the magazine.

I hope you liked this weeks post. I'm going to start working on the next one tonight or tomorrow. If you like cool guns then check this movie out this weekend.

Update: Mike's Spot notes in comments that the snubby revolver Ludlow uses in the convenience store is a Charter Arms Off Duty .38 Special. I'd say that's a definite match. Check out the backstrap.

Thanks much!

Update: Ludlow's duty gun seems to be a S&W 4506. The gun is seen in the picture where he is taking out the BGs in the 7th picture of this post. I believe that the scene switches back and forth between the 1911 and the 4506. I will have to check.

Update: Shame on me for not pointing out that the S&W 4506 was identified by joneric70 in this thread in the 1911Forum. Sorry hoss.

Did the "No Guns" sign stop a school shooting?

A teen was shot right outside of a high school in DC, which is fortunate because if he shot the teen inside of the school it would be twice as illegal as if it were done in some other school because of all of those effective gun laws. The only option then would be for DC lawmakers to make it three times as illegal, right?

Oh yeah! It's Ballou High school we're talking about. This seems to be a reoccurring theme there, and what was it that Mayor Fenty said about the last shooting?
"Any violence near any of our schools is unacceptable," District Mayor Adrian Fenty said. "We're going to find out who did this."
You mean you're going to "Get Them?" Normally you just play catch-and-release. Call me skeptical.

Stupidity can't be cured with laws

When 18 year olds can't play Russian Roulette without getting hurt then you've got to say enough is enough. Raise your hand if you think this can be solved with some more "reasonable" gun laws.
"The victim was playing with a revolver, spinning the cylinder, placing it to his neck and then pulling the trigger,” Lt. Jeff Cooper said.
Is it me, or does it look odd that a man named Jeff Cooper has Lt. in front of his name. Someone should promote him.

Update: From the same news source comes this article about the second shooting at a local restaurant in a month that injured six people.

Officers said two people were firing shots at each other outside Bobo’s Chicken at Northeast 23rd and Hood streets. They think one side of the shootout may have involved people standing outside the restaurant and the others were in a car.

"We're looking at it as a gang-related shooting right now," said Mike Klika, of the Oklahoma City Police Department.

Bobo's Chicken? Anyways, the owner wants to do something about the violence, but has yet to say what that is. Maybe they should put up a sign since, you know, they work so well.

I'm working on it, I swear

Movie Guns that is. The world just doesn't want me to have it done on time.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A long sentence for the little bastard

A teenager cut a business owner's throat during a robbery after the man gave him the money. "Giving them what they want" didn't work out so well. Anyways, the business owner lived, and the teen was sentenced to 45 years in prison.

Velez was 17 when he and three others robbed the $3 Car Wash. After stealing money, Velez slashed manager Maurice Lavender's throat with a box cutter as he lay face down on the floor.

Allen cited the horrific nature of the crime when sentencing Velez to more than the state guideline of 27 years.

Velez had previously served time for burglary and larceny.

A prior record and he still didn't learn his lesson. Too bad the three life sentences didn't stick, but as it stands he will be about 60 years old when he gets out. That's a hell of a lot better than the pathetic sentence DC dished out yesterday for a jewelry store robber who shot the owner, who also survived.

Notice a pattern here? Virginia's violent crime rate for 2006 was at 281 (latest data found) while DC's violent crime rate for 2006 was at 1,508. That's per 100k people. Coincidence? I doubt it.

Yikes! Read the comments! This kid is lucky he didn't get these guys on the jury!

Update: Meanwhile, this scumbag is facing the death penalty for murdering a local man with a knife. The man worked at a family Chinese food restaurant and was ambushed and killed while out delivering food. The entire town is outraged so the death penalty will likely stick. Too bad his scumbag girlfriend isn't getting charged for murder.

Monday, August 25, 2008

"Reasonable" regulation of firearms

I ran across a thread at The High Road about a guy who is moving from California to NYC and is finding out how unreasonable the "reasonable" gun laws are there.

Just how bad is it? Owning a handgun is impossible unless your a cop or security guard, and you can expect to pay almost $450 just to apply! When your application is denied you lose that money! Keep in mind that this is just to own one in your home or business and is not for carry. Compared to a handgun, owning a long arm is a bargain at $250.

