Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Global warming is the source of all my problems

Apparently all I need to fight my kidney stone affliction is a Prius, some pot, and some hemp clothing. Good to know.
Using published data to determine the temperature-dependence of stone disease, researchers applied predictions of temperature increase to determine the impact of global warming on the incidence and cost of stone disease in the United States.
I don't wish kidney stones on anyone, but if these "predictions" are true (sarcasm folks) then two million Americans are screwed.

At this point, these damn things are no longer just causing me physical pain, or making my work days a living hell, but they're somehow causing me family grief as well. It's not like I can keep this shit secret, so everyone knows about it, and many people, now including family members, have approached me with home remedies because they care.

I sincerely appreciate it; and believe me, I will try them all, but I cannot abandon tried, tested, and experienced tactics from doctors and hospitals for untested stuff. They may help in the long haul, which I'm in for, but taking herbal stuff will not cause the immediate cessation of agonizing pain in which the human body was clearly not designed to cope with. High doses of opiates will.

Particular herbal stuff may dissolve particular types of stones in particular types of people with particular types of body chemistry, or they may not, but they definitely will not stop a large stone from lodging in my pipes causing my kidney to swell in crippling pain. Plastic tubes surgically placed in my pipes will.

On the other hand, there is a high likelihood that my stupid body is the kind that likes to collect and covet these stupid stones like some sort of retarded Gollum creature, and hospital meds will not stop that from happening.

So, I am very much open to home remedies. However, being the established realist that everyone knows that I am, I know for a bonafide fact that there is not one single "I'm telling you, this shit will definitely work!" strategy for defeating one of mankind's oldest medical problems when thousands of years of medical research and treatment still haven't pinned it down, and there are so many types and bodily factors that impact it. So don't be offended by that.

It's not completely known why rock doesn't beat paper, it's impossible to know how much wood a woodchuck chucks, and marshmallow root, more/less vitamin C, and/or sleeping with my feet facing North/Northeast while laying on a mat woven from the foreskin of a thousand virgin squirrels may or may not help cure kidney stones. There is no definitive way to tell. That's it; it's that simple.

But that doesn't mean that I won't try. . . .

Delusional paranoid barkeep terrified of patrons

AP News finds the most unsettled and irrational bar owners in the entire state to interview about Arizona's new "Guns in Bars bill." This guy takes the cake:

PHOENIX — Bartender Randy Shields was serving British brews and Arizona ambers as usual at Shady's bar in east Phoenix when he saw a customer walk in with a hunting knife strapped to his hip.

A disturbing image flashed through his mind — "that knife sliding between my ribs."

That's all it would take for me to never visit a place like that again. Even if I was blood related to this psychotic man I would steer clear of him. That sort of crazy ass talk is projection; if he's so overtaken by thoughts of blood at the mere sight of a knife (or stick??), to the point where he screens his very own silverware because he doesn't trust his fellow man to eat a steak with it, I would avoid him because he's really the dangerous one. Seriously. That man is about to snap.

Here's another irrational bar owner:
"Somebody can pull the trigger, then a bullet comes out, and people get hurt and killed," said Brad Henrich, owner of Shady's, a popular neighborhood bar that sees occasional minor scuffles.
That's the whole concept there, sport.
"The idea of anyone coming in with guns in a place that serves alcohol just seems ludicrous."
I disagree; but think about how ludicrous your idea is that people don't illegally carry guns into your bar because there hasn't been a law or a sign to stop them. Do you think that they haven't been doing that all along, you just didn't know? Do you think those same people are going to give a moments pause at your silly little sign telling them you don't want anyone in your establishment armed? You will succeed at keeping the non-criminal element out of your place as they are the folks who will honor your sign. In all actuality you're filtering the good element out, which is indirectly letting the bad element in. Think about that.

And another:
"I hate to have to put them up," Mark DeSimone, owner of the Hidden House Cocktail Lounge in central Phoenix, said of the signs. "It looks scary. It looks to somebody like, should I go in this place because they obviously have a problem with people bringing weapons in."
Perhaps it will stop somebody who has an extreme case of paranoia like Randy Shields, which is not at all a bad thing considering what we know about the guy. Or, you could consider my witty pencil change of your quote: "it looks to some degenerate scumbag like, I should go in this place because they obviously have a problem with people bringing weapons in."

