Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Never let a crisis go to waste

A "pandemic response bill" currently making its way through the Massachusetts state legislature would allow authorities to forcefully quarantine citizens in the event of a health emergency, compel health providers to vaccinate citizens, authorize forceful entry into private dwellings and destruction of citizen property and impose fines on citizens for noncompliance.
This sort of stuff is not just coming from Massachusetts. And I don't care how well intentioned you think your political party is, they are experts at using fear or other human emotions to help pass laws they think may be beneficial to society.

The prospect of a Biological threat, whether natural or not, or any other Weapon of Mass Destruction/Man Made Disaster/OMFG Terrorist ATTACK!!! is a new found hobby horse for politicos to ride down their well intentioned road to hell. I don't plan on coming along for the ride.

I point this out as somewhat of an insider, and I ask you to pay a-freaking-attention to what your congresscritter is up to because many of them think that this sort of thing is warranted in such cases. They take it as common sense that you would want to surrender your rights as a sovereign citizen to "authorities" in a CBRN/WMD event because how the hell are you going to know what to do. If you think that everything is going to be A-OK, that your friendly Jack Bauer federal agent will lead you to the well orchestrated high tech decon site where yellow suited guys will make the bad thing stop, then I'm here to tell you you've lost your mind.
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