Friday, October 31, 2008

Zero tolerance knife laws

An unbelievable proposal, if it weren't for it starting in Massachusetts.

Via David

Heaps of fear

On both sides, actually, but this is funny:
Of course an Obama loss will also spark a 2nd American civil war too...but we know how that would work out since its the right that has all the guns and its pretty dumb to bring paper mache heads and burning effigies to a gunfight.
Via Ace.

A lack of policy

Clearly we need to ban guns on campus so this sort of thing doesn't happen.

Trust me, signs will help.

It must be the gunshows. . .

. . .that are enabling DC teens to purchase guns without background checks, thus causing the violence as the mere possession of a gun makes people loose all self control.

I blame George Bush.

Or these thugs could be using their bare hands or knives to project their power onto the defenseless, in which case the question would be what kind of small portable device could the defenseless carry in order to negate the disparity of force?

Anyone got any suggestions?

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Taking frustration out at the pumps

This man is still not happy with gas prices, but he doesn't have to worry about them now!

There's a shocker

The four scumbags who killed two people at the University of Central Arkansas each had a criminal record, but so far details of their records have not been released. My earlier coverage here.

While Vaden declined to elaborate, he said the defendants each has some sort of criminal record.
As usual. But there are people who think that it's best to release scumbags back into the wild, and then try to keep them from acquiring a firearm with some arbitrary law that stops them at the cash register.

So did they use an evil "assault thingy?"

The men fired at least eight rounds from a semiautomatic pistol, Grumbles said. He declined to say whether or not multiple handguns were used in the shooting.
As a side note, how cool would that be to have the name Grumbles? Anyways, here are the names of the scumbags with the charges:

Kawin Brockman, 19, of Conway; Kelcey Perry, 19, of Morrilton; Mario Toney, 20, of Little Rock; and Brandon Wade, 20, of Lake Village, could face the death penalty or a life sentence if convicted on one of the murder charges. The men also face charges of attempted capital murder, eight counts of terroristic threatening, illegally possessing a firearm, firing a weapon from a car and having a handgun on a public school property.
Well that "Gun Free Zone" policy sure is the nail in the coffin! Charging them with that on top of the capitol and attempted murder charges will buy them an extra month or so in prison! Good work gang!

What the REAL wild west looks like

And the street ain't runnin with blood.

"I saw him coming around the side of the house, so I decided I needed to do something," Schulz said. "I loaded my pistol, I got out of my car, and I told him he needed to stop."
She decided to act on her own. That's not "taking the law into your own hands" folks, it's deciding to not be a victim. She had the cops on the phone and was just waiting for them to show up.

She held him at gunpoint until police arrived.

"He started to step towards me, and he told me, 'Go ahead and shoot me,' so I put the phone like this and I put both hands on my pistol and I told him, 'I will shoot you. Please don't make me,'" Schulz said.

This lady used her single action revolver that she uses for target practice during cowboy action shooting to apprehend a scumbag, and she did it without firing a shot. The scumbag would have surely died had he tried to take that gun away from her.

Good for her. Here is a picture of her gun:

Now think, had this woman been in Chicago she would be either dead or a felon.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A half ass LTE

From the anti-gun Free Lance Star comes a LTE by this genious who claims that Obama will make wonderful change if elected to office by signing life saving strict gun control legislation. His comparison is between Canada and the US. Seriously:

Examine Canada's record. Canada has very strict laws governing gun control. Approximately 200 people were killed with firearms in Canada in 2005.

The records speak for themselves; stricter policies equal less violence.

Well that settles it! Excellent research!

I'm not going to get too far down into the weeds on this one, so I'll just let this Canadian teenager explain Canada's gun control policy to you.

What, we don't use rocksalt anymore?

Man shoots teens who were vandalizing his McCain sign. Not a good idea.

I remember when fooling around on someone's property would land you an ass full of rocksalt from the barrel of the land owner's shotgun. My parents warned me about it as they understood that farmers didn't turn to shooting kids with the stuff unless it was warranted. "Don't *&%$ around on farmer xxxx's property!" Nowadays it would surely bring a lawsuit, but then again, so does shooting trespassers with rifles.

