Thursday, September 3, 2009

DC's youth to learn their place

Nothing like indoctrinating the youngins early on as to who owns the place.
Now, Gates said, young people will get written warnings for minor offenses as long as they comply with police and show identification proving they are under 18. If they don't, they can then be arrested, she said.
What could possibly go wrong? That city has a violence problem that stems from a social disorder; putting a boot in the necks of the next generation to take over is not the way to change that.

I'm all about citizens being safe in their day to day travels, and I do recognize that teenagers can be scumbags from time to time, but do you really think that putting up a snitch line for passengers to call is going to stop any sort of crime? What do you think is going to happen from all of this? The article already list one screwup from this sort of thing; who wants to hear about more?
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