Friday, July 31, 2009

Anti-gun Paypal hates the military

I've known for awhile now that Paypal is anti-gun, but I had no idea that they would let their bigotry hurt our nations Heroes.

Go over to The Smallest Minority and check out what the big deal is. There is even a phone number posted so that you can conveniently shame Paypal for their stupidity.

Someone should pull their firearm registration!

A 44-year-old District man and his 25-year-old nephew from Clinton have been accused of robbing four banks in the D.C. suburbs over the past year, along with a Dunkin Donuts location.


Proctor said Waddle participated in all six, brandishing the gun at the donut shop and driving the getaway car at the bank robberies.

Isn't that why DC residents have to register their guns? So that when they kill people or rob banks that the police know where to find them and take away the gun?

I thought it was as simple as that.


The Bitter Rifleman

I tried to take the .308 out again yesterday afternoon and I ended the day in seething bitterness. To those who know me personally that wouldn't be surprising. Bitterness is a hallmark of my character.

I have built the most high performance rifle I can financially muster, and I didn't do it to be imprisoned by one hundred yards. To me, one hundred yards is for sighting in, muzzle loaders, and for people who only hunt with the 'thuty thuty.'

I want more.

There was a time when I could take my rifle to any one of numerous fields and power lines and shoot as far as the eye can see, but those days have long past. Those fields and such have been leveled to make way for subdivisions to house all of Virginia's illegals and to make room for the hippies that can no longer find a place to live in Fairfax. Out of those on my side of the family, I'm the only one with a yard the size of a snowflake and the only one with the motivation and initiative to make a long straight line with which to direct high velocity pieces of copper. It burns me to have the will but not the space.

You would think that with the passion for shooting that everyone in my family possesses, that we would have our shit together and have kick ass facilities. You would think.

These days I get about two hours a month to do what I want to do, and I hate to piss away the first hour soaked in sweat while swinging a machete or pulling trees with my truck and a chain. I want to be able to shoot.

Such is how things went yesterday. I'm using the Optimal Charge Weight technique to find the ideal load for my .308, and I blew it because things went Tango Uniform during my shoot. I had to pack it up early.

I was standing in the mud in the middle of the woods; my chrono was not taking readings like it's supposed to; my groups sucked; and when one of my rounds clipped one of the chrono stakes because it was slowly turning during the shoot, I threw in the towel. Really it didn't matter; I didn't have the time to finish anyways.

I think it's time to find a pay-to-shoot range that offers some distance. At least until I can sell my house and move the hell out of Virginia. That's not likely to be any time soon; I bought my house about eight months before the housing market took a shit on us all, so I lost quite a bit on it. Now is the time to start looking though, and my requirements are to be able to walk outside on my back porch and shoot a thousand yards or better without pansy ass rich people from the state's most ritzy neighborhood calling the Sheriff's Department on me. Oh, and I don't want to pay a quarter of a million dollars for an acre like here in Virginia, and it has to be a gun friendly state.

Any ideas?

Thursday, July 30, 2009

When you can't ban them with law. . .

. . . why not use a treaty?
Bolton spoke at the U.N., declaring that the United States would never join a treaty that violated the Second Amendment rights of American citizens. That treaty never died, however. Anti-gun forces at the U.N. continue to push for adoption of this global gun ban treaty and for the U.S. to join it.
A Federal Bill has to go to the House floor for a vote, but a treaty only goes to the Senate. And again, the government doesn't need to ban guns to ban guns. There are so many other ways.

The gun rights community is really at its strongest right now, but I'm afraid that most folks are only paying attention to run-of-the-mill legislation that would threaten their rights, and not every angle of approach.

You have to protect your flanks too.

And once a Marine, always a Marine

Semper Fi sir!

Last summer, Frank DeAngelis, a New Jersey resident and World War II veteran constructed a simple but elegant shadow box for the family of Marine Sgt. Joshua Frazier. The box, given to Frazier's mother, Shelia Cutshall of Spotsylvania County, contained the medals, patches and shooting awards the 24-year-old Marine earned before he died in Iraq in 2007.

