Monday, August 31, 2009

I sense a newfound lack of trust

Amongst these two Chicago cops.

Would you trust your partner after he shot you accidentally.

And I'm not throwing rocks at how the situation went down or how they handled it. I'm just saying that once your buddy puts a round in your vest, you may not want to hang out with him anymore.

Kids these days

They have the audacity to break clearly written laws.

The comments are more interesting than the story. Notice the burning desire to revert back to "the good ol' days." Apparently adults these days are pussies for not handling their bidness with fists. Because beating someone's face in is so much of a safer alternative than the non-confrontation that is so common place amongst those who carry a firearm. I'll take pacifism over brawling any day.

Home again

I am done with driving up to Fairfax county every day. It will take me a day or two to get my shit together, and once that happens my blogging will go back up.

Unfortunately, I'm still battling kidney stones, so my overall disposition is not so good. Pain has a way of keeping people bitter.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

State of the Union

Mrs. CTone went to the beach with the kiddees and left me all alone to attend classes in Northern Virginia for the last two weeks.

Ah, beautiful Fairfax county: the San Francisco of Virginia. The four and a half to five hours of driving time added to a nine hour day would be why I haven't been around. Virginia is known for incompetent and highly dangerous drivers, and it gets worse the further North you go. I pull into the driveway in the evenings and my hands are shaking from road raging madness and outright post traumatic stress.

I honestly felt safer driving through Ramadi.

On a happier note, last Sahrrdee [Appalachian Ebonics] I made my way to the coolest place in all of Virginia: Greentop Sporting Goods. Upon entry of this divine establishment, guests are treated to the enchanting emanation of Culprit worms, as well as the soothing burble of the baitfish livewells. I remember this transcendental embrace of my senses from when I was still in diapers. The smell of Culprit worms still sedates me. It reminds me of my youthful pond fishing days.

I love this place.

I first went to the firearms counter, nervously looking around before I slipped the clerk a twenty with a wink, and softly asked for large pistol primers. A young lad was he, and must have started working there recently cause' he looked at me curiously and pointed to the shelf in the back right next to all the other reloading components where primers had been lovingly stacked since waaaaay back before November of 2008. I walked back and found primers aplenty in every shape and size. Weird.

I got 2k large pistol and 500 CCI BR2 primers. Hells yes!

Next up I made my way to the factory ammunition shelf where .45 ACP in primo brands were available, but admittedly weren't in the amounts that are typical for a store of this magnitude. But lo and behold I saw two boxes of Federal Hydra-shok in .380 Auto; rare beasts these days. A wide eyed gentleman snatched them up so fast like he was saving me from the maw of a cobra. A few minutes later I found a treasure trove of about ten boxes of Hornady Critical Defense, again in .380 Auto, and I grabbed a box for a friend as I don't have a .380. But alas, they still didn't have .32 ACP which I haven't seen much of in awhile.

The powder locker was filled to the brim with affordable powders of every kind, and bullets were available in just about anything you would desire. I was in a good mood.

Yesterday I was in my local Ganderous Mountainous and spotted many boxes of Remington and Cor-Bon .32 ACP for a bizzilian dollars each, and I declined. I hate that store. A half a mile down the road, Dick's Sporting Goods had many 50 round boxes of CCI Blazer in .380 Auto for a reasonable $1,899 - I mean $18.99 - and even had plinking ammo in .45 ACP and 9 millimetah.

I think the ammo nightmare is about over my friends.

I did get some shooting in with the big bad .308, and boy was that interesting. I was tesing some new loads at a hundred yards, and it was as hot as the hinges of hell. Humid too. I was prone behind the gun shooting off Harris bi-pods and a sand sock, and I would wipe my sweat soaked face with a wife beater, and then wipe off the stock before quickly getting on the scope. Before I could break a shot in that seven seconds, I would loose my cheekweld from the slime and sweat would fill my eye. I didn't shoot too well with the 165 grain Sierra Game Kings.

Fortunately mother nature reared her childish head and cranked out a thunderstorm about ten minutes after the last shot of my first loads, just like she always does Every. Single. Time. Too bad for her her whorelike plans failed and I was able to successfully use the hatch of my Xterra to shield me from the onslaught long enough to shoot some three round groups with some 155 grain loads. I got a .333" group out of one of em', and I've got similar groups with this load before. Enough to know that it's not a fluke anyways.

I'll post a pic when I have a camera available. It's currently taking shots of my kids frolicking in the sea. Without me. One day I will get a vacation, and I'm sure my levels of bitterness will go down to normal levels.

