Monday, August 11, 2008

Anti-gunners are so clever

I found this hateful and nasty anti-gun opinion piece by Bill Cope from Boise Weekly on a thread at The High Road. What a load of BS. Here's a taste:
It's just that these 'open carry' clowns got me to thinking about it. You heard about them ... those simpletons who put on that big show by going to the zoo with their rods hanging out?

Nice, huh?
"'Scuse me for interrupting, but pass me another stuffed pepper there, would ya'? And then explain how this has anything to do with those dumb turd 'open carry' gun crackers.

And this:
"Yes, Billy. You're right. And anyone with the sense God gave a cucumber knows it. But you know how it'll play out as well as I do. The dumb turd gun crackers will claim that having pistols everywhere you turn cuts down on crime. They maintain two million crimes are prevented a year 'cause so many ambulatory dildos like them had gats in their pants. And pass those cucumbers over, if you would."

To be fair, this guy bashes more than just gun owners. SUV drivers and those who don't believe in global warming are also treated to this mess. Stuff like this needs to be spread far and wide to show the kind of mentality that exists in the anti-gun crowd.

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