More than I can chew

Sorry about missing Movie guns yet again this week, but life has dealt me more cards than I can play at the moment. I've been meaning to put out some in depth posts, and I've been sitting on a gun test for about four months, but it seems there is no end in sight. I do anticipate some forced time off in the very near future to take care of a new family addition, and then I believe I will have the time for a mega Movie Guns post that will address Liberty's other request, with Hell in a Handbasket giving me a sound choice as well.

Monday, October 27, 2008

More AK47 madness!!

It's tragic that a teen was killed, for sure, but I'd like to point out just the kind of news "facts" that the Brady Campaign likes to point to in regards to "assault weapons."

Here we have a drive-by shooting late at night in the dark, and somehow, amongst the several shots fired, the weapon is identified, but there's zero information about anything else. The two surviving witnesses were diving for cover, yet they know the vehicle was a red Navigator, and that the weapon was an AK47. Call me a skeptic.

The police have found no evidence whatsoever to identify anything in this case, but WSBTV has the murder weapon figured out regardless. Great job over there folks!

Why don't we just hire them to figure out crimes from now on. The link that took me to the article was from CNN and labeled "Assault Weapon shot kills teen." There's a clever title for ya. No doubt this story will be tallied up by the Bradys and added to their next shit piece about "mass produced mayhem."

Gun show tragedy

This story is tragic, but is an anomaly. I have never heard of anyone being shot at a gun show, and I've been going to them my whole life. I've heard of negligent discharges, but I've never seen one myself.

My heart goes out to the family.

Update: It wasn't a gun show, it was a "gun fair" which is a fancy word for what was, basically, a machine gun shoot.

Washington Post publishing a truthful article on firearms?

Who would have thought those scumbags would put out something like this, which fairly covers the recent spike in gun purchases. Opinions in the piece vary from fear of civil disorder, catasrophe, and what most people really fear which is an anti-gun Obama administration.

"People are preparing for catastrophe right now," said Leyshion, 55, of Nokesville. "It's insurance. With the stock market crash and people out of work, and the illegal aliens in this area, the probability of civil disorder is very high."
I think the prospect of Obama getting in office is the real driver. At the gunshow in Fredericksburg Saturday some of the SKSs and AKs had stickers that read "Pre-Obama Prices!!" That should tell you something, or you could just listen to this guy:

"I think right now people are scared Obama is going to take their rights away," said Margaret Marcus, who was carrying a Glock 19 9mm semiautomatic pistol under a blue jean jacket embroidered with "Winnie the Pooh" characters. "He's definitely anti-gun, despite what you see in the mainstream media."
There is one glaring mistake in the article, one that journalistic monkeys get wrong every time, and it's this:
On a recent weekend, a crowd of lookers and buyers milled around in the Virginia Arms Co. in Manassas. Some were shopping for large-capacity magazines, or clips, that attach to firearms and hold additional rounds of ammo. Those were banned during the Clinton administration and became legal again when the ban expired.
Wrong, jackass. The magazines were not banned, or even regulated for that matter. The law made it so new ones could not be manufactured. Get your facts straight.

This is a good article regardless.

Gun violence in Utopia?

Well, I don't think anyone ever considered Newark, NJ to be a Utopia, but they have some serious issues with armed scumbags despite all the worthless laws that are considered to be among the most restrictive in the US.

Simply amazing. What I want to know is why, if New Jersey is such a bastion of gun control, do they need "gun shot sensors" and hundreds of cameras if these laws are so effective? This is exactly why I mock DC, because they desperately cling to their gun laws, make it impossible for the citizens to defend themselves, and for what, exactly?

I'll be waiting on that answer for an eternity.

Another "Gun Free Zone" fail

This time in Arkansas where two people were killed and one wounded. The school was put on "lock down," no doubt to let armed people of the authorized kind scour the campus. No word on text messages or any of the other useless stuff that are now the SOP for school shootings, and my money is on the shooter having some sort of record, but I have nothing other than a hunch.