Liberty and Justice for none

Eleanor Holmes Norton. Is there anything she can't do?

Stand back citizen!! Do not impede her selfless efforts to stop a pre-mitigated non problem before it doesn't start!

You guys seriously check her name on the ballot box? Think about that.

The media sock puppets are quick to come to her aid as well, facts and elementary logic be damned.

Anyways, citizens can't carry any firearms in DC as it is, so it's already illegal. The Secret Service already creates not only a "Gun Free Zone" around the president, but make it weapon free to the point of silliness. On top of that, these people were no where near the president, and every stupid law on the books will not stop terrorists or "crazies," but that mindless woman knows that much.

That only leaves the freedom of non DC citizens for the taking. I just wish she would say it outright instead of acting like she cares.

Chainsaw Free Zones

So the little hooligan thought he would be slick:

"All the while that the teachers and principal are confronting this kid, holding him down and tackling him, he's got eight live pipe bombs attached to his person," Brunicardi said.

No one was hurt in the explosion and no gun was found, according to Manheimer.

Thank goodness the youthful bastard saw the signs out front and didn't bring a gun. Someone could have been hurt.

But just to make sure that this sort of thing doesn't happen again, I took the liberty of saving the California gov't some of their hard earned I.O.U.s and designed the latest in school safety signage:

Be safe citizens!

Hateful New Begginings

"The union has decided they are opposed to the type of unique, quality programs that we provide for young people," Muhammad said.
Well, when your unique quality program is "transform[ing] objects of hate into works of functional beauty and a symbol of change," then I can see why it's opposed. Calling an inanimate object that is routinely used for so much good an object of hate does bring that kind of reaction; especially considering that that's the kind of logic one would expect from a child.

Oh, you mean that the facility is designed to hold children? That really paints the whole picture now doesn't it. And considering the kind of problems that have plagued the detention center in its short existence, that doesn't surprise me a whole lot.

How about that program title? Just the kind of stupidity that has long been considered the norm in DC. With a name like "anti-prison', would you expect anything different?

And here this whole time I thought "anti-prison" was freedom and liberty.

Silly me.

Monday, August 24, 2009


I absolutely positively was not out on a boat on the Potomac all day yesterday. No sirrrreeeeeyy.

I am burned to a crisp. I used a friends sunblock instead of my own, and found out yet again why you should buy new sunblock every year. I have splotches like a cheetah.

I also will have a range report in the next day or so; I just haven't had time to post lately.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


In Arizona.


"What's this guy's motivation?"
"It was a group interested in exercising the right to bear arms," said police spokesman Sgt. Andy Hill.
Weird. A guy was carrying a gun in a group interested in 2nd Amendment rights.

Oh, and for the record, the gun isn't an assault weapon. It's a AR15. Semi-automatic. Facts are so hard to come by these days.


Monday, August 17, 2009

The AP weighs in on GUNS IN PARKS!!!

And it's really stupid. They did spare us from the much of the ignorant rhetoric, but then again they did quote Paul Helmke.
"There is still time for Congress and the president to take steps to keep loaded firearms away from the valleys of Yellowstone, the cliffs of Yosemite, and the Statue of Liberty -- but they need to act quickly," said Paul Helmke, president of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.
It won't take long after the enactment of this law that nothing will happen. There won't be blood in the streets or anything of the sort, but sometime years down the road some poor citizen will gun down a violent scumbag or starving diseased animal and it will have been worth it. If it saves one life!!

On another note, it is fully presumed that the first family was protected by at least two dozen guys with guns during their trip to Yosemite this weekend.

In other news, seven people were shot in the "Gun Free" bastion of our nation this weekend. The Metro police are no doubt scouring their new gun registration for the whodunnit, as well as talking with local NRA members.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday shooting shows

I love Sunday mornings. I get to sit here drinking coffee (if I'm not fixing the house) and watch shooting and outdoor shows.

As I write this, I'm watching a recorded episode of Tom Gresham's Guns & Gear on Versus HD. This is the first time I've watched it and I'm impressed. Good to freaking go!

Another one that I've just started watching Tactical Arms on the Sportsman's Guide. If you are military, a shooter, or just an aspiring mall ninja, then you will love this show. The first episode that I saw was on the M1911. Oh yes!

Next up this morning I have some Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild on the Outdoor Channel. This show isn't new, but it sure makes me laugh. That, and the fact that I'm lucky to get into the woods for one day each season.

