Saturday, August 15, 2009

Shooting tip of the day

I normally don't have a chance to post on weekends, but this one is the exception.

I was doing a little reloading this morning and decided to snap a picture of my ghetto fabulous powder trickler with my cell phone as I thought somebody may find it useful.

Despite having an automatic withdraw account with MidwayUSA and Brownell's, I can be a cheap bastard. I didn't see the need to spend money on a powder trickler, so I made one with the clear body of a Bic pen. It works great.

Just fill it up using your powder funnel, and tap tap tap your way to the powder charge of your dreams. I can easily drop single pieces of Hodgdon H335 using this pen body. Give it a try. The medicine bottles work great for handling smaller amounts of powder, and I use the Lee powder scoop for dumping charges right onto the scale when I'm measuring each charge.

Many people are getting into reloading and are trying to get the most equipment to start with, and perhaps skip some of the fluff until several years down the road when they can get the not so critical stuff. It takes years and years to gather all the crap that you will end up using, but there's no reason why you can't get started with the basics.

Liberty is getting into reloading and looking for some advise. Anyone out there who has some shortcuts to offer, drop by Fighting For Liberty and leave a comment.


Mose Jefferson said...

Thats a great trick, thanks! Perfectly timed, too - I'm just getting ready to order my Lee Classic Cast press. I've never reloaded, but I've got a big pile of .357 brass staring up at me, so I guess I kinda have to.

Unknown said...

Reloading is a fun way to make more noise! The .357 is supposed to be a good one to reload.

Plus, I hear that making rounds with gigantic fireballs is cool.

David said...

Awesome CTone, thank you! I'm in that whole "collecting any and all tips and knowledge" phase.

I'm all for cool tricks!