Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Bambi slayer

I've been able to get out and shoot my .308 some since I finished building it, and I'm getting pretty close to finding the load that I'm going to use on Bambi this year. Some might find it interesting that I built that rifle specifically to hunt with, and threw in some long range performance stuff for good measure.

I know some consider it taboo to even own such a deadly beast. I've already been told by naysayers that "people don't use those rifles to hunt with." I do; and I even sold my Winchester Model 70 - the rifleman's rifle - in .300 Winchester Magnum to help finance the .308. I've been told that "what do you need forty rounds for to kill a deer?" Well boy genius, Virginia, like most states, limits rifle capacity for hunting to five in the gun. Fortunately I was able to purchase four round magazines for that purpose.

Load development can be a tedious task, and my quest for accuracy for the hunting load is almost over. I've been posting over at Practical Riflery Forums about the last two shoots. For a complete rundown go on over there and check it out.

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