Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Movie Guns XX

03Late again, but it's a good one. I picked this movie up at a PX in Kansas because of the 1911 on the front cover. I had no idea it was a new release, but it's a great movie. There are a few gunfights in it, and there are a ton of guns to see in this film.

This weeks Movie Guns is on the movie Street Kings. It's your typical dirty cop gets tangled in a web of lies, but there are some key things that make it unique. First off, Keanu Reeves must have received some excellent training as his gun handling and magazine changes are near perfect. Second, there are some guns in here that are probably the first to be seen on film, and last, this movie kicks ass.

Beware that there may be spoilers if you haven't seen this movie.

The first gun is Detective Ludlow's (Keanu Reeves) 1911 of unknown make. It has an extended slide stop, ambidextrous extended saftey, and adjustable sights. He drops the magazine to check the rounds and then does a safe brass check. Then he places the pistol on his sink while he gets ready for work.
Mag check
Brass check

Ludlow cleans the pistol before sheathing it in a paddle holster, and then goes out and sells a M2 Browning Machine Gun to some scumbags out of his trunk:
M2 on bed

The exchange with the scumbags went like:

Scumbag: "What the fuck is this? We said a machine gun!"
Ludlow: "It is a machine gun."
Scumbag: ". . .the kind you can carry!"
Ludlow: (Grits teeth and shakes head) ". . .couldn't get any of those. This baby's got character. Korean war vintage. Maybe even mowed down one of your grand papasons when he was charging the wire at Incheon."

Good stuff.

Next, Ludlow gears up with a stainless steel 1911 and this Galco double magazine pouch:
Galco double mag holster

He then goes into the scumbag's house with gun blazing! In the middle of it all he does a reload, and you can see that he keeps his finger on the top round in the mag to guide it into the gun.
Good reload

One of the baddies has a Colt Python:
Colt Python

Another has a shotgun that I couldn't get a good picture of, and a third has this shiny Kahr K9:
Kahr K9

Ludlow finds this chrome 1911 under a couch cushion and plants it on a dead bad guy:
Gawdy 1911

Afterwords, in the hospital, Captain Biggs (Hugh Laurie) is seen with this off-safe Beretta 92F:
Beretta 92F

In a later scene Ludlow goes into a convenience store, and his ex partner, who thinks that he's there to kill him, takes him to the ground and puts a Beretta Inox in his face:
Beretta Inox

Ludlow was trying to warn him about these two guys who come into the store with a M3 "Greasegun" and a Smith & Wesson Model 76 sub-machine gun:
S&W 76

Ludlow pulls this weeks mystery gun from a Fobus ankle holster and returns fire, but then runs dry because he didn't have any reloads:
Fobus ankle holster
Unk snubby revolver

Notice the arrow straight backstrap on the gun that rules out S&W from what I can see. Let me know if you have an ID on this gun.

During a funeral for a cop murdered in the convenience store, a uniformed detail performs a rifle salute with these M1 Garands:
M1 Garands

Ludlow and Det. Diskant (Chris Evans) go on the hunt for some bad guys and come across this one who has a Rohrbaugh R9 hidden in his waistband:
Rohrbaugh R9

Another scumbag that they catch has a AK 47 on a table by the door:

We also have what looks like a Pro-Tech Tactical Response 3 that Ludlow pulls from his left front pocket:

Diskant keeps Ludlow covered with a nice high grip on this Glock 22 (or Glock 17, depending):
Glock 22

Ludlow and Diskant get ready for the worst case scenario in the arms room at their department. In the background is this H&K MP5SD:

Ludlow passes a Remington 870 with side saddle shell holders and Speedfeed stock to Diskant:
Remington 870 Speedfeed stock

They get into a shootout with two BGs inside of an apartment. One BG has this two-tone Sig P239, and the other opens up with the S&W 76:
Sig P239
S&W Model 76

Ludlow fires back with the black 1911 from the beginning, and again does a great magazine change:
Nice mag change

