Sunday, August 31, 2008

What a week

It seems that I have a penchant for getting busy at this time of the year. Travel is killing me, and it will get worse before it gets better. As it stands I will be in the air more than I will be on the ground in September. I hate flying, can't stand airports, and I think the security measures that we currently have are pathetic. I don't feel that the security checkpoints in the airports accomplish a damn thing but to humiliate people, and I make it a point to make that opinion known to all who work there, to include the US Customs scumbags. That may be offensive, but I could care less due to the amount of absurd and mindless handling that I have had to endure, and the shear amount of personal possessions stolen from me by those bastards over the last five years or so.

There hasn't been too much for me to mock in the news as of late because of the election. I don't usually post political crap on this blog because the whole election this year has been too much like a celebrity death match. Our biased media has again made our decisions for us out of the "goodness" of their heart, when all I wanted was fair coverage of every candidate so I could make up my own mind. So far I have refused to play along with it, and am still convinced that neither political candidate has anything for me.

Admittedly, I am now paying some attention to McCain's camp for choosing Palin as his running mate. Not that I'm convinced or anything; I vote small government, which McCain certainly is not, but Palin may be. Time will tell. Visiting the lefty blogs makes me laugh as their opinions are all over the place, and I don't believe they have realised the whole picture yet. I think they underestimate conservatives, pro-gunners, and pro-choicers. Their pointing out the lack of experience thing is laughable on its own. At least the Republicans are putting the experienced candidate on the ticket for President, instead of the other way around. The cart before the horse and all. I personally think that McCain now has it in the bag.

I am not at all loyal to any political group because I think that's foolish, but as I said I vote small government, which means I rarely vote Democrat. My disdain for Republicans is just as strong as for any of the other parties. A candidates stance on gun rights is my yardstick for measuring their view on civil rights, and how they will treat me as a citizen. I will not vote for an anti-gunner under any circumstances, but I won't vote for a terrible candidate just because he or she is pro-gun either. Small. Government. That's it. That rules out drug warriors and anti-gambling yahoos. It rules out nanny staters and socialists. It rules out McCain and Obama.

The fact that many people get all weak in the knees at the very sight of Obama is just ridiculous, and it strikes me as being dangerous. Underneath it all, US Presidents are still civil servants, and need to be viewed as such. Treating them as if they were a deity is wrong because, ultimately, it is the population of this country that runs the show. The people giveth, the people taketh away. That's how it's supposed to work anyways.

Many pundits say that Palin is a poor choice for McCain because she is not a "Washington insider." With the type of approval ratings that congress earns nowadays I wonder why anyone would want her to be. She is attacked for not having foreign policy, but Obama's foreign policy is piss poor at best, and he's running for the office of President, not Vice President. I treat every politician with outright scepticism even if their political beliefs align with mine. Even if my own mother became the President I would give her the awkward eye. Still, I'm not convinced at this point to place my allegiance with any candidate.

To tell you the truth, the promise of government run health care scares me more than anything. I've had government run health care before; it's called Tricare, and boy what a sugar coated turd that is. When I was on active duty in the Marine Corps, I can remember going to physical therapy for my back at the pool. The instructor would give you a floaty belt to put on and you would perform calisthenics for about an hour. The only problem was that there was only room for twenty two people in the deep end of the pool, including the instructor, and eighteen of those would be overweight Marine wives and three would be injured Marines trying to get off of light duty. I would be sitting on a bench with four or five other Marines who were waiting to get into the pool and start their session, but none of those large ladies ever gave up their spot, and I don't recall any of them making any progress. Three months of this told me that physical therapy was a waste of time. My visits with the civilian doctors brought more of the same; most just wanted you out of their office so they could continue to play put-put, and we're not even getting into places like Walter Reed hospital. Last I heard, Medicare wasn't doing so hot either.

Changing the subject, Movie Guns will be some time tomorrow; hopefully in the morning. The idea started out with just a few pictures, but now the whole thing has evolved into a monster. I like the monster. I have so much fun doing Movie Guns that I wish that I had the time to do one every other day. I probably wouldn't run out of films to cover either. Right now it takes about six hours to get one post complete, and usually that time is spread around five or six days. I do know that I need to go movie shopping soon. I expect that in the next couple of weeks I might get off schedule, but I will deliver as soon as I get my feet back on the ground.

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