Think that's ludicrous? Try Googling "Gun Free Zones." Now, try Googling "Lawfully Armed Citizen" (hey look, I'm number five!).

And finally, at the very bottom of the article, AP News has thoughtfully allowed a dissenting voice to break through the ludicrousness. How thoughtful:

Marc Peagler, owner of the Silver Spur Saloon Restaurant in Cave Creek outside Phoenix, said he will allow people with concealed weapons permits to carry in his business, and Silver Spur will be safer because of it.

"It's a deterrent," he said. "In the criminal element, there is some logic that says when people look at a place that they might want to rob, the ones that have big signs up that say 'We do not permit firearms' would be the first target.

Marc Peagler mentions logic, which is noticeably absent from mention of the last three guys in the article.

Logic is like fresh air. Don't be afraid of it guys.

What is it about Colorado?

PALISADE, Colo. — Mesa County prosecutors say an 18-year-old man was plotting a "profoundly disturbing" attack on his high school with weapons and explosives.
Man, y'all have some screwed up teens! I've known kids with bully problems and daddy issues in my day; but jeez guys, take your kids to a frickin' ball game sometime or something. They need some healthy stress relief!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Futility of the inbred mind

Umm, someone forgot to tell this jackass and his inbred accomplices that the Marine Corps is not afraid of a few dipshits with automatic weapons.

A bombing would certainly suck, but the Sergeant of the Guard and his trained killers at the gate are not at all intimidated by crazed jihadists ridin' dirty.

Considering that most of these Marines spent multiple seven month tours wandering a desert actively hunting the most dangerous jihadis the world has to offer, a daring but futile attack may actually break up the boredom.

"You might not believe it but under fire Animal Mother is one of the finest human beings in the world. All he needs is someone to throw hand grenades at him for the rest of his life." - Full Metal Jacket

Damn, this slope sure is slippery!

Councilman Phil Mendelson said the 25-foot ban option targets wild packs of smokers loitering outside office buildings -- human blight.
"Wild packs of smokers?" How mature.

Then again, this is Phil we're talking about.

Demonizing a group of citizens whom you happen to disagree with is all part of a days work for this douchebag.

How to not win a war

Ignoring generals will not win the day.
Gen. Stanley McChrystal says he's talked to President Obama only once since taking command of U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan over the summer, a revelation that drew swift criticism from some who are concerned that the president is putting off McChrystal's request for more troops.
Hell, we've got more pressing things to do folks! The Olympics are right around the corner fer' peetsakes!!

Kinda reminds me of another general who was totally ignored by his leadership. I think the outcome may be the same.

How do you solve Chicago's murder problem?

"More government at every level."

Something tells me that more government won't do the job there. Here we have crowds of kids beating other kids to death with two-by-fours for nothing more than being at the wrong bus stop that day, all started by a teenage gang shooting. Really nice.

How long has Chicago had a functioning government? You're saying that maybe now they need to step up? What have they been up to this whole time?

I guess it's debatable whether or not you could consider Chicago to have a "functioning" government, and I freely admit that I don't have a solution to recommend, but at some point people are going to have to realize that the G-man isn't going to just step in and make all the pain go away. The citizens need to do their part, which is not happening right now.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Gun owning manliness, Abe Lincoln's arrest, violent protests. . .

Check it out at

Interesting how lefties can smash windows with hammers, throw rocks at cops, and make an overall nasty appearance at a protest over the weekend with pretty much no coverage from our broken news agencies.

Awesomeness of the highest magnitude

VALLEY FALLS -- The young man was given three choices: get turned over to the police, go one-on-one in a fight with a seasoned war veteran, or be duct-taped to a flagpole for six hours with a sign around his neck identifying his alleged crime: flag burning.

Damn, I love me some veterans!! That's Corporal punishment at its finest! Way to go guys!

(H/T Ace)

Upstanding California citizen shoots knife wielding madman

And by upstanding citizen, I actually mean a police officer:

The residents in the bedroom were told to move away from the bedroom door, but the man with the knife opened the door and raised the knife over his head. The officer, who perceived a threat, shot the man several times, police said.