DeAngelis, 83, is making one for every Marine killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, as long as he is able.

This story is definitely worth your time. Men like this a few and far between these days.

My Bambi slayer

I've been able to get out and shoot my .308 some since I finished building it, and I'm getting pretty close to finding the load that I'm going to use on Bambi this year. Some might find it interesting that I built that rifle specifically to hunt with, and threw in some long range performance stuff for good measure.

I know some consider it taboo to even own such a deadly beast. I've already been told by naysayers that "people don't use those rifles to hunt with." I do; and I even sold my Winchester Model 70 - the rifleman's rifle - in .300 Winchester Magnum to help finance the .308. I've been told that "what do you need forty rounds for to kill a deer?" Well boy genius, Virginia, like most states, limits rifle capacity for hunting to five in the gun. Fortunately I was able to purchase four round magazines for that purpose.

Load development can be a tedious task, and my quest for accuracy for the hunting load is almost over. I've been posting over at Practical Riflery Forums about the last two shoots. For a complete rundown go on over there and check it out.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

So screwed

Troxler, who is scheduled to be in Spotsylvania General District Court Monday on another driving without a license charge, was placed in the Rappahannock Regional Jail without bond.

The other suspect was identified as 25-year-old Randall Allen Lane of Stafford.

He is charged with the same offenses except for the driving charge.

Lane was free on bond as the result of a June 4 arrest in Spotsylvania on a burglary charge, court records show. He was supposed to appear in court next month to name an attorney.

One would think that in light of pending charges, these two would have postponed the armed robbery of Papa John's pizza for another day. Fortunately they went ahead with their plan and got caught, and I suspect that Spotsylvania residents won't have to worry about them for fifteen or twenty years.

I have to laugh at their use of a BB gun for the robbery. If they didn't have charges pending, their sentence would likely be less. I don't think the judge is going to have much sympathy though.

Civilians with machine guns!!!!!!

Defending their homes from the Taliban in Pakistan.

Pictures are worth a thousand words.

I notice that even Pakistani youth are packing AKs. And I can't help but smile seeing a pistol that was built in the 19th century, with every square inch of bluing worn off, still being used to fend off the bad guys.

Good stuff!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Thank the Lord that this gunman didn't have any.

No mention of whether the gun was registered with the Maryland State Police (sarcasm people).

Wow. I'm at a loss for words.

MOBILE, Ala. — Police in Mobile, Ala., used pepper spray and a Taser on a deaf, mentally disabled who they said wouldn't leave a store's bathroom.
I still can't understand why the Taser is considered a compliance tool. I thought it was designed to be used in incidences where deadly force would be justified, but the Taser just may save the day without bloodshed. And to think that now Taser offers a repeater.

And what possible harm could come from someone taking too much time in the bathroom?

Wait, don't answer that. Dumb question.

Down with the sickness: The Reckoning

So yesterday I woke up and didn't feel 100%, but I didn't feel like I needed to call into work or anything. As I was leaving the house, I felt that familiar feeling in the right side of my back where my kidney is and knew that I had another kidney stone to pass.

No big deal to me; I pass them fairly frequently, but they're small ones. I got hung up on one a few years back that put me in the hospital in a level of pain that I just can't describe, and I dreaded the day that I had to go through that again.

A few miles into my commute to work I realized that that day had come, and that the pain was coming on faster than last time. I was too far from the hospital to drive myself, so I had to make it home. By the time I turned around I was having trouble driving my truck.

I made it home, and my wife took me to the local hospital. The pain was beyond agonizing; it was more like crippling. That's the only way I can describe it. Sweat mixed with tears, snot, and spit as I writhed in pain on a freaking hospital bed waiting for pain meds that don't work. I could never be an addict because prescribed pain medication, even the strong IV types, have zero effect on me. It's my curse.

