Friday, August 8, 2008

Drug cartels grow pot in National Parks

But I thought that National Parks were super safe! I mean, Park Rangers have been telling us that there is no reason to carry a gun in a National Park because there is nothing to worry about. That is until you run into one of the many multi-million dollar marijuana grow operations. What then?
"This is about serious criminal organizations," Walters said. "They're willing to kill anybody who gets in their way. They're taking money back to those who kill prosecutors, judges and law enforcement."
But how can they kill anyone who gets in their way if they're unarmed? It's the law, right?
Once at the national forest, the growers carry with them everything they need -- tents, food, guns, fertilizer, irrigation hose and marijuana seeds. Armed men keep watch over the gardens day and night during planting season, officials say.
Why is it that people like me are considered crazy when we assert that we have the right to carry everything we need anywhere we are legally allowed to go? The park is owned by the public, right? From my experience, Park Rangers don't want you on the freaking property in the first place. I'm sorry, but when armed Park Rangers tell me that there is no reason to be armed in the park, I have to call them liars.
"They come into our own national parks and risk the lives of sheriffs and others," Walters said.
You don't say!?!? We should ensure that everyone who enters the park is defenseless! That way they will be easier for the cartels to slaughter!

OOOooo OOoo! I KNOW, I KNOW! Maybe we should make marijuana illegal or something! Or is that causing the problem?

What a farce!

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