Police Chief Louis Fetherolf said the shooting appears to be justified.

What powers of perception! I sure wish I had such powers; to be able to tell that the residents of a home were cowering in a corner from a lunatic with a big ass knife. Must be some sort of special training that mere California citizens can't possibly understand.

Powerful. Powerful.

Oh, and there's this:
It is currently unknown why the man had the large knife.
I'm sure it was for something especially nefarious. But what do I know; I don't possess the secret madman perception decoder ring.

And with that out of the way: I do appreciate the good guy defeating the bad guy. That's how it should be. It would just be nice for California citizens to be included in the good guy category every once in awhile, instead of being the cowering helpless victims who can't survive an attack unless someone saves them.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Testing. . . testing

Hi there!

A couple of weeks ago my son spilled my drink into the keyboard of the computer, which is why blogging has been light.

We're hell on computers here in the CTone household. I managed to take the thing apart and massage some rubbing alcohol into the sensitive bits until this baby works like it's supposed to.

Stuff should return to normal here soon.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

There's a term that gets thrown around a lot

Weapon of Mass Destruction:
Rachelle Lynette Carlock admitted to using a pipe bomb — a weapon of mass destruction — to commit a crime, along with co-defendants Eric Reginald Robinson and Ella Louise Sanders, FOX 5 San Diego reported.
Destructive device is a far better term, noting that they are labeled that as well. As far as being capable of mass destruction, this is usually what comes to mind when one considers destruction on a massive scale.

A pipe bomb may be used to cause injury/death to several, but a "WMD" (stupid term) is used to cause injury/death to several thousand or more. There's no comparison.

However, since the California prosecutor is not hesitant to label them as such, and this woman freely admits to actually detonating several of such a devices in a public place, one has to wonder why she only gets 30 years. I mean, the U.S. attorney actually thinks this is a tough sentence:
"This prosecution serves as a reminder that the law imposes very stern penalties for the unlawful use of bombs, explosives or other destructive devices."
A wopping 30 years?!?! Really?! If you think I'm just a little too harsh, think about this: next time you're standing in line at DMV with your kids, look to the 57 year old lady standing behind you and imagine her as the gal recently paroled from prison for detonating three bombs in a public building, and plotting to detonate several more.

Would you still trust someone like that to walk about freely in society? She would be prohibited by federal law from legally purchasing a firearm - not that she wouldn't be able to get one, mind you - but there is nothing to stop someone from buying or making bomb making equipment.

It's not possible; although I wouldn't put it past California lawmakers to try.

Dangerous people like this shouldn't get a second chance. Piss poor sentences ensure that they get released back into the wild while politicians, prosecutors, and citizens bitch when they get ahold of a weapon and kill a bunch of people.

Stop letting them out!

National ammo shortage

Hey, now even the Associated Press is calling us "gun enthusiasts" instead of "gun extremists."

That's progress folks.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

AR build slideshow

Fantastic sideshow of a NM AR build at Captain of a Crew of One.

NBC 4 writers are now gun policy experts

The VRE overturned their ban on the lawful carry of firearms on trains, and, not knowing how to deal with this news or even what it means, NBC 4 writer Mike Tunison writes this steaming pile of poo:
"VRE Operations Board members were less than thrilled with having to make the change, partially because many riders will run afoul of the differing rules across jurisdictions, but also because guns plus big crowds equals disaster."
And Mike would know this not because of the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, or from knowledgeable experience, but from his expert opinion forged by years of writing for a liberal rag, as well as (I presume) an indoctrination in one of those totally unbiased higher learning institutions.

Think I'm full of it? Check out how he closes this piece:
"Meanwhile, the VRE has nixed discounts to children and the elderly. Probably just as well to get the frail folks who might not be able to take a bullet off the train with all the guns that might be coming aboard."
Pretty disgusting, I'd say. Then again, NBC 4 does have a way of hiring bigoted idiots.

A new tag for my hunting license?

And a new species for animal activists to get bent out of shape over:

The study, outlined in the latest issue of Royal Society Biology Letters, reveals that some of the largest specimens were indeed coyote and wolf hybrids.