My kids would rather be watching Noggin right now, but that's tough. Maybe they won't mind some recorded Shark Week!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Shooting tip of the day

I normally don't have a chance to post on weekends, but this one is the exception.

I was doing a little reloading this morning and decided to snap a picture of my ghetto fabulous powder trickler with my cell phone as I thought somebody may find it useful.

Despite having an automatic withdraw account with MidwayUSA and Brownell's, I can be a cheap bastard. I didn't see the need to spend money on a powder trickler, so I made one with the clear body of a Bic pen. It works great.

Just fill it up using your powder funnel, and tap tap tap your way to the powder charge of your dreams. I can easily drop single pieces of Hodgdon H335 using this pen body. Give it a try. The medicine bottles work great for handling smaller amounts of powder, and I use the Lee powder scoop for dumping charges right onto the scale when I'm measuring each charge.

Many people are getting into reloading and are trying to get the most equipment to start with, and perhaps skip some of the fluff until several years down the road when they can get the not so critical stuff. It takes years and years to gather all the crap that you will end up using, but there's no reason why you can't get started with the basics.

Liberty is getting into reloading and looking for some advise. Anyone out there who has some shortcuts to offer, drop by Fighting For Liberty and leave a comment.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Free HK MP5 with a case of ammo!

Courtesy of Jacksonville Beach Police!

At least the awestruck news anchors got the legal stuff right.

(H/T Seth)

Got PPsH-41?

How about 88 of em' mounted in the belly of a bomber?

Only at

Mind your heater

I'm all about the success that this man had in stopping a nightime thief, but tell me what's wrong with this story.

Here's a couple of lines to get you interested:

"Lay down. Lay down or I'm going to knock you down boy," you can hear Brown telling the suspect.


"I got my flashlight in this hand, and my heater in this hand, and bang, I put one shot in the ground," Brown said.

Very strange.

Personally, I wouldn't have engaged in any physical contact while I had a gun in my hand. But that's just me.

The great unbiased NBC 4 news

So unbiased that their writers now insist that angry citizens at town halls are displaying "manufactured meltdowns." It's all fake you see, like professional wrestling. There's absolutely no way that citizens on both sides of the isle can actually be pissed off at their representatives on their own will without influence by someone with money.


I smell projection.

And nothing brackets writer Sarah K. Smith as a pompous opinionated beast quite like this quote:
"So things got shouty and most folks just stayed at home and watched the protests on their televisions, where they'd be safe from gun-wielding nuts."
Hey, has anyone seen anyone "wielding" a gun at a townhall event? Anyone? How about nuts? Anyone seen any nuts at townhall events?

Sarah, where are these gun wielding nuts of which you speak? I would like to meet them and possibly ask them to be my friend.

Seriously, these days I push all modern news outlets like CNN, ABC, NBC, FOX, MSNBC, and local newspapers into the same shitcan grocery store tabloid "news" sources like Sun, Us Weekly, and The National Examiner. The people that write anything we consider news these days are just a bunch of sensationalist kooks.

All of em'.

My morning laugh

So I was on my way to work this morning while rocking some Disturbed when their cover of Land of Confusion by Phil Collins came on. I was just noting how appropriate the song was in today's political climate - right up until the line "I Won't Be Coming Home Tonight / My Generation Will Put It Right / We're Not Just Making Promises / That We Know We'll Never Keep" where I laughed coffee out both nostrils.

Somehow I always knew that my generation wouldn't really grow up to be responsible.

Thinking about the meaning of the song, I wonder if the author is looking at his TV set right now and doing a forehead smack at the greed and corruption that is going on; maybe even longing for some of the fiscal responsibility and decisiveness from the Reagan years, even for a moment.

Can't you see this is a land of confusion?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

MMMmmmmm. . . .mustard!!

But it's no grey poupon.

Finding a beaker full of mustard (HD) is not encouraging to a population who just wants the nightmare to end.

Back in the day we (the U.S., not me) were a little too cavalier about giving access of chemical and biological weapons to whomever, and these days we seem to be forgetting the lessons learned from the past.

The results will probably be the same.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The scientific DHS "right wing terrorist" report

My jaw just dropped.

To think that the data of the entire report was pulled not from solid reputable sources, but online news articles.

Just, wow. . . .