What a joke. It is amazing that a guy from California is disappointed in the gun laws in another state.

Sounds like a sick web of lies

Two people were shot in a car by "two masked men" near where I live. So what, you might say. Read more and it gets weird.

The man shot is married to a woman who is in prison for molesting a teenage girl, and he was in a car in the most dangerous part of town at night with his intoxicated girlfriend at the time of the shooting, a girl who was later arrested for public intoxication. These two idiots would have us believe that they were just minding their own business when all of this went down.

Uh huh.

I have no idea what they were up to, but something isn't right.

And DC wonders why they have crime

This is not an example of criminal control. Notice the scumbag in question walking in the door with a handgun pointed. He told the store owner he was going to shoot him, and he made good on his word.

So DC just handed a 25 year old attempted murderer who has a "dark side and showed no remorse for his crimes" a 25 year sentence. Whoopity do! He won't even serve all of it, but even if he does he will be 50 years old when he walks free. Any chance he will be remorseful then? Hardly. He will definitely have a state sponsored PH D in hate, crime, and violence when he gets out, so we will likely be hearing about him successfully killing someone in the next 20 years or so. And his three friends? Considering they didn't pull the trigger I would think that they would get an even more embarrassing sentence.

Why we don't box them up for life when they do stuff like this is just outrageous. Life is not 20 years! Life is life. Forever. Put them away and let society forget their name.

Instead we have a system that breeds seasoned, mature, experienced killers. Way to go. This is why DC has such a stupid high crime and murder rate. And they blame it on the guns!


Update: Here is what criminals can expect when they cross the Potomac River into Virginia:

A mixer worth more than $500 could prove far more costly to Washington resident Kevin Brown.

A Stafford County jury Thursday recommended that Brown, 48, serve a whopping 44 years in prison for stealing the mixer and other items Jan. 23 from two county stores.

Contrast with his history in DC's revolving door justice system:
Brown's long criminal record, which includes multiple drug and theft-related convictions in the Washington area, apparently didn't sit well with the jurors.
Virginians don't appreciate the criminal profession? Who knew? Apparently Brown is just shocked at the severity of the recommended sentence:
He was clearly stunned by the lengthy sentence suggested by the jurors. "Forty-four years for a [expletive] mixer?" court personnel quoted him as saying.
You should have stayed in DC asshole.

No fun for firefighters

Most firefighters that I know can't wait to bust into a burning building, but what if that building was filled with ammunition?

I would be more concerned about the plastic jugs of powder than the live ammo which needs to be contained inside of a firearm to present a lethal hazard.

I'm back

Sorry for the hiatus. I've been on travel yet again, and it's only going to get worse. I started this weeks movie guns, and it should be up soon. Everything should return to normal starting today; that is, if I can just be home for any length of time, and there's plenty to do around here.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Shootout in South Carolina

There's not enough information to be sure, but I'm leaning more to the self-defense side from what is here. I could be wrong. The headline is kind of damning though: Man accused of fatally shooting teen at party.

Here's the gist:

Reeves' children claimed that a cell phone was stolen. Someone accused Clark of taking it, and he scuffled with another person and was struck several times before leaving and threatening to return with friends, police said.

Reeves' son went to the family's other nearby home to get his father, who brought a loaded pistol and unloaded shotgun over to the lake house. The father was told that his daughter had been attacked at the party and watched as his son was attacked by three people.

After Clark returned with friends, Reeves shot him, prosecutors said. Partygoers scattered, and friends took the injured teen to a fire station. He died at a hospital.

Then some more shooting:
Reeves returned to his home afterward and was sitting on the front porch when one of the slain teen's friends drove by and shot at his home in retaliation, police said. Reeves fired back with a shotgun, police said, striking two teens who were in the car. They were not seriously injured.

It's doesn't sound like the teens were model citizens for sure. Yes, the dad brought guns too but he didn't do a freaking drive-by. Right or wrong - time will tell - he thought he was acting in self defense. He is being charged with murder.

Why didn't the bad guy disarm her?

I mean, that's what the Brady Campaign would have you believe, that a home intruder would merely take you gun away if you pulled it and use it against you. It's futile to resist they say.