Given where these animals came from and the degree of documented genetic diversity, the researchers can tell that a few coyote females mated with male wolves north of the Great Lakes.

Sweeeeet. I've been slowly gearing up for predator hunting, which is why I have modified my DPMS AP4 rifle to fit that need. A small handy carbine with an attached light is perfect for the job; now all I need is the time.

The coyote population seems to be growing here in Virginia, but they mostly eat small critters. At this point it probably wouldn't hurt to have a predator around that's big enough to eat the abundance of deer that are now displaced from all the freaking houses and Linens N Things that have sprouted up over the Old Dominion.


I don't know whether the deer population is any larger than it was ten years ago, but now instead of the "hey, look. . . a deer" on my way to work, I have to swerve around herds of them in the road.

A coywolf would also look fantastic mounted on my mantle. I'm not speaking for anybody else, but I'm all about some coywolves making their way down here!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ummmm. . . creepy!

NORTH VERSAILLES, Pa. -- A 71-year-old woman was shot and killed Sunday night by a police officer in North Versailles where, police said, she may have been lying in wait outside an ex-boyfriend's home with a gun.
Whoa! This story is disturbing for a number of reasons, like that it went down on Shady Lane.

Armed grandmas are dangerous too!

And another city racked by gun wielding criminals

BALTIMORE -- Baltimore city police are responding to an outbreak of violence that saw 10 shootings and three deaths from Friday night to Sunday night.
Most major cities have a scumbag problem, but Baltimore is particularly loathsome considering they expect their citizens to be easy targets. I just like to point them out.

The counter argument is that cities like Baltimore would be even more violent if the citizens were not prohibited from being armed, but stuff like this kinda shoots down that logic.

A society of criminals

What's up with all the criminals wielding guns in LA these days? Damned NRA extremists and their gun clingy ideology.

The nerve of these people breaking perfectly good laws to take advantage of those who respect it.

You would think that with California pulling funding for police that the number of shootings by cops would go down.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Who would've ever seen this coming?

There's not a lot of interesting stuff in the news today, but I did find this story about an escaped violent criminal in Chicago that is something that will be made into a movie some day.

I mean it has everything; a violent bank robbing scumbag escaping from restraints, taking police hostages, taking weapons, carjacking, SWAT teams. . . . this one is chock full.

Here's the part that gets me though. This man has a long and violent history that includes a successful escape attempt. Why on earth is he still going through the court system? Why even have him outside of prison walls in the first place? Are you telling me his 20+ years of bank robbing sprees, kidnapping, and a whole host of other crazy activities really not enough to do it; not enough to put him away for life to the point where he has to be bounced around from state to federal courthouses and back again in order to rack up enough time to take him away from society for good? WTF?

Hell, why did anyone even bother to spend taxpayer dollars locking him up in the first place then; just let him have his way until he finally kills someone and gets his life sentence or death penalty. That very well may be the case here.

Hopefully the clown show quits screwing around and can catch him before he hurts another citizen. Bag his ass and lock him up for the rest of his life.

Update: The scumbag was caught (same link as above). But not until after he robbed another bank.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Another 308 problem

Soon I'll test and see if the gas block problem is solved, but this post is about the bullet setback that I had talked about. Last night I tried to chamber some factory ammo so that I could take some measurements of the before and after. The I've written a post on it at Practical Riflery Forums, but I'll post it here:
As far as the factory loads, I measured three of them before loading them in the magazine to see if the depth is affected by chambering the rounds. I dropped the bolt on the first one and here is what I got:

The factory 150 grain Remington Cor-Lokt is stuck on the feed ramp. I realize that I'm getting off topic, and I intend to shoot these rounds this weekend and post a range report, but for right now what in the world do I do about this? I've already polished the feedramps; should I wallow them out with a Dremel and bring them down to where they will feed from the magazine? This is not at all what I expected from a Fulton Armory barrel.

What do y'all think? Should I take a Dremel to my barrel extension?

Ax violence

In Germany.

Seems the ax man was throwing molotov cocktails as well. Fortunately nobody died.