More when I get it.

Update: Four scumbags have been arrested in connection with this shooting:
The suspects were identified as Kawin Brockton, 19; Kelsey Perry, 19; Mario Toney, 20 and Brandon Wade, 20.
That's all the police will say for now.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Delaware honoring Virginia CHP

VCDL is reporting that Delaware is currently honoring Virginia's handgun permits. From what I'm reading, Virginia and Delaware are working on reciprocity.

Good stuff

Cleveland Gun Rights Examiner

David Codrea's new post in Cleveland Gun Rights Examiner on the defiance of law enforcement of open carry in Ohio is up. I advise all to read it, especially if you're from Virginia where this very same battle is being waged right now.

Clueless student at UMW

This guy should think deep about what he just said concerning the assault of a girl at the University of Mary Washington ten days ago:
"If there had been security cameras, the rape would not have happened," he said. "We would have known what color car the rapist drove and what he looked like, which would have been much better than an artist's rendering. You can only capture so much in a drawing and human memory is only so good."
Genious! So he says cameras would have prevented it, but then says that it would have helped catch the rapist. Are people really this naive? Fortunately, around here, no:
Junior Mike Isaacson agrees with the administration's decision not to install cameras. "I see the administration's point. Yes, [cameras] would be good to help find the guy after the fact, but they couldn't stop what already happened," he said.
And this from the Fredericksburg police department:
According to Fredericksburg police spokesperson Natatia Bledsoe, a security camera would not have deterred the recent sexual assault on the parking deck. "The problem with [security cameras] is that for them to be in real time, there has to be someone watching the screen at all times," Bledsoe said. However, Bledsoe said that while security cameras are not helpful in crime deterrence, one aided investigation of the abduction and murder of local delivery person Yong Hui Zhang in downtown Fredericksburg this July.
And this:
Hurley said other safety factors contributed to the school's decision not to install the cameras. "Their advice was that cameras provide a false sense of security, are incapable of capturing views of all areas of a deck and are not helpful for crime prevention unless you have someone staring at the monitors 24/7 and even then, it does not mean they would prevent crime since it takes time for police to respond to dispatch calls," Hurley said. Hurley added that this decision was supported by the state crime prevention specialist, whom the school safety office hired to inspect the parking deck last week.
Cameras give a false sense of security. Short of snapping a cop with an M4 into a pouch on your side, your best bet is to provide for your own defense with something small, portable and powerful.

This just in!!! DC cannot protect the citizens!!

I know, shocking isn't it? Now DC citizens are looking to other community resources for help:

Our neighborhood has seriously declined and become a less desirable place to live given the threats of criminal-minded juveniles," said Amy Caspari, a Capitol Hill resident whose husband, Matthew, was the victim of an Aug. 12 midday attack by a knife-wielding juvenile on the corner of 17th and C streets Southeast.

Said Mr. Caspari: "It's very frustrating trying to raise two kids when you have this kind of stuff going on."

As a result, Mr. Glick has asked for help from the D.C. chapter of Guardian Angels, a volunteer group of unarmed residents who patrol streets and make citizen arrests, if

For starters, the unarmed Guardian Angels no doubt care ten times more about the safety of DC citizens than the Metro police, but the fact of the matter is that they shouldn't be forced to be unarmed. How do you make a citizens arrest on a knife wielding teen if you don't have equal or greater force to match it? You can't even use pepper spray in DC.

I think the community has turned to the right people for help, but that help should have the ass to make these thug teens know that violence could potentially land them a dirt nap, and by that I mean the citizens should have the choice to go armed, which most probably won't, and that's fine. Nothing pisses me off more than when hippie pacifists say that pro-gun folk advocate arming everybody in order to make the world safer. That is incorrect. Erroneous. Absurd.