Well here is a video news report from CNN on a 85 year old woman who took control of a burglar with her pistol. No shots fired, as is the norm. The bad guy didn't even try to take her gun. Why? Because criminals chose victims like this old lady because they know that she can't physically resist, and when the elderly have the proper tool for defense the tables are turned. So the reason he didn't make a move for her gun is because the he didn't want to get shot.

It doesn't play out like in the movies folks, where the victim can't bring themselves to pull the trigger. Look at this woman. She's not a bloodthirsty killer, but I would bet you a years pay that she would have smoked that guy if he did make a move. Nuff' said.

Here is the same story from No Looking Backwards, but with a little more detail.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I don't think so

There's an article on CNN's website about cops using GPS for tracking criminal suspects. It does make one think a bit, but overall I think it's a bad idea without a warrant. Read the whole thing if you want to catch the gist of why, but the reason for my post is that in the article there's a quote that just stood out from the rest of the article:
"Law enforcement has a legitimate right to try to solve crimes and track suspects, provided that there are protections so that the innocent are not improperly snooped upon," said Norman Reimer, executive director of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.
Negative. Law enforcement doesn't have rights. They have powers that are given to them which, in theory anyways, can be rescinded. They are expected to try and solve crimes and track suspects, but there is no "legitimate right." Be careful what you wish for.

Something else that caught my eye:

"It's a wonderful tool for law enforcement [GPS]," Reimer said.

"The question always comes down to how much are we willing to give up in freedom and privacy for how much marginal increase in our security."


College presidents want to treat adults like. . . .adults!

It's good to see that this has so much support:
College presidents from about 100 of the nation's best-known universities, including Duke, Dartmouth and Ohio State, are calling on lawmakers to consider lowering the drinking age from 21 to 18, saying current laws actually encourage dangerous binge drinking on campus.
That is very compelling. The quote of the day is in regards to the stupidity of the current drinking age:
"This is a law that is routinely evaded," said John McCardell, former president of Middlebury College in Vermont who started the organization.
You don't say? I'm sure some bureaucrat out there thinks that the law is just not enforced vigorously enough. And cue the foot stamping by MADD:

Mothers Against Drunk Driving says lowering the drinking age would lead to more fatal car crashes. It accuses the presidents of misrepresenting science and looking for an easy way out of an inconvenient problem. MADD officials are even urging parents to think carefully about the safety of colleges whose presidents have signed on.

"It's very clear the 21-year-old drinking age will not be enforced at those campuses," said Laura Dean-Mooney, national president of MADD.

Yeah, because enforcing the underage drinking laws that we have is working out so well. Way to go. MADD reminds me of another well known lobby that doesn't use logic, but instead relies on emotion to make their point.

Who could that be?

Monday, August 18, 2008

DC dose of stupid

Michael Gorbey was handed a 22 year sentence for being a nutjob in front of the US Capitol. He would be the guy in the soft body armor with a shotgun and sword that claimed he had an appointment with Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts. He's crazy, got it.

The dose of stupid comes from the old bag Eleanor Holmes Norton, and it's a twofer. In regards to the Supreme Court ruling in the Heller case encouraging more activity like this, Norton says:
"Perhaps we see here . . .the strict gun laws here. . .protect more than the residents of the District of Columbia. They also protect the Capitol of the United States of America."
Um, no. Perhaps your naive ass has been re-elected way too many times. The DC gun ban was alive and well during this whole ordeal, and it didn't do a thing to protect anybody. Here's why:
Court records show Gorbey is a convicted felon and has been in and out of prison since 1991 for convictions on larceny, domestic violence and illegal gun and drug charges.
Gun laws did nothing to stop this man before or after this event. Gun laws have done nothing for the absurd amount of shootings in the District. Keeping violent people locked up will do more than you silly laws and signs.

The next bit of dribble that spews from her mouth is this bit where she tries to tell DC Metro Police that they're incompetent because they didn't find the bomb in Gorbey's truck until three weeks after his arrest:
". . important for homeland security. . .um . . . that the police . . .um. . . be trained, as they clearly had not been well enough trained at the academy in light of homeland security to look everywhere."
Nobody is arguing that DC Metro Police are not the brightest, but this woman clearly shows that she's about as brainless as it gets. I mean, this is a woman who believes that your all of your rights are collective, belonging to everyone. Why DC residents keep voting for this woman is amazing.