This leads to the obvious question: should axes and flammables be illegal in schools? Why this hasn't been addressed with comprehensive legislation is anyone's guess.

Let's close the ax loophole.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Swordsman kills intruder

In Baltimore of all places.

Hmmm. Can one get a sword permit in Maryland? Seems like it worked out well as a self defense tool.

Calling all AR ninja

I have a problem with my 308.

Copied from my post on last night:

I am having problems with the bolt in my DPMS LR-308 short stroking on occasion and catching the next round in the middle of the case. Details and pictures here.

I noticed that there was some carbon and soot on the barrel in front of my gas block (PRI low profile) so I took the hand guard and the gas block off to have a looksee. The carbon was about 1/8th inch from the forward edge of the gas block, and underneath there was a thin coating of carbon/soot everywhere the gas block covered. I cleaned off the surfaces and put it back on, taking care to torque the two set screws down to 30 inch lbs this time with a bit of loc-tight.

My question is: will that little bit of a leak cause the bolt to short stroke (about one in twenty rounds)?

Nobody has responded about the gas block question. I'm pretty sure that there's no possible way to stop all of the gas from leaking out. How much is too much?

When I first put the rifle together, I didn't have the fantastic Wheeler FAT Wrench, so I just kinda tightened the set screws a bit thinking that they seemed a little frail. This time I put the FAT Wrench on it and cranked them down to 30 inch pounds. I'll try to shoot it this weekend and see if that helps, but I won't start out shooting my handloads.

I bought some Remington 150 grain Cor-Lokt ammo last night that I'm going to send down range to see if they feed properly. I'm also going to chamber and eject them first to see if the bullet gets jammed down into the case neck like they have been doing with my handloads. This is also a problem with the Black Hills 185 grain hollow points that I shoot in my Kimber. I need reliable ammo for that gun too, but there is still a lack of .45 ACP on the shelves in my town.

Why I don't live in DC

In 1995 Stove lost her first son Clarence to murder. In 1999 she says her husband was beaten to death in a robbery and now this.
Her other son was gunned down in a drive by shooting yesterday. I could never imagine what this woman has gone through or what she is feeling right now. Watch the video and have your heartstrings pulled on.

I will never live in a major city; especially DC. My father worked there for years and has too many stories to tell. This type of violence is so common place that is it is almost expected.

As for this article, Writer Paul Wagner throws this in there:
The District’s homicide rate is still very low.
Uh huh. Compared to what? Afghanistan? That's not very helpful Paul.

DC needs some new leadership that doesn't promote violence and victimhood. I wonder when the citizens are going to wake up and make that happen.

Update: Another Gun Blog points out that DC's crime rate in 2007 was 1,414.3 per 100,000; not anywhere close to being low. I mean, holy smokes! To compare, Virginia's was 269.7 per 100k in 2007. Virginia has 13 times the population, is 629 times the size, and doesn't even have twice as many murders.

Support your pro-gun McDonalds!!

WCSC-TV reports that along with two bags containing food, the teen said he was given a third bag containing a handgun and bags of pot at a McDonald's on Savannah Highway on Aug. 29.
Now that's what I'm talking about! I'll make sure to get one with each Happy Meal from now on: "ahh, yes, I'd like to get two Chicken McNugget happy meals. . . .apple juice. . . . .yes please, a handgun for a boy and for a girl. Thank you!!

Back to the story, here's the best part:
Police said the bag with the gun and pot were meant for the car behind the teen at the drive-through. The people followed the teen to a gas station and demanded that the teen give them the bag.
Ooops! I bet he feels like a jackass.

Monday, September 14, 2009

A violent, black home intruder attacks man

In Colorado.

This is why you should never carry anything smaller than .44 Magnum around in your home. For the record, I'm going straight to the gunstore after work for a .454 Casull so that this doesn't happen to me.

Preparedness folks!

Well respected and lawfully armed DC citizen guns down potential car thief

Alright, I made up the well respected part. You should know better; DC residents can't carry their firearms, silly!

But wouldn't it be nice to hear about a really real DC citizen stopping a criminal sometime?

DC Police to crack down on illegal NRA members

DC Police want another "All Hands on Deck" this weekend to stop the blood from flowing in the streets due to the handguns registered in the wake of the Heller decision.