Sometimes some obscure medicine will work on me, which is what happened when they gave me some type of IV anti-inflammatory. The pain finally went away. Now my filtration system is all jacked up, and the worst part of it is that the stone has only made it to my bladder; it still has one final journey to go!

Yeah, ow!

There's no telling when that will go down. Last time it took two weeks. Good times.

Wish me luck!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Bloodless self defense in Stafford, VA

An 89 year old man ran off four home intruders without firing a shot, even after they knocked him to the ground.

Major David Decatur of the Stafford County Sheriff's Department noted that the man would have been acting lawfully if he had shot them all dead; and one neighbor said that she would have shot him. I found it funny that she started to say that she had a concealed carry permit - at least it sounded like it to me - and had no remorse for those guys.

I wonder why the scumbags didn't just simply take that man's weapon away and use it against him. They had to have been thoroughly trained in victim weapon takeaway when they attended scumbag school.

Closing the mental health loophole

Remember that executive order that VA Governor Tim Kaine signed that would make it freakin impossible for those who have been deemed mentally ill from buying a firearm, supposedly to stop scumbags like Cho?

Well, how is it supposed to work when the mental health records have been missing for over two years because they've been sitting on someone's desk in their home?
Missing mental health records for the Virginia Tech gunman have been discovered in the home of the former director of the university's counseling center, according to the Associated Press.
Keep making us safe!

Scumbag NBC4 writer unglued over GOP candidate

Crabill recently attended one of those "Tea Parties," where conservatives like to meet up and complain about Barack Obama for an afternoon. In an address to fellow rally-mates, Crabill stressed the importance of this November's state elections in stopping Marxism. But hey, if it doesn't work, she suggested, we can always have a violent revolution to overthrow the government -- it's what the Founding Fathers wanted all along!
Just so you know, writer Jim Newell is a delusional moonbat that gets overwhelming criticism in comments on just about every single childish post that he writes. He should be embarrassed, but yet he keeps on. This post is no different.

He links to a video of Catherine Crabill talking in the sort of strong language that was the standard when this country was founded, and tries to paint her as a kook - which she may well be for all I know. I didn't see anything to write home to mamma about; the left has been known to use tough talk to whip up a frenzy too, like over their hatred for the last president. Let's not forget.

People attend rallies to talk shit and get excited; it's the whole purpose. Newell apparently thinks that the Tea Parties are places for folks to sit around and talk quietly amongst themselves while they paint each others faces, get high, have sex, and talk about the peaceful type of revolution.

He then goes on to say something about the 2nd Amendment being about lobsters, grizzly bears, and the French. I'm a little confused there. I posted a comment to hopefully set him straight on the matter; and if you bother to click on the piece I suggest that you leave him a loving note as well. Oh, and no need to be gentle with him, here are some examples of the comments that he's used to receiving:

Hey Newell, does Mommy still tuck you in everynight? Got the nightlight on so the monsters can't get you? You are a putz !! - JB

Jim Newell is a friggin' idiot. What a piece of garbage. - John Boy

I have to agree with her, our forefathers were not talking about hunting game with the 2nd amendment. I hope your the first one she shoots jimmy. - thats right

You prove yourself much more ignorant in this article than anything she says....Your piece is more propagandic than anything this woman said. - Jason

It only gets worse from there.

They're getting younger these days

Scumbags, I mean.

A 12-year-old boy was charged with abducting a 20-year-old woman waiting for an elevator at a Woodbridge office building.

Yes, a 12-year-old boy.

He may be man sized, but he is just a kid. Too bad he will find out how small he actually is in a juvenile detention center. I'm sure we will be hearing about him again in the future.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hoppes has lost me as a customer until further notice

Hey Hoppes, would it kill ya to maybe put your product (#9) in a freakin bottle that doesn't leak all over my range bag every time I go out, making me high when I get into my truck after leaving the bag in the back overnight?

We have technology to send a man to the moon and give a human a new heart; why the hell can't you guys spend the extra nickel and use a leak proof bottle?!?! The technology is there people!