Guns in schools

A Texas school district is allowing teachers to carry concealed handguns in schools if they have a concealed handgun license and if they go through training in crisis management. This has been all over the news this weekend, and it looks like the news coverage has been decent.

It's good to hear that someone is giving this a chance, but I think it will soon be ignored by the press because when in the next ten years nothing happens there will be nothing exciting to report on.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Movie Guns XIX

On time and chock full of 1911 goodness is this weeks Movie Guns covering the film Way of the Gun. I was going to save this one for another week because I knew it would take some work, but I took it on anyways considering the sheer awesomeness that this movie is made of.

There are very few mistakes in this one, if any. Some of the tactics used were not very sound, but overall this movie has great gunhandling with realistic tactical, strong-hand, and weak-hand reloads; revolver reloads; shotgun reloads, as well as gratuitous gunfights. You will find snubby revolver and 1911 porn throughout the whole flick. Let's go:

We start out in a hospital where two bodyguards, Jeffers (Taye Diggs) and Obecks (Nicky Katt), are protecting the principle, Robin (Juliette Lewis), when the two main characters, Parker (Ryan Phillippe) and Longbaugh (Benicio del Toro), kidnap her. During the initial ambush Parker has a blued Colt Series 70 and blued Colt Combat Commander on Jeffers and Obecks who both have H&K USP .45s that they draw from Inside the Waist Band (IWB) holsters:
Colts and USPs
Colt Combat Commander

A gunfight breaks out once everyone is outside, and Longbaugh is blasting away with this Remington 870 Express when it stovepipes. Longbaugh quickly clears the jam and starts shooting again:
Remington 870 Express
870 stovepiped
It's refreshing to see some actual realism when a gun jams on film and the actor knows how to quickly fix it and start shooting again, instead of ignoring it and acting like he's firing. Look closely (click on the picture to expand) and you can see the quad magazine pouch on his weakside hip. Parker and Jeffers both have these as well, but Jeffers' mag pouch holds two double stack .45 mags for his USP, while Parker's holds four 1911 magazines.

Parker and Longbaugh get away, and while driving Longbaugh reloads the Remington 870 the way it should be done; by dropping a shell into the open breech and jacking the bolt closed, then pushing the rest of the shells into the magazine tube:
Reloading 870

Jeffers is seen in an alleyway with this Mossberg 590 Mariner while hunting for Parker and Longbough:
Mossberg 590 Mariner

Next we have Robin's doctor, Dr. Allen Painter (Dylan Kussman), who is brought in to treat her while she's a hostage. Parker finds this stainless steel Walther PPK in his bag:
SS Walther PPK

Longbaugh later takes it apart (while it's loaded!!) to give it back, and I caught this frame where it looks like the trigger guard is broken:
Broken Walther PPK

Here's a scene where Mercer (Geoffrey Lewis) is playing an improved version of Russian Roulette by loading these six revolvers with one round, sticking them in a pillow case, spinning the pillow case, and then removing a random gun and sticking it to his head before pulling the trigger:
This is the closest I can get. I see what looks like a S&W Model 360, and a Taurus 65 with a 3" barrel. One of them looks like a Ruger SP101, but I can't be certain.

The next scene has Robin, Parker, and Longbaugh holed up in a hotel. Longbaugh has a Colt Series 70 in this leather IWB holster that looks like a Milt Sparks Summer Special:
Longbaugh's IWB Colt
IWB Colt

The door to their hotel is rigged with this double barrel shotgun which will go off when opened:
Double barrel shotgun

At one point Parker puts his 1911 to Longbaugh's chin when Longbaugh saves him from getting blown away by the double barrel shotgun, which is now being held by Robin:
Colt 1911

Robin shoots a huge hole through the door, and here Parker and Longbaugh are figuring out how to get the gun away from her:
Shotgun blast hole

A few minutes later Jeffers, Obecks, Mercer, Robin, and these two Mexican police officers with Ruger GP100 revolvers are all standing outside:
Ruger GP100