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

DC councilman Phil Mendelson is a tool

But we already knew that. I just wanted to affirm it yet again.
"In the nation's capital, carrying is perhaps the greatest concern to law enforcement because it makes it very hard for law enforcement to distinguish between a person who is carrying a firearm legally and a potential assassin."
Um, it's my understanding that DC police don't catch assassins all-the-doo-dah-day, but they sure do catch them some good citizens who happen to wander across city lines. That's really all Phil (can I call you Phil?) cares about anyways. If he was concerned at all with actually lowering crime then he would be pushing the boundaries of the law in keeping violent criminals locked up instead of letting them out or giving them pathetic sentences.

For those who haven't clicked over to the article, it talks about how attorney Alan Gura - referred to as "Gun-Happy Attorney" in the title by the totally non biased and completely objective writers Brett Zongker and Matthew Stabley - is pressing on with changing DC gun law to allow citizens to carry firearms by representing three individuals who have had their rights infringed.

One of them, 46-year-old Amy McVey, was the first person to register a handgun after the ban was lifted, the Times reported. She said she might carry her gun"everywhere it's legal."

Another plaintiff from Maryland applied to carry his gun for self-defense while visiting D.C. after he was stopped for speeding in the city and was charged with carrying a loaded handgun in his car.

This shitty piece of journalism is peppered with all the usual stupidity that one would expect from modern day writers talking about firearms issues; including calling the plaintiffs "gun lovers," using words like "strapped," and quoting the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Ownership. I mean this piece has it all. They even quote DC Attorney General Peter Nickles; you know the same guy who doesn't like getting emails from angry citizens outraged that he would let a three time violent criminal back on the street.

Keep up the work their guys. I'm counting on you. Really.

Sword and steak knife violence

Jonathan Rummel's arrest warrant claims he attacked his wife with a steak knife and a samurai sword.

The couple has only been married for three weeks.

Such deadly weaponry should not be owned by the general public and are best left to trained officers.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Give me fuel, give me fire, give me that which I desire

"Assault weapons, as we now know here in Mexico, are helping to fuel extraordinary violence," he said. "Having said that none of us are under any illusion that reinstating that ban would be easy."
So it's the Mexican drug cartels that are driving up AR15 prices, not your stupid reputation and cabinet/Sureme Court Justice picks? That's not what the douchebag is implying, but that would be the case if he weren't really lying through his teeth.

I love how Obama's ignorance inadvertantly placed blame on a federal agency, when he was trying to blame US gun laws:
The camcorder shakes as it films the thud of thick .50 caliber bullets ripping through a steel plate target in the heat of the Arizona desert. Panning across the jagged rocks and cacti, the camera then focuses on the shooter: a smiling Mexican sitting down on the dust as he uses both hands to fire the huge state-of-the-art weapon that can tear through tank armor. He was the happy customer, having bought the killing machine from an Arizona gun shop for about $21,000.
That's a smokin deal on a Browning M2 machine gun! Too bad that it has been regulated by the ATF since 1934! Oooops!

For a Mexican cartel scumbag to be able to buy it from a gun store in the US, he would have had to go through the tedious and lengthy machine gun buying process that is run by the BATFE.

So president Obama, who really fucked up? Was it US gun law, or the ATF?

There is so much more in this article to fisk, but I don't have the time.

Soldiers' Angels is taking orders!

The Smallest Minority reports that Soldiers' Angels is taking phone orders for the Project Valor-IT raffle for the Gunblogger Rendezvous.

Good stuff!

I won't be there because I suck, but I can still spread the word!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

The stupidity has begun

Three of the four guns found with Sodini were traced back to him, and authorities are in the process of tracing the fourth, Moffatt said. They were two 9 mm semi-automatics, a .45-caliber revolver and a .38 in his pocket. Sodini also had 30-round ammunition clips that were illegal before the assault weapons ban was lifted in 2004, police said.
Here we have CNN's Susan Candiotti typing off at the mouth without doing a simple search for the facts.

From an exhaustive 38 second Wikipedia search on "Federal Assault Weapons Ban":
"The law prohibited newly-manufactured detachable magazines with a capacity of more than ten rounds manufactured after enactment of the law from sale, transfer, or importation. One effect was the increased importation from other countries of large quantities of magazines manufactured before the ban."
My emphasis. The magazine that the scumbag used was not "illegal before the assault weapons ban was lifted," it is perfectly legal then as it is now.

I'm not seeing as to how it makes one bit of difference either way; the guy had four handguns on him. Where it does make a difference is to what the public knows as the truth. It's my understanding that journalists have a responsibility to show the truth, and that means that they have to verify the correctness of what they're writing about.

Obviously that's too hard for just about anyone in the media these days.