The truth is that people like myself want all Americans to have the choice to be armed in order to provide for their own defense, and to prevent nonsense like this from starting in the first place. That does not mean that myself or other gun owners want to be armed in order to take the law into our own hands, nor does it mean that we want to be vigilantes. It only means that we want to be able to hold our own until the cops get there. When criminals see the community, along with the Guardian Angels, patrolling the streets with a means of matching or exceeding the potential force that they were considering using, then they will go elsewhere to find easier fodder.

Meanwhile, in "Gun Free" Mexico

Drug cartels have waged open war in the streets, which is impossible considering the Mexican government's tight regulation of guns. No word on whether this latest violence was caused by the purchase of Super Pistols by Mexican druglords from US gunshows.

Beware of the mighty .22 Derringer

Pizza delivery guy gets ambushed by two scumbags in the dark, and he opens up with his Derringer and saves the day. Not bad for only having two shots in .22 caliber. That whole "criminals will just take your gun away and shoot you with it" mantra is for the birds.

Bonus: it looks like the delivery guy was justified, but who knows if he'll get fired for it.

When will the snake violence end?

Another senseless death by pythonidae in a world where serpent owners are encouraged to have bigger and deadlier reptilian death machines.

I'm kind of fond of the 6" Pythons myself.

Update: More serpentes violence, this time in Texas.

Update: And in New Mexico. Ya know, there oughta be a law. . .

Muggers for Obama!

What if giving the mugger what he wants entails letting him carve a 'B' into your face with a knife?

It's nice that she got a phone call from the dream team and all, but a happier ending would have been if the victim had dotted the attackers "i's" with her .38.

Update: This story is a hoax. This girl should be tarred and feathered.

Consequences! I'm just trying to learn here!

There's nothing funny about scores of high school students getting HIV, but it's not surprising that these students are oblivious to the cause of all of this. Maybe we should keep giving them condoms and birth control pills, and pretend that none of the risks exist:

Marcus Holman, a 14-year-old freshman, said he never imagined HIV would become such a widespread threat at school.

"I'm just trying to pass, get to the next grade, safely," he said.

Everybody wants you to make it there safely, but when you swing your naughty bits around with a cavalier attitude there are consequences. It's your fault, and perhaps the fault of your parents for not sitting down with you and giving you your warning.

This sort of education should have already started, as well as the education about drugs, alcohol, and firearms. Parenting, folks.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Political gnashing of teeth

At this point I am merely a spectator in the political world, but as we get closer to election day it brings out the best in some people, like this rant by Ragin' Dave over at 4RWWS:
"Have the Republicans been much better than the commies? Nope. That's why I'm not a republican. I turned THAT particular card into confetti years ago, and mailed it back to the RNC letting them know that when they decided to return to their conservative roots, they'll get me back as a member. Hasn't happened yet, and I don't know if it'll happen at all. But electing Barak Obama would be the national equivalent of suck-starting a shotgun."
That's funny, right there!

This is gonna hurt!

U.S. policymakers mull creation of domestic intelligence agency

CNNOctober 22, 2008

WASHINGTON (CNN) — The United Kingdom has MI-5, which roots out spies and terrorists in the British Isles.

Canada has CSIS — the Canadian Security Intelligence Service. Now Congress is asking: Should the U.S. have its own domestic intelligence agency?


I received this article in an email from a friend. Also included was this piece on how the Joe Wurzelbacher saga goes above and beyond Obama and his loyal media minions. Here's a taste:

But the New York Times did some digging and discovered – horror – that Joe is doing plumbing without a proper business license. How dare he call himself a plumber! A license is required by Toledo, not just one license or a partnership but for everyone who is called a plumber. Joe has not taken the training courses, is not a member of the union, and cannot legally call himself a plumber.

The press reports on this were explosive, with reporters speaking as if they had caught this guy red-handed and completely discredited him. But what about the complete absurdity of the idea that you have to have a license in order to have the right to fix someone else's sink? This is Soviet like, but deeply entrenched in American professional life.

