Monday, July 20, 2009

Rev. Michael Pfleger "very sad by this reality"

The nasty Reverend, with tears in his eyes, had to face the cameras last night regarding the shooting of two teens at an anti-violence event at his "Gun Free" "Place of Safety."

Well, it's not a very effective anti-violence event if people get shot there, now is it? Feeling a little violated? I bet it doesn't occur to him about how violated thousands of Chicagoans feel when they're sacred places are invaded and shot up, and they have no way to resist because of silly do-nothing measures that the Reverend himself has helped push.

Boo-friggin-hoo. Own it sir!

Funny how he gets his face on CNN to harp about banning those blasted assault thingies, even though it appears that handguns were used; although he says he's not against the second amendment.


So you're not against ownership of firearms, but you want to use this shooting as a tool to take away an entire genre of firearms owned by millions of Americans that are rarely used in crimes, and not at all used in this crime? What kind of logic to priests get to smoke these days?

Maybe he should instead ask Washington to push a law banning the shooting of teens within five miles of churches or schools. Common sense, no? But don't worry, the good father has put out a reward for the capture of the gunman, and that cop outside the church sending text messages is going to catch him any minute now.

I wonder if Rev. Pfleger will call on the community to "snuff him out?"

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