Friday, July 17, 2009

Warlike man hunting shotguns on sale in NJ!!!

"This individual came fully ready to go to war with us. This is not a normal shotgun. . .this is not a street weapon. . .this is one that's meant to hunt nothing other than man, and he decided to put these cops under fire."
Jersey City, NJ Police Chief Thomas Comey sure knows his shit!

Please tell me Chief, was the man hunting shotgun a "tactical" model? Was it painted black with airbrushed images of ninjas on the stock or something? Did he load it with 'twenty-ought' Manshot sprayed with Teflon?

What a jackass.

I've heard cops say the most ridiculous things in reference to firearms. Just because their job includes carrying a handgun does not mean that they are any more qualified than anyone else on firearms in general.

Now to look at the bright side, all five officers survived, and they managed to kill both scumbags. One of the officers even took not one, but TWO rounds of Manshot to the face. Yikes!

Update: The officer that was shot twice is not expected to live. Pray for his family.

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