Right now my house stinks because I left my range bag on the counter last night.

Lite blogging

I'll be wrapped up in some stuff for the next couple of days. Blogging will be lite.

Justice with a dose of stupidity

A 16 year old (at the time) wannabe thug who shot five classmates on a bus killing one of them was sentenced to 100 years in prison.


The victim's dad, a former Chicago cop, commented that Michael Pace should serve every day of the sentence.


The dad has also become a gun control advocate since Pace went on his shooting spree.

Wait, what?

To give you an idea of what happened, this all went down in Chicago in 2007 when a 15 year old (at the time) boy illegally sold Pace an illegally owned handgun, and Pace illegally took possession of it and set out to illegally kill another gang member, but instead illegally shot up a bus and five people, murdering one (illegally). All of this in a city that has banned handgun ownership, and in a state that has made it illegal to carry a handgun, as well as the whole minor in possession thing.

So rightfully aggrieved dad wants to make handgun ownership more illegal. Awesome. Like throwing a bucket of water on a ship fire.

I don't understand people sometimes.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Oh, if we could only ban ban the guns!

Then convicted murderers couldn't buy a handgun after they're paroled and illegally sell it to someone under age who would then use it to murder someone and then commit suicide.

It's cool how common sense is so. . . . common!

I didn't really get into the weeds on the murder of Steve McNair because it wasn't all that interesting, but I find it odd that a man convicted of second degree murder for killing someone during an armed robbery - one of three I might add - would be walking the streets in the first place. Um. . . why don't we put murderers away for ever?

Adrian Gilliam was convicted in 1993, and he looks not much older than me. Is ten years all some innocent life is worth? It looks as though "He may face up to 10 years in prison for selling Kazemi the gun."

What a joke.

Rev. Michael Pfleger "very sad by this reality"

The nasty Reverend, with tears in his eyes, had to face the cameras last night regarding the shooting of two teens at an anti-violence event at his "Gun Free" "Place of Safety."

Well, it's not a very effective anti-violence event if people get shot there, now is it? Feeling a little violated? I bet it doesn't occur to him about how violated thousands of Chicagoans feel when they're sacred places are invaded and shot up, and they have no way to resist because of silly do-nothing measures that the Reverend himself has helped push.

Boo-friggin-hoo. Own it sir!

Funny how he gets his face on CNN to harp about banning those blasted assault thingies, even though it appears that handguns were used; although he says he's not against the second amendment.


So you're not against ownership of firearms, but you want to use this shooting as a tool to take away an entire genre of firearms owned by millions of Americans that are rarely used in crimes, and not at all used in this crime? What kind of logic to priests get to smoke these days?

Maybe he should instead ask Washington to push a law banning the shooting of teens within five miles of churches or schools. Common sense, no? But don't worry, the good father has put out a reward for the capture of the gunman, and that cop outside the church sending text messages is going to catch him any minute now.

I wonder if Rev. Pfleger will call on the community to "snuff him out?"

Friday, July 17, 2009

Marine vs. Mountain Lion

CODY, Wyoming — A man says he used his chainsaw to fight off a starving mountain lion that attacked him while he was camping in the Shoshone National Forest.
Now that's hard core!!

Teen kills home intruder

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Police have converged on home in northwest Houston where a teenager reportedly shot and killed a burglar. Police were called to that home on Kerrwood Lane near Peppermill around 7:30am. When they got there, they found the suspect dead.
How it should be. The boy is sixteen; and his dad, who is a former "Coast Guard weapons specialist," taught his son gun safety, and some responsibility.

Good stuff.

"Gun Free" Chicago

The Chicago police superintendent says so far there has been an officer-involved shooting every day this month.
My emphasis.

Maybe there should be a law? Make it not only illegal for criminals to own firearms in the city, but make it illegal to point them at cops! Then the criminals would stop! Everybody wins!

Yaaaay Win!!