A firefight breaks out and Jeffers manages to miss everyone many times at distances of about ten feet. Longbaugh is sniping at everyone from a distant ridge with a scoped IMI Galil AR, with Parker spotting for him:
Scoped Galil

Both Mexican cops, Obecks, and Mercer get hit. Mercer manages to survive and get away for the time being, and Jeffers fires at the ridge with his H&K USP:
H&K USP .45

Sarno meets with the mortally wounded Mercer, and flashes his sidearm of choice: this S&W Model 640 in a IWB holster:
Sarno's IWB S&W 640

Now we're gearing up for the final firefight at a brothel somewhere in Mexico. The owner of said brothel is carrying this Browning High Power:
Browning High Power

Parker shows up with his holstered Colt Series 70 and the Remington 870, and he has a shotshell pouch hanging on his hip. Longbough has the same pistol, and has taken the scope off his Galil AR. Both are wearing soft body armor:
IMI Galil AR

Longbaugh cuts loose with the Galil in the initial contact with Jeffers, Sarno, and his buddies:

He basically walks the gun down the wall while trying to hit Jeffers, who is on the other side. Notice the 23 holes which are way too close together and do not account for shot angle. The magazine only holds 25 rounds, and Longbaugh is firing on semi-auto as can be seen when you watch closely:
Way too many holes

The fight spills out into the hallway and Parkers 1911 can be seen in this leather IWB holster which also looks like a Milt Sparks Summer Special:
Parker's IWB Colt

This guy has a Taurus 85, but gets shot in the foot by Longbaugh before getting finished off:
Taurus 85 Blued

Longbaugh then does a tactical reload on his Colt 1911:
Tactical reload

Things really get heated when everyone shoots it out in the pavilion outside. Here is Parker shooting the Remington 870, which amazingly doesn't blow the bad guy down:
Parker shooting 870

Both Parker and Longbaugh take care to not sweep each other with their muzzles, and work together to clear rooms. They were trained pretty well on their tactics, with the exception that they miss their targets alot and keep shooting long after the target disappears, but they get other things right like stacking on a door and giving a tap on the shoulder to let one another know that they're ready to go.

Getting back into the fight, Sarno's guys are seen firing Mossberg 500s:
Mossberg 500 firing
Mossberg 500

And this revolver which looks like a S&W 360, but I could be wrong:
S&W Model 360

Sarno is shooting his S&W 640 from the high ground, which he reloads with loose rounds from his jacket pocket:
S&W 640 side
Sarno's S&W Model 640

Longbaugh fires his 1911 from all kinds of difficult possitions, like here where he is on the ground:
Thumb riding safety

Parker does a one handed reload with his 1911, at one point even using his teeth, and gets back into the fight:
Colt Series 70 small barrel
Parker reloading Colt
Quality makes it a Colt
Colt Series 70 1911

And later Longbaugh does the same thing:
Reloading Colt

Now don't kill the messenger, but I have to tell you that both of the Colt 1911s that Parker and Longbaugh have are not chambered in .45 ACP. Notice from both pictures of the one handed reloads that the magazines have a crimp that runs the entire length. That would make them 9mm, or perhaps .38 Super, but I doubt it. Here's a better picture of the magazines, and they have eight witness holes making them nine rounders, and there's also a shell casing which is obviously a blank in the top left corner:
Crimped 1911 mags

Also if you look at the pictures of the 1911s at slide lock you can see that the barrels are larger at the muzzle than in the middle of the barrel, but they don't have a bull barrel. Oh well! This movie still rocks. There's a ton of rounds fired, and I can only imagine the fun that everyone had making the shootout scenes. This film is a must see and must have for anyone who likes snubby revolvers or 1911s.

That's it for this week folks. Tune in next week.

Update: DaveP in comments notes . . .
"the trigger guard on a [Walther] PPK is hinged at the back bottom; you pull the front down to disassemble the slide from the frame. That's why it looks "broken".
Caliber of the Colt ".45"'s: Most movie guns are converted to use blanks only; what you see is a spent blank cartridge. This also explains the magazines looking different, as they may actually be 9mm or 10mm magazines used to feed the (differently shaped and a different size than .45ACP) blanks correctly.

I should have known about the Walther as I have one, but it sits in the safe so I have'nt had to take it apart in a while.