Where there's a will there's a way

James at Hell in a Handbasket shares a personal experience of how even the most unlikely person can be prepared to protect themselves. Included is a true account of a home intrusion that went better than most, and how the victim decided that against the odds, she would not be in a defenseless position again.

It's definitely worth a read.

Another Bladetech holster review

Now that I have a government sized 1911, I wanted a good all around holster for it that would take care of as many needs as possible. I have a ton of holsters for half a dozen different types of handguns, and they all have a purpose, but sometimes you just want one that does it all.

I searched and searched the vast depths of the internet; consulted with Google-The-Wise; read every holster forum I could find, and finally settled on the Ultimate Concealment Holster by Bladetech.

I am still impressed with the excellent quality of the Bladetech IWB that I have for my Glock 17, so I was fairly certain that the UCH would be well made also. I was right.

The holster features a single offset belt clip to secure it for IWB carry. This has an advantage of making the holster more thin overall, as your belt doesn't have to wrap around the holster body and the securing straps like on most IWB holsters. The clip is a "S-Hook" 1.5" that secures over the top edge of the pants and wraps under the belt and back up over the top. There's no chance that the holster is going to come off during the draw, and I was pleasantly surprised at how well it keeps the holster from sliding or shifting. The clip is adjustable for cant: you can have it set for a straight up draw or a FBI cant. It connects at the bottom of the holster with two open ended Chicago screws with a rubber grommet in between the holster body and the long end of the clip. This allows the shirt to be tucked in with the pistol holstered.

The tension on the pistol is adjustable with two Chicago screws, and I note that this holster holds with friction on the slide like most holsters do. There is no snicketty-snick like with the Bladetech IWB for my Glock 17, which isn't a bad thing, just different. I like to crank down on the tension for a very secure fit, and that's no problem here. When it comes time for me to draw, the extra foot pounds are not going to stand in my way.

Overall I have to say that this holster is by far the most comfortable IWB holster that I have ever tried, and that is saying a lot. IWB holsters for me are the exception to the carry solution, not the rule, and I normally use a belt holster for all day carry like the Galco Concealment holster that I use for the Glock 17. IWB holsters are for running to the store for a pack of smokes, or for maximum concealment with a T-shirt. I have to say that my mind is changed.

I have read that the MTAC and CTAC holsters from Comptac are all day comfortable, and they also have the thinness from keeping the clips out and away from the holster body. I was looking for something a little more svelte. I got that in spades - check out how thin this baby is:

It keeps the pistol in tight, and the high guard at the top keeps the safety from digging in to my side. I am still amazed to this day of how well 1911s conceal. I've never had a tuckable hoster before, and I'm going to have to explore the benefits of that type of carry.

I got a matching single mag pouch for it that has adjustable tension via two Chicago screws, and secures with a easy to use clip:

It holds tight to the body like the holster, and I think it will serve well.

Here is a picture of the beast with a tucked in shirt:

I am happy as a clam. If anything changes, I'll be sure to let y'all know.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


There are very few details out there on the shooting at the fitness center in Pennsylvania, and I'm not the armchair warrior type, so I'm not going to dance in blood. I will, however, point out a few things that I found about all of this.

First is that psychos can strike anywhere. Life is just too complicated to assume that crazed madmen only attack from a seedy looking alleyway at night in a known dangerous part of a rundown city.

During a conversation with my father a few days ago, he made a remark along those lines, that attacks mainly happen at night, and that that's really the only time you need to concern yourself with self defense. I disagreed, but not entirely. Most attacks do happen at night, but sometimes life throws curve balls. Plan accordingly. Your greatest weapon for self defense is not a gun, but your mind. As Col Jeff Cooper so famously noted, a proper mindset will protect you far better than anything, and it shouldn't be on a timetable. Always keep your mindset.

With that, some of the people in the fitness center recognized the danger for what it was, and made their way out safely. Some didn't recognize the danger, and were injured or killed, and some may or may not have recognized anything, and it didn't matter one way or the other. There are no guarantees.

This statement stood out:
"I don't think anyone could have stopped him,"
That's probably true.

I'm sure there are folks out there scouring the internet to see if the building had a "Gun Free Zone" sign at the door, and ridicule of such instruments may be warranted in due time, but I don't think it matters one bit. Tell me that even you most hardcore tactical types would be carrying in a gym? I'm sure that a select few of you who workout in gyms may carry a little pistol in a fanny pack or such, but be honest, you wouldn't be wearing it in a dance class would you? How about if you were taking a boxing or martial arts class?