But wait, there's more:
"The level of violence being shown toward police officers is extraordinarily disturbing. People are trying to murder police officers left and right. And if you think about it, if they will do that to a uniformed officer, what will they do to innocent civilians on the street> And that's why we need the community to work with us," said Supt. Jody Weis, Chicago Police.
And therein lies an answer to the unasked question. What is the real problem? Chicago has a scumbag problem, not a gun problem. You have scumbags who have no consideration for human life. How many innocent Chicagoans have been shot and/or killed this year? Probably more than cops. And if I lived in that violent city, for whatever reason, and the cops there enforced illegal laws that disarmed me and put my family in danger, you can bet that I would not work with the police.

Why should I? So the scumbag that I snitch on, that gets arrested and jailed for nine months, can get paroled early and gun down my entire family? Not likely.

Fix the scumbag problem, and quit disarming the good guys.

Preventable death

Officers responding to a report of elder abuse around 11 p.m. Wednesday forced their way into a home at 10587 Greenford Drive, near Hillery Drive, when they heard screaming inside and found Gianine "Gia" Desiderio holding a knife to the neck of her mother, Helen Desiderio, in a rear bedroom, said San Diego police homicide Capt. Jim Collins.
The cops killed the knife weilding woman, as they should have with the situation given.

So what's the problem? How about this:

One officer told 10News that police have been called to the residence for over 20 different incidents involving Gia Desiderio, with one incident involving a TV being thrown by the daughter out of a window.

Gia Desiderio was sentenced to 6 months in custody after a guilty plea to elder abuse last year, 10News learned.

Stop. Letting. These. People. Out. Of. Jail.

Simple, no?

If the cops are called on me for drunkenly punching my mother in the face twice a year, don't you think that on about the third time they ought to put me away for good? The irresponsibility of this woman was apparent, and it was only a matter of time before she escalated her violence to something deadly.

Upstanding Maryland citizen shoots armed scumbag

And by upstanding, I actually mean an off duty US Capitol Police officer:

The altercation involved an off-duty military police officer and his roommate, Baxter said. The roommate managed to get the MP's handgun and began firing it in a parking lot as the off-duty Capitol officer was driving into the area, Baxter said.

The Capitol officer and the man exchanged gunfire. Both were wounded, as well as the off-duty military police officer, Baxter said.

Good on the cop for doing his duty as a human being by protecting another citizen. I only reflect criticism on the fact that Maryland infringes on the rights of its residents to carry a firearm to protect themselves from similar situations.

Warlike man hunting shotguns on sale in NJ!!!

"This individual came fully ready to go to war with us. This is not a normal shotgun. . .this is not a street weapon. . .this is one that's meant to hunt nothing other than man, and he decided to put these cops under fire."
Jersey City, NJ Police Chief Thomas Comey sure knows his shit!

Please tell me Chief, was the man hunting shotgun a "tactical" model? Was it painted black with airbrushed images of ninjas on the stock or something? Did he load it with 'twenty-ought' Manshot sprayed with Teflon?

What a jackass.

I've heard cops say the most ridiculous things in reference to firearms. Just because their job includes carrying a handgun does not mean that they are any more qualified than anyone else on firearms in general.

Now to look at the bright side, all five officers survived, and they managed to kill both scumbags. One of the officers even took not one, but TWO rounds of Manshot to the face. Yikes!

Update: The officer that was shot twice is not expected to live. Pray for his family.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Your daily dose of stupid

The study recommends requiring new officers and enlisted personnel to be tobacco-free, eliminating tobacco use on military installations, ships and aircraft, expanding treatment programs and eliminating the sale of tobacco on military property."

Any tobacco use while in uniform should be prohibited," the study said.

Now that's an all new level of brilliant! We have our nations youth volunteering to fight and kill people, and we arm them to that end with the most deadly things imaginable, and these retards think that it would be cool to stop smokers from relieving their stress in order to save health care costs.

Slow down there skippy. Think about what you're saying. Like, a third of the military smokes, and probably close to another third dips, and those numbers climb when they get shot at day in and day out, and now you douchebags who have never been shot at want to tell the Pentagon that they should take these things away from these men and women? During wartime? While they're driving jets, tanks, carrying machine guns, killing people every day?

