Thursday, July 30, 2009

When you can't ban them with law. . .

. . . why not use a treaty?
Bolton spoke at the U.N., declaring that the United States would never join a treaty that violated the Second Amendment rights of American citizens. That treaty never died, however. Anti-gun forces at the U.N. continue to push for adoption of this global gun ban treaty and for the U.S. to join it.
A Federal Bill has to go to the House floor for a vote, but a treaty only goes to the Senate. And again, the government doesn't need to ban guns to ban guns. There are so many other ways.

The gun rights community is really at its strongest right now, but I'm afraid that most folks are only paying attention to run-of-the-mill legislation that would threaten their rights, and not every angle of approach.

You have to protect your flanks too.


Seth said...

I've been talking about CIFTA non-stop for about the last three months. Not surprisingly, not many had heard of it beforehand.

Unknown said...

What, you mean the news isn't all over it?