You can't always be armed, or be in a position to stop something like this. Sometimes stuff happens.

The last thing I notice is that the shooting took "about a minute," which was not enough time for the cops to show up and stop the gunman. A minute is not really enough time for anyone to have done anything under the circumstances, other than haul ass out the door. It doesn't appear that the gunman encountered any resistance, so I think it's unusual that he killed himself when he did. Normally scumbags shoot themselves when the cops show up.

I'm sure that there will be lots and lots of stupid conversation amongst the media in the wake of this attack. Really, I don't see how it could have been prevented before or during the attack. It was one of life's curve balls.

Update: It seems that the lunatic gunman had been telegraphing his intent for many months on his blog. Go check out David Codrea's Gun Rights Examiner for a look at the kind of stuff the man was writing about, if you're interested.

I am still solidly convinced that some well intentioned law would not have done anything to stop this. Perhaps if somebody had read his blog and recognized that the guy was a violent psycho than maybe there would have been a chance.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Why not register guns?

Because it's stupid!

Problem solved!

If you would like to know more about why it's stupid, than head on over to Armed Canadian for a fantastic write up about this very subject.

Activism at its finest!

That's some serious penetration we're talkin about

Here's looking at you, North Korea and Iran.

And when a Boeing built Massive Ordnance Penetrator comes into your silo, you're going to get more than just the tip.

I apologize; it's just that I have a soft spot for conventional weapons of mass destruction.

A fitting title

"A gathering of gun collectors."

That's what the author of the NBC4 article, Greg Wilson, referred to the gun show that Sarah Palin attended in Alaska.

It's pretty refreshing to hear such things from the media these days.

Justification for deadly force

I have to say that stealing my truck with my kid(s) in it definitely warrants it, not that the woman had the choice considering she lives in California.

The thought of some scumbag driving off in my truck with my kids is terrifying. I would hardly care at all if it was just my truck. The cops will find it before too long, and if it's all jacked up then it's no big deal. It's just a truck.

Kids are a different matter, and change my outlook entirely.

Words fail me

This stupidity in this article is simply amazing.

First up, we have Belgium's finest flexing his mental might as to why the escaped violent criminal may have gone on a robbing spree:
"In two hours they did four robberies," said the officer, who declined to give his name. "We think they need money."
You think they needed money? You don't say? My first thought was that maybe Sekkaki was just under a tremendous amount of peer pressure, like maybe the other guys just double dog dared him or something.

"Hey dog, if you're the real deal an shit, then I like, dare you or some shit to go steal the cash from that old man behind the counter. And get me a moon pie to, yo. . ."

No wonder the cop declined to give his name.

The next target of my criticism is Sekkaki himself:
The escapees, who include a man considered to be one of the country's most dangerous criminals, robbed a bank, a gas station and two storage facilities, said the Bruges police spokesman Sunday.
So if Sekkaki is such a bad ass scumbag, then why would he bother robbing gas stations and storage facilities after robbing a bank? What do you think he got from them, a couple of hundred dollars? One would think that the bank would have had all the money that they needed. I don't see Sekkaki as being the brightest crook out there, which explains how he got caught to begin with.

And finally, I have to laugh at the sheer stupidity of this poor bastard:
A 22-year-old man of Moroccan origin was an accomplice to the group but had to stay behind because the helicopter couldn't carry everyone, the Belga news agency reported.
HAHAHAHA!! So you hijack a helicopter to bust your friend out of prison, but instead you had to replace him in the prison because you were too stupid take to the time to consider how much room there was in the cockpit. Awesome criminals they breed in Belgium!! Seriously, how many scumbags does it take to put a gun to the head of a helicopter pilot and force him to land in the yard?

Everyone in this article is dumber than a box of rocks.

Never leave a man behind

U.S. Navy Capt. Michael "Scott" Speicher was shot down in an F/A-18 Hornet on January 17, 1991, the first night of the war.


An Iraqi civilian told U.S. forces in Iraq in early July about the location of the crash that killed Speicher, according to Navy Secretary Ray Mabus. U.S. Marines in Anbar province went to the site and spoke to another Iraqi who told them he witnessed Bedouins burying Speicher's remains in the desert after the crash, the statement said.

A search uncovered the remains, which were flown to Dover Air Base last week and positively identified as Speicher's by the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, the statement said.

Captain Speicher's fate has long been a puzzle for the US. I'm glad that he is found and returned to his family.

Welcome home brother.