As a former smoker who has been in a war zone, I can say that taking away cigarettes would cause an almost instant mutiny. That someone would actually suggest it is amazing.

Fortunately that idea got scrapped.

Welcome to your nation's capitol!

"There were so many gunshots being fired, my family got down," said Robert Drumm of Oklahoma, who was touring the nation's capital with his family.
Sounds like it was a pretty nasty firefight at the U.S. Capitol. I wonder if his weapon was properly registered.

Other tourists were taking cover as well. They're lucky they didn't go for a scenic tour of beautiful South East DC.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


On Sunday morning, the brother loaded a Remington 20-gauge shotgun with a round used for trap shooting, troopers said.

"When they got there they discovered that a 9-year-old had shot a 6-year-old with a shotgun," said Lt. Gib Morrissey.

A little bit of common sense would have gone a long ways. Fortunately the girl will live.

Passing some law about safety locks won't stop incidents like this, and would more than likely put many more people in danger than it would theoretically protect.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Black Bear crime

Again, in VA.

This begs the question of what to do if you're in a grocery store and you are attacked by a bear? Maybe I'll post a comment at Michael Bane's blog asking him if that's something he could cover on The Best Defense!!

Tazer crime

In Prince William County, VA.

Well, it is a safer way to get people to comply. Safer than just outright shooting them to death, anyways. But that's just me being the optimist.

A new piece in my life

Sometime in all of my traveling fury, I found time to pick up my new premier carry gun:

I have long been on the lookout for a railed 5" 1911, and had high hopes to catch either a Springfield Operator or Kimber TLE/RL II on a shelf somewhere. The Kimber won the day.

A week or so earlier, I had looked at a Springfield Mil-Spec at my local Ganderous Mountainous and offered up my Nuclear (SA Ultra Compact V-10) 1911 to offset the cost, but those crooks basically told me to just give them my gun in return for paying $50 above everyone else's price on the Mil-Spec. I loath Gander Mountain, so I not-so-tactfully declined their counter offer.

I've put an initial 150 rounds or so through the Kimber so far, and I am happy with my switch back to a 1911. My first carry gun was the Nuclear 1911, and I discovered that I shoot 1911s well. Later on I switched to Glocks for awhile; with my first Glock being a model 20 in 10mm. What a pistol. I regretfully had to sell that one when the company I worked for went Tango Uniform and left me without a couple months pay. Next I bought a Glock 17, and not too long after bought a model 26. I still have both. The 17 stays at home, and the 26 is currently TAD while protecting a family member from two and four legged predators, as well as no legged predators (Snakes. Don't ask).

I have now gone full circle and come back to the weapon that I shoot so well. Though I am a Glock advocate, I am not a fanboy, as I understand the pros and cons of any firearm. I tend to shoot Glocks a tad high from the draw; something that I correct with the 1911. This gun is definitely a shooter, and I need to start gearing up to reload so that I can afford to feed it. 45 ACP is hard to find these days.

When I get a day to do a full shoot with several types of ammo, I'll post a range report.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Stretching the truth

So police officer deaths are pretty much at the lowest point since 1965 - something to applaud - but Kevin Johnson of USA Today really tries his hardest to make it seem like the sky is falling.

When we get right down to it, there are way more cops on the street than at anytime in the last four decades, and less cops are getting killed while doing their jobs. That's good. Report that.

Stop manipulating people by telling them that more cops are getting shot to death when they're not. You might as well tell the public that there is an alarming amount of white, male, 10 year veteran cops that are 5' 11" getting killed with their own weapons. Just because it's true doesn't mean you need to wave it around in an effort to scare people.


A careful word to would be robbers: when using a toy gun to rob a store, at least take off the orange tip.

Maybe Mayor Bloomberg was on to something? (I kid, I kid)

Hi there!

