Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Why didn't the bad guy disarm her?

I mean, that's what the Brady Campaign would have you believe, that a home intruder would merely take you gun away if you pulled it and use it against you. It's futile to resist they say.

Well here is a video news report from CNN on a 85 year old woman who took control of a burglar with her pistol. No shots fired, as is the norm. The bad guy didn't even try to take her gun. Why? Because criminals chose victims like this old lady because they know that she can't physically resist, and when the elderly have the proper tool for defense the tables are turned. So the reason he didn't make a move for her gun is because the he didn't want to get shot.

It doesn't play out like in the movies folks, where the victim can't bring themselves to pull the trigger. Look at this woman. She's not a bloodthirsty killer, but I would bet you a years pay that she would have smoked that guy if he did make a move. Nuff' said.

Here is the same story from No Looking Backwards, but with a little more detail.

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