Monday, September 28, 2009

Upstanding California citizen shoots knife wielding madman

And by upstanding citizen, I actually mean a police officer:

The residents in the bedroom were told to move away from the bedroom door, but the man with the knife opened the door and raised the knife over his head. The officer, who perceived a threat, shot the man several times, police said.

Police Chief Louis Fetherolf said the shooting appears to be justified.

What powers of perception! I sure wish I had such powers; to be able to tell that the residents of a home were cowering in a corner from a lunatic with a big ass knife. Must be some sort of special training that mere California citizens can't possibly understand.

Powerful. Powerful.

Oh, and there's this:
It is currently unknown why the man had the large knife.
I'm sure it was for something especially nefarious. But what do I know; I don't possess the secret madman perception decoder ring.

And with that out of the way: I do appreciate the good guy defeating the bad guy. That's how it should be. It would just be nice for California citizens to be included in the good guy category every once in awhile, instead of being the cowering helpless victims who can't survive an attack unless someone saves them.
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