I was off the grid last week; more than I had anticipated. In case you were wondering, I travel a lot. I'm gone more these days than I am home. On top of that, my tribe of little people is getting bigger, so they demand a lot of attention.

This week looks like it should be calm, so perhaps I can get in some blogging time.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Stand back citizen!!! Captain Security is here!!!

In a videotape obtained by CNN, a covert GAO inspector places a bag containing bomb components on an X-ray machine conveyor belt and then walks through a magnetometer at an unidentified federal building. Unlike some covert tests that use simulated explosives, the GAO used actual bomb components in the test and publicly available information "to identify a type of device that a terrorist could use" to damage a building.
Whooooohooooo! Aren't you glad that security is so friggin tight at federal buildings and airports?

In case you can't really grasp what is going on here: the thuggish fondling that you get by underpaid federal goons while at the security counter is all for show. The douchebags with badges but no authority that are busy scanning breast milk and confiscating hoop earrings and Medals of Honor at your airport? They're wasting your time. All of that metal detecting and frisking does nothing to "make you safe," so stop saying that it does when someone asks why you put up with it.

"We knew that the FPS was a troubled agency, but that GAO could penetrate security at these buildings and make bombs without detection is truly shocking," he said.

The security lapses "show a disturbing pattern by the Federal Protective Service of poor training, lapsed documentation, lax management, inconsistent enforcement of security standards and little rigor," added Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, the committee's ranking member.

They go on to rag on the security contractors, but the federal security isn't great either.

So let me ask my several readers an honest question: what is the point in disarming everyone that enters federal property if the .0001% of the population that actually wants to commit a murderous act will still be able to easily smuggle bombs, guns, knives, and other weapons inside?

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

How to stop violent crime

Put dangerous people in prison and keep them there. That's it. Simple, right?

Apparently, not so much.

Burris had a long rap sheet filled with charges such as larceny, forgery and breaking and entering from states across the Southeast, including Florida, Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland. He had been paroled from a North Carolina prison in April after serving nearly eight years.

"Look at this," Lloyd said, waiving a stapled copy of Burris' criminal record. "This is like 25 pages. At some point the criminal justice system is going to need to explain why this suspect was out on the street.

And there you have it folks. He was a perpetual criminal who was locked up and released. Florida, Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland all had there chance to stop him, but they all failed.

How did this killer get a gun? Who cares. There is no way that you can make a habit out of letting an animal like this guy out of prison and expect to stop him from getting a gun with some law. You will only manage to stop the wrong people.

For every violent criminal, there are thousands of good people. You will not stop the killers at the gun counter, but you will stop the good people.

My solution is simple: stop letting them out of prison. The average time served for a violent crime is 5 years, and the average time for murder is just over 12 years. Why is that? Why does a murderer get a second chance? Why is it when a murderer is paroled after serving little more than half of a pathetically short prison sentence that people are so shocked that they kill again?

Stop letting them out.

Some info on the F22 Raptor

You might have heard that the Obama administration won't sign off on any more F22s, and you may have read an article or two from some yahoo about how the F22 sucks.

Well, Ace has come across some insider information that sheds some light on how bad ass the F22 really is.

Nothing like having both perspectives.

Monday, July 6, 2009

M1A/M-14 Porn

Starting from the end and working back, ten pages of modified and old school M14 goodness for your viewing pleasure.

Courtesy of

A bloody Independence Day weekend in DC

Of course, from the headlines you would have no idea that seven people were shot in several incidents in DC this weekend; the news is too busy buzzing about Marion Barry's 875th arrest this year.

Perhaps if the DC police spent less time looking to arrest kids for fireworks violations they would have more time to look for the gang bangers who were using real fireworks.
"Kids are getting hurt, it's not just loud noises," Hernandez said.
No shit? Well, with a whopping two fireworks injuries this year I say it's awesome that DC police spent the weekend saving kids from 2nd degree burns, instead of scouring the city looking for killers. Time well spent!

