Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I guess it all depends on your definition of honesty

It's all over the web about how the anti-gunners are all bitter about Mary McFate crossing their organizations. I think it's interesting that these people claim that it's unfair or that it's a dishonest thing to do when they have been doing the exact same thing for years, sometimes breaking the law outright. Hypocrite's!

I was reading this piece this morning and one line stood out and made me laugh.
It's so venal," Miller said. "In the battle of ideas with the gun lobby, we're at a constant disadvantage because we're honest."

What, pray tell, is your definition of honesty Bryan? Would it be putting words in someone's mouth? Would it be making up scary words for firearms to scare people? How about blatantly lying about a hateful member of a sister organization of Ceasefire NJ, an organization that Bryan Miller helped start and then denied to cover his ass, that spread nastiness and lies on one of his blogs called "Guns Make Us Free" that have since vanished? Click those links if you don't recall Bryan! How about giving yourself a glance in the mirror before trying to call anyone "dishonest."

The reason you're at a disadvantage is because you lack facts and then try to compensate with emotion.

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