OK, I may be fibbing there a little bit.

Chief Lanier claims that they always work, but I have my doubts.

Friday, September 11, 2009

We must ban it all for the children

First up we have a story from beautiful Long Island, NY where a cab driver was attacked, stabbed, and carjacked by several men; one of whom wielded a deadly blade that is not over the allotted deadly length necessary for prosecution. Fortunately, the cabbie was unarmed because he followed the letter of the law, so no scumbags were hurt in the incident.

A simple common sense law changing the legal blade length to a much less deadly 2 - 15/16ths inches would prevent this type of "gangsterism" because the criminals, in order to avoid the hefty 60 day jail sentence for criminal possession of a weapon in the fourth degree, would then be forced to rely on less deadly instruments for their trade. . . .like pipe bombs or something. Think about it: how would a criminal extort money from the innocent with a pipe bomb? Can't happen. Problem solved.

Next, we have a bank robber wielding a pistol while holding a girl hostage. What makes this otherwise insignificant story especially frightening is that the robber had specifically chosen a handgun "trimmed in pink accents," which leads me to point the blame for this crime squarely at the NRA and women. There is just no place in civil society for pink trimmings on deadly assault weapons.

By forcing criminals to use standard black trimmings on their firearms with comprehensive laws reinforced with long probation sentences, instances of this kind of abuse with pink trimmings will be a thing of the past.

I think I will run for some sort of high office in New York in the near future. Just think of all the problems I could solve!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tom Clancy is a homo

No offense to homos, but how in the hell did a nobody like Tom Clancy get the chance to make military themed video games? Especially ones that suck as bad as Rainbow Six? How did they become so popular?

See, I haven't bought an X-Box 360 or a Playstation 3 because, quite frankly, anything that I pay $400+ dollars on is going to make a hell of a lot more noise than one of those things. Therefor, I have been using one of the dinosaur 'regular' X-Boxes, and thought that I would cruise through some of the first person shooters that I have around, like Rainbow Six: Black Arrow.

I have to admit it: I've been a Tom Clancy hater for at least a decade. I have written him much hate mail over the years. How someone with absolutely zero military experience could come to such prominence within the military arena is beyond me. When is someone going to recruit a real veteran to make video games? I think Larry Vickers would be on the top of that list.

First off, Ghost Recon is fucking retarded, and it got worse as the sequels kept coming. I mean, a bad ass speshool farces unit with stupid looking facepaint that gets killed as easily as those morons? Are you kidding me?

Next, we have a "multi-national elite counter terrorist unit" with pansy-ass, non-shooting idiots like the three stooges you've stuck us with. They're worthless! I guess with a name like "Rainbow" you can't expect too much. Funny how ol' Tommy boy conjured up that name for the fictional unit of his dreams. Makes me wonder. . .

And why call them "Rainbow Six" in the first place? There's four of them.

Hey Tom, let me put it down for you plain and simple. Special Operations units, as well as conventional forces, don't need to choose between taking grenades, a pistol, claymore mines, or extra ammo. They're not pussies like you, so they can carry more than 20 pounds of gear for a fifteen minute mission. They frequently carry all of the above with nary a whimper, and accomplish far more than you could ever imagine. And for Pete's sake Tom, as well as you pimply faced gaming programmers that have never seen the light of day outside your mother's basement, how about designing some competent Soldiers that can actually fucking shoot!! It would be nice for once to have three of your "elite" guys that can cover a room and not get wiped the fuck out by one third world terrorist twenty feet away with a rusted ass AK.

It's such an insult to those of us who have carried a rifle, and a pistol for that matter, into harms way.

A question for you Tom: were you aware that 7.62mm rounds in every imaginable cartridge have no chance of penetrating two foot thick concrete walls? Did you know that a M67 hand grenade won't sent fragmentation through said two foot thick walls and kill a hostage thirty feet away? It's an insult to those of us who have thrown hand grenades and fire 7.62mm rounds to suggest such things. Really.

