Thursday, September 24, 2009

There's a term that gets thrown around a lot

Weapon of Mass Destruction:
Rachelle Lynette Carlock admitted to using a pipe bomb — a weapon of mass destruction — to commit a crime, along with co-defendants Eric Reginald Robinson and Ella Louise Sanders, FOX 5 San Diego reported.
Destructive device is a far better term, noting that they are labeled that as well. As far as being capable of mass destruction, this is usually what comes to mind when one considers destruction on a massive scale.

A pipe bomb may be used to cause injury/death to several, but a "WMD" (stupid term) is used to cause injury/death to several thousand or more. There's no comparison.

However, since the California prosecutor is not hesitant to label them as such, and this woman freely admits to actually detonating several of such a devices in a public place, one has to wonder why she only gets 30 years. I mean, the U.S. attorney actually thinks this is a tough sentence:
"This prosecution serves as a reminder that the law imposes very stern penalties for the unlawful use of bombs, explosives or other destructive devices."
A wopping 30 years?!?! Really?! If you think I'm just a little too harsh, think about this: next time you're standing in line at DMV with your kids, look to the 57 year old lady standing behind you and imagine her as the gal recently paroled from prison for detonating three bombs in a public building, and plotting to detonate several more.

Would you still trust someone like that to walk about freely in society? She would be prohibited by federal law from legally purchasing a firearm - not that she wouldn't be able to get one, mind you - but there is nothing to stop someone from buying or making bomb making equipment.

It's not possible; although I wouldn't put it past California lawmakers to try.

Dangerous people like this shouldn't get a second chance. Piss poor sentences ensure that they get released back into the wild while politicians, prosecutors, and citizens bitch when they get ahold of a weapon and kill a bunch of people.

Stop letting them out!
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