Friday, July 24, 2009

Scumbag NBC4 writer unglued over GOP candidate

Crabill recently attended one of those "Tea Parties," where conservatives like to meet up and complain about Barack Obama for an afternoon. In an address to fellow rally-mates, Crabill stressed the importance of this November's state elections in stopping Marxism. But hey, if it doesn't work, she suggested, we can always have a violent revolution to overthrow the government -- it's what the Founding Fathers wanted all along!
Just so you know, writer Jim Newell is a delusional moonbat that gets overwhelming criticism in comments on just about every single childish post that he writes. He should be embarrassed, but yet he keeps on. This post is no different.

He links to a video of Catherine Crabill talking in the sort of strong language that was the standard when this country was founded, and tries to paint her as a kook - which she may well be for all I know. I didn't see anything to write home to mamma about; the left has been known to use tough talk to whip up a frenzy too, like over their hatred for the last president. Let's not forget.

People attend rallies to talk shit and get excited; it's the whole purpose. Newell apparently thinks that the Tea Parties are places for folks to sit around and talk quietly amongst themselves while they paint each others faces, get high, have sex, and talk about the peaceful type of revolution.

He then goes on to say something about the 2nd Amendment being about lobsters, grizzly bears, and the French. I'm a little confused there. I posted a comment to hopefully set him straight on the matter; and if you bother to click on the piece I suggest that you leave him a loving note as well. Oh, and no need to be gentle with him, here are some examples of the comments that he's used to receiving:

Hey Newell, does Mommy still tuck you in everynight? Got the nightlight on so the monsters can't get you? You are a putz !! - JB

Jim Newell is a friggin' idiot. What a piece of garbage. - John Boy

I have to agree with her, our forefathers were not talking about hunting game with the 2nd amendment. I hope your the first one she shoots jimmy. - thats right

You prove yourself much more ignorant in this article than anything she says....Your piece is more propagandic than anything this woman said. - Jason

It only gets worse from there.

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