But have no fear citizens, Councilman Jim Graham is going to completely stop rare incidents like these from ever occurring again with well thought out legislation that will ensure that even more precious police resources are out saving people from themselves:

D.C. Councilman Jim Graham again proposed legislation this year to ban anyone under the age of 16 from buying fireworks in the city. The bill has not yet been voted on.

Steve Hernandez, Graham's legislative director, said the councilman wanted to get a conversation going concerning youths and firework injuries.

Hernandez said Graham's office would continue to work with the D.C. fire department to create legislation curtailing firework use.

How pathetic.

I say that there is no hope in stopping America's decline until DC finally implodes from the weight of its own stupidity.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Independence Day!!

This country may no longer look like what the brave individuals who fought in that war envisioned, but it still lives on. I'd rather be here than anywhere else in the world right now.

Have a great weekend, and be safe out there.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

DC officials celebrate their low homicides

As we approach the halfway point in 2009, there have been 66 homicides by D.C. Police's count. If the current pace continues, the city would finish the year with 134 homicides, which, according to the Washington Post, would be a 45-year low.
Fantastic! That means the murder rate in the district would only be over four times the national average, instead of over five times!

Great work.

Keep in mind that murders increase during the summer - and the short article mentions that. So what they're really trying to say is that if hell does in fact freeze over and murderers stay indoors this summer, than DC can expect their city to have only four and a half times as many murders as neighboring Virginia! Yaaay!

I think I'll pass on taking my family sight seeing in the district this summer.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Lawful shooting in Tulsa, OK

The man being chased began pounding on a neighbor's door for help. That's when police officers say the neighbor came out shooting.

"That man, who had the concealed carry permit, drew his 9-mm semi-automatic pistol, firing several shots, striking the man with the hatchet more than one time," said Tulsa Police Sgt. Clay Ballenger.

Officers say the shooter was hit in the head with the
hatchet, but is expected to be okay.
That he had a CHP is irrelevant if he was on his own property. Either way, it looks like the good guy with a gun made the difference.

CNN still flogging the Mexican Gun Farce

The agreement between Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives will result in a more effective fight against the flood of U.S. weapons that provide Mexican drug cartels with more than 90 percent of their firearms.
I thought the NINETY PERCENT OF GUNS garbage was widely known to be debunked.

That only leaves two reasons why CNN Justice Producer Terry Frieden - the author of this piece - would include it in his article: either he doesn't know, which makes him incompetent, or he is lying, which makes him a scumbag.

With the track record the news has nowadays, take your pick.

National Parks are not always safe

I found this article on CNN's website about two campers who were murdered four years ago in a National Forest.

The article interested me because I believe that National Parks are not as safe as people may think; and despite what critics say, I don't think that disarming the populace before they enter a public place is smart policy.

With this article, I point out that carrying a gun on this land was legal. The son of the victims opines that the killer could have been a hunter:
"Whoever did this to my mom and Steven knew these woods well," said Gary Bauman, Jeanette Bauman's son. "Obviously, there are people in the woods with guns, maybe hunters, but I believe my mom and Steven were just at the wrong place at the wrong time."
I think that's a stretch. There is always the small likelihood that a hunter could negligently shoot someone thinking that they're a critter, but a hunter wouldn't kill two people and their dog.

Here is more from the son:

He is not certain whether Bauman and Haugen were armed but said his mother does not own a gun.

"It's possible Steven may have a handgun, as often campers do for protection from bears," he noted.

If Steven owned a handgun, why would he leave it at home? I know there's a visceral reaction amongst those who have never shot a gun that would make them scratch their heads at my question, but I'm asking from the simple point of view that it makes no sense to have the ability to repel two and four legged creatures and leave that ability behind. Humans are at the top of the food chain because we're smarter than the beasts in the field. There is nothing malicious or evil about having the means to keep critters that would kill you at arms distance.

There could be other reasons, like that maybe he owned a .22 pistol and knew it wouldn't be of much help. Who knows for sure now. The take away from this is that vast lands are full of savage things that can kill or maim you, and being prepared is not a bad thing.