After Ludlow takes them out, he gets captured by two of his supposed buddy cops in his girlfriends apartment. Both of them are toting Remington 870's:
Remington 870's

The two crooked cops take Ludlow into the California hills and shoot at him with Kimber Custom TLE 1911s which may be the 1913 railed version, or they could have a Dawson Rail put on so that they can take the Surefire 610s:
Kimber TLE

Last gun is this blurred picture of a 2-1/2" or 3" Smith and Wesson revolver. This is the clearest picture available, and it looks to me like it's a model 626. I could be wrong.
Unk revolver

Throughout there were lots of indicators that a real life shooting enthusiast had some clout in the making of the film, like there were no random racking noises from shotguns, no clicking hammers on Glocks, and fingers were off triggers. It was also nice to see some realism on the reloads, with the gun raised up to eye level and fingers off of triggers or firmly on the first round in the magazine.

I hope you liked this weeks post. I'm going to start working on the next one tonight or tomorrow. If you like cool guns then check this movie out this weekend.

Update: Mike's Spot notes in comments that the snubby revolver Ludlow uses in the convenience store is a Charter Arms Off Duty .38 Special. I'd say that's a definite match. Check out the backstrap.

Thanks much!

Update: Ludlow's duty gun seems to be a S&W 4506. The gun is seen in the picture where he is taking out the BGs in the 7th picture of this post. I believe that the scene switches back and forth between the 1911 and the 4506. I will have to check.

Update: Shame on me for not pointing out that the S&W 4506 was identified by joneric70 in this thread in the 1911Forum. Sorry hoss.


mike's spot said...

Unknown I think is a charter arms off duty

fairly certain thats it.

I like the line after the papason one- where he says something to the effect 'you drive jew, talk black, and dress something or other. I thought that was hilarious.

James R. Rummel said...

Good post, as per usual!


Jack said...

I was gonna ID the mystery piece, but I see someone beat me to it. About the pistol they took of the guy tangled in the wire atop the wall, I thought that was a NAA/Kahr .380 Guardian, but after a closer look, I think you're spot on. Good eye!

Anonymous said...

In the first picture of Reeves with his gun blazing in the scumbags' house (the picture just above the shot of him doing a reload with his index finger on the bullet tip), he clearly appears to be holding either an S&W 4506 or an S&W 1006.

It is hard to tell because the latter was built on the same frame as the former.

The S&W 4506 and S&W 1006 both have similar looking front and rear sights, takedown lever, grips, trigger guard, and magazine.

If I were doing what Reeves' character ("Tom Ludlow") did for a living in that movie, I'd carry the S&W 1006 (instead of the 4506) and load it with real, full-power 10 MM cartridges:

Double Tap 10 MM XTP
Hornady 10 MM XTP
PMC 10 MM 170 gr jhp
Remington 10 MM 180 gr jhp
Federal 10 MM 180 gr jhp

Also, two things identify the BUG in the corner store assassination as a Charter Arms "Off Duty, Alum DAO" (as noted above):

1) the straight angle between the rear sight trough and the top of the backstrap

2) the shrouded ejector rod (which distinguishes the Charter Arms snubnose revolvers from most snubbies made by S&W and Colt--but not the most recently made snubnose Colts or any of the Ruger SP 101s).

Anonymous said...

7th picture down is a stainless 1911, not a smith 4506 or 1006.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure the ak-47 isn't an sk-47 seeing as it has a handle at the front of the gun

Anonymous said...

Those shotguns the guys use are Benelli M3s, not 870s. Also, the silver pistol Ludlow carries is a 4506, not a 1911.

GM45 said...

The AK-47 is more specifically a Romanian AIMS.

Anonymous said...

I think diskant's glock is a compact. 19 or a 23 maybe.

Matt Miller said...

The gun you are wondering about in the scene where Fremont and Coates kill Washington is called a Charter Arms Off Duty.

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