One more thing. If a "Rainbow" or "Ghost" sniper is so super secret squirrel that he can make it into one of your imagined looser outfits, then riddle me how it is that the very moment one of these painted faced and guillied ninjas fires a shot they get fired on by every third world idiot and their brother from five hundred yards away? Aren't snipers in the wild supposed to be able to fire from concealment?

I'm not a sniper. I'm not Special Forces. But I do know that on top of carrying a primary weapon, a Soldier/Marine/Sailor/Airman often carries a sidearm, grenades, a pack full of shit, maybe a claymore or two, possibly an AT rocket launcher, and other stuff like extra ammo. Ask a Soldier sometime what they carry. I'm sure some 82nd Airborne trooper or RCT Marine will set you straight, and then you can make games that don't suck.

I want my two hours back Tom!! I've been robbed!!

Looks like it's Jaws Unleashed from now on. I can pretend that it's you on that frail sailboat, dreaming about Mu1t!C@m! and operators and H&K M9000H&K,H&K.

Sorry about the rant folks, but I'm hung up on a kidney stone, and my friend Gentleman Jack is helping me deal with the pain of it all while I play stupid assed games made by stupid ass people.

Life can be like that sometimes.

Atlantis found!!

Well, not quite; but there's an artist's idea of what it will look like.
"It will help us hold meetings," Secretary Janet Napolitano said. "It will help us build that culture of 'One DHS.'"
Wow. That's a hell of a city to build in order to hold meetings. Or an army of one.

With that 'green' roof, it aught to keep the hippies at bay.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ever wanted to know how to assemble your grandpappy's M1 Garand?

Head on over to Captain of a Crew of One for an illustrated step-by-step guide. There's even a post on disassembly if you're interested. SailorCurt put in a ton of effort into making those posts, and they are quite detailed.

Unfortunately, I don't own an M1. . . yet.

A laughing matter

I might be struck by lightning for this, but read this article about a man getting set on fire.

Crazy, right? But nothing too unusual from a city like Detroit. I mean, it's what you'd expect from that place.

Now, scroll down and read the comments.

Really, I laughed myself to tears. I admit it. The content of the article is nowhere near funny, but somehow reading about what Detroit residents think of a fellow citizen getting set on fire during an argument, and also taking in their mastery of the English language, made me laugh to no end. Such compassion. That makes me wonder about the comments that were deleted. . . .

Thanks for that y'all!

Kids these days

They have no respect for the law:

Taylor says the party was full of 14-year-old kids. She says gun fire erupted after some kids became angry while getting pushed as they were dancing.

"They were angry because one of the kids got hit by another person, and he got knocked out. So, they got mad and started shooting, and one of them backfired on me," said Taylor.

Dammit!! Why doesn't someone make guns illegal for teenagers to carry in the city? It's common sense!! Jeez.

Getting backfired on sucks people! Guns is not the answer!

And I absolutely love how this comment, from "ihatevernonandtheentirehumanrace55," sums up everything I think about major cities like Chicago:

"crazy men from the north side come south and done this."

Read the name of the poster again, and then read what he/she said. Seriously, that made my morning right there.

Notice the "55" at the end of that handle? Raise your hand if you think it's hilarious knowing that out there somewhere there are 55 other morons who are stupid enough to use that jacked up name!

Update: Man, you've just gotta watch the video. There's a sign there on the street right next to the house that clearly says NO to things like "playing ball" and "dealing drugs." Take a wild guess what's not on the sign. . . .NO GUNS!! Well all this silliness can now be fixed with the quick change of the sign. Problem solved.

AAAAaaaaggghhh!!!! BB Gun SNIPER on the loose!!

Did I mention the SNIPER?!?! OMFG SNIPER, it's a fucking SNIPER y'all!! SNIPER!!!!

Writer Hemery Ferreira belittles snipers everywhere with this short piece of trash that is obviously only intended to scare people. I guess that's what writers do these days. Take a look in the lower right hand corner:

I was cruising the news this morning, reading a tragic article about a girl gunned down in "Gun Free" NY, when I saw the steaming poo festering down there in the corner. Too bad there's no place for comments.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Mouse gun accuracy

Went to a local indoor range for some handgun shooting yesterday. My wife has a Kahr PM9 that hasn't been fully broken in yet, and I thought I would put a hundred rounds or so through it to finish the job.

