Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Again with the Nuclear 1911

My past coverage of my 1911 woes here.

I completely stripped and cleaned the beast last night before reassembling because I noticed that the slide sometimes sticks halfway out of battery. It feels to me like the slide is hanging up on the disconnector. Cleaning it had no effect, so I hand cycled it a bunch of times to see if it would go didn't. The slide sticks about one third of the time, and I'm wondering if this is causing, or at the very least exacerbating the problem.
Stuck halfway
This is a picture of what it looks like. Before you say it, it does this with or without a cartridge in the chamber or magazine in the mag-well.

I don't know of any gunsmiths in my area except at Gander Mountain, and if their customer service is an indication of the level competence that one might expect of them then I think I will pass on taking my gun there. That store ensures that you will wait an eternity for any help whatsoever, which has been the case every time that I have walked through their doors.

This is a very easy gun to conceal with comfort, so I'm pretty interested in getting it fixed. Does anyone know of a gunsmith in the vicinity of Stafford or Spotsylvania, or where I might find a used SA Champion/Commander length slide, possibly with barrel? Swapping the slide probably won't address the jamming, but it would sure help get rid of that nasty fireball.

As far as velocity goes, I'm getting almost 800 fps with 230 grain hardball despite half of the barrel being ported, so I'm not worried about that any more. I just want my 1911 to work again. I haven't had time to read Patrick Sweeney's Book of the 1911, Volume 2 yet, maybe there's something in there.


Bill Caffrey - HCA Editor said...

Since your V10 is sticking even w/o a cartridge, and assuming you used 24-lb recoil spring when you replaced it, I suggest checking for a loose ejector or other reason something is causing drag on the slide. Check the ejector for scrape marks and inspect the underside of the slide.

Inspect the underside of the slide for new wear or scrape marks. Inspect the barrel link & pin. The link may be peened. If the link doesn't move freely, replace both the link & pin. Check the slide stop pin for being distorted too.

Note: A Colt Officer's recoil spring is 20-22 lb standard, but the V10 uses a 24-lb spring.

For what it's worth, try the Federal Hydrashok 230g JHP's for reliable feeding. I use Wilson 47D magazines for their reliability too. My S&W 1911Sc dislikes Gold Dots and the Springfield Champion stumbles with 'em a little, but the Hydrashok feed smoothly.

Unknown said...

I'm gonna give the Hydrashoks a try. When I first bought the gun I used them and they shot great.

Last night I took another look to see if I could find the problem. I took the barrel and recoil spring out and just put the slide on. Nothing was sticking. I put the barrel back in without the recoil spring but with the slide stop pin and couldn't find the hangup. When I put everything back together I got the hangup, but I'm now convinced it is not the disconnector. When the gun sticks out of battery it takes a very hard jolt to the back of the slide to get it to go forward, if at all. Usually I have to rack the slide back to get it to unjam. I noticed last night that when it sticks, if I very gently touch the barrel hood then it snaps into battery.

I didn't get any further than that as my daughter wanted my attention, but I will give it another look tonight if possible. I will definitely check out the ejector, and I will be looking at Wolff springs as well.

Thanks for the info!