At one point I decided to see how it would group at ten yards. I was running Winchester White Box 115 grainers through it and and turned out this 3/4" five shot group offhand:

There are six holes there as my aiming point was the 9mm bullet hole second from the left. If you take out the far left flyer, which I called due to a rushed shot, the group is about 11mm in circumference. Not bad for a 3" barrel!!

I also put a few rounds out of my wife's post war Walther PPK that acts as my pocket carry gun. I found some Cor-Bon 60 grain rounds in 32 Auto that I wanted to give a try. At ten yards I put five rounds into the X-ring with ease despite the teeny tiny sights. Point of aim is point of impact. The accuracy of that little gun is exceptional as well.

I have no qualms carrying a .32 Auto if I can place rounds exactly where I want them to go. The little blaster is as reliable as a brick too, and I'll take it.

Also, the saga of my 308 tuning is almost complete. Go over to Practical Riflery Forums for my latest post on those efforts. I highly recommend the OCW method of finding the right load for your rifle. It has worked out well for me.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

DC's youth to learn their place

Nothing like indoctrinating the youngins early on as to who owns the place.
Now, Gates said, young people will get written warnings for minor offenses as long as they comply with police and show identification proving they are under 18. If they don't, they can then be arrested, she said.
What could possibly go wrong? That city has a violence problem that stems from a social disorder; putting a boot in the necks of the next generation to take over is not the way to change that.

I'm all about citizens being safe in their day to day travels, and I do recognize that teenagers can be scumbags from time to time, but do you really think that putting up a snitch line for passengers to call is going to stop any sort of crime? What do you think is going to happen from all of this? The article already list one screwup from this sort of thing; who wants to hear about more?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Never let a crisis go to waste

A "pandemic response bill" currently making its way through the Massachusetts state legislature would allow authorities to forcefully quarantine citizens in the event of a health emergency, compel health providers to vaccinate citizens, authorize forceful entry into private dwellings and destruction of citizen property and impose fines on citizens for noncompliance.
This sort of stuff is not just coming from Massachusetts. And I don't care how well intentioned you think your political party is, they are experts at using fear or other human emotions to help pass laws they think may be beneficial to society.

The prospect of a Biological threat, whether natural or not, or any other Weapon of Mass Destruction/Man Made Disaster/OMFG Terrorist ATTACK!!! is a new found hobby horse for politicos to ride down their well intentioned road to hell. I don't plan on coming along for the ride.

I point this out as somewhat of an insider, and I ask you to pay a-freaking-attention to what your congresscritter is up to because many of them think that this sort of thing is warranted in such cases. They take it as common sense that you would want to surrender your rights as a sovereign citizen to "authorities" in a CBRN/WMD event because how the hell are you going to know what to do. If you think that everything is going to be A-OK, that your friendly Jack Bauer federal agent will lead you to the well orchestrated high tech decon site where yellow suited guys will make the bad thing stop, then I'm here to tell you you've lost your mind.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

How convenient

"After reviewing and analyzing all of the evidence in the case, we do not believe the essential elements of the crime of carrying a pistol without a license can be proved beyond a reasonable doubt," said U.S. Attorney Jeff Taylor, top prosecutor in the District of Columbia.
Let's review. Thompson carried a loaded handgun into the security checkpoint at the Senate building in "Gun Free" DC. The gun did not belong to him, and he was arrested for his troubles. Now he is deemed innocent of the charges without having to fight a moment in court.

Color of law has favorable shades. The only difference between Thompson and us mere mortals is that he works for a Noble and is protected by that nobility. Nobles are often beyond reproach simply because of they have these shades, and apparently that extends down to aides to Nobles.

This wouldn't be the first time.

Methinks the outcome of this "investigation" would have been different if you or I got caught carrying in DC, not to mention taking the cursed pistol into the halls of the Senate. My question is do you think that the wheels of justice put a bit of delay on this to give Sir Webb enough time to get out of the spotlight lest it darken his favorable shade?

Personally, I think the silly law banning commoners from carrying any firearm anywhere are ghey. But there is no "reasonable doubt" that Webb's aide got the special treatment just because his boss is a Noble.