RTWT. I have actually pondered on this very issue for years as I am a school trained and "unlicensed" electrician (no I won't come over and fix your foyer light), but if I decide to build my own house I can't legally do the electrical work without an electrician who possesses a license present. I'm not a big fan. I do understand the difference in hiring my drunk heathen nephew-in-law to come over and fix my recalcitrant lighting circuits - which he will surely screw up - and picking a competent electrician who I know has taken the time to be trained in a school, state or otherwise, to do it right, but I get what I pay for; thus when my bubba friend screws up my lights it is my fault to begin with, and I shouldn't have been stupid enough to hire him in the first place. I see nowhere where this is a state problem. Just my $.02.

ABC news says I'm a McCain voter

They have this little game where you see which presidential candidate you lean towards. I picked McCain's quotes all but one time. The problem with it is that most of the choices I had in the game I didn't agree with either way, but you have to pick one of two choices.

That's when you know the election is going to suck.

The Pawnbroker has left me the most compelling argument that I've heard thus far in comments on an earlier post. I'm definitely taking that into consideration, but I still maintain that I have zero confidence that either one of these two yahoos can accomplish any of the bullshit that they're shoveling at us.

Some helpful Zombie information

6 signs your about to be attacked by zombies.

Did you notice the safety?

Did you? Text messages went out folks, everyone received a warning, so hooray for society! The campus is safe!

Now someone please explain to me how anyone of the 16,000+ students were really safe if a gunman had decided to do some real shooting? The question of whether it's a "Gun Free Zone" or not was decided when someone brought a gun onto campus and started shooting.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Secret Service carries coffee, not guns

At least that's how this story turns out. That doesn't give me much confidence in their ability to protect me, if the agents don't carry their issued firearm while off duty.

Something else that strikes me as odd:
Scott Michael Bleutge, 44, of Serenity Lane in Stafford was charged with robbery, malicious wounding, wearing a mask in public and driving while intoxicated.
I've seen this charge before, and I have to say that I don't understand how it's illegal. It sounds like a BS charge to tack onto the serious offenses.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My thoughts exactly

"The truth is, unless you vote for a third-party candidate (which really isn't a bad idea), you don't have much of a choice this November. You can either endorse the idea of a massive, invasive, ever-encroaching federal government that's used to promote center-left ideology, or you can endorse the idea of a massive, invasive, ever-encroaching federal government that's used to promote center-right ideology."
From Radley Balko's Fox News column Why the Republicans must be defeated this year.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Movie Guns XXVII

After a long wait, I bring you a new Movie Guns. This particular movie is one of my favorites, and there is a fair amount of firepower in this movie to make most folks happy. Although it is not really a gun movie, it includes a bunch of S&W revolver goodness from back when revolvers were still the king of personal defense.

This weeks Movie Guns is on the film True Romance staring Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette. The gist of the movie is that Clarence (Christian Slater) meets call girl Alabama (Patricia Arquette) and they fall in love, steal drugs, kill mobsters, and have a few laughs along the way. It's a great story line. Here's the details:

Clarence and Alabama decide to spend the rest of their lives together, but Clarence is pretty bummed out about Alabama's pimp's existence in the world. Clarence is periodically given advice from an apparition of Elvis Presley, and the first time we see him he tells Clarence to kill the pimp. Clarence takes a S&W Model 686 Plus (7-shot) and stuffs it in his sock before heading over to Drexl the pimp's house (Gary Oldman).

Drexl is busy killing some drug dealers who come over to sell him some cocain. He uses this Ithaca 'stakeout' model shotgun to kill both the drug dealers:
Ithaca Stakeout

Then one of his minions loads the cocain back in the suitcase, and you get a glimpse of a Desert Eagle:
Desert Eagle

Clarence shows up and pretty much picks a fight with Drexl, who promptly kicks Clarences ass, who then pulls his S&W Model 686 and blows Drexl's manhood to little pieces before putting a few rounds in his chest:
Yeah, OW!! - and not just Drexl's balls; look at the way Clarence is holding that gun. Pulling the trigger on a short barreled .357 Magnum with a grip like that would be very painfull, but you can't really blame him because he was fighting with Drexl on the ground and didn't have the time to get a kung-fu grip. During the fight he fires 7 rounds without re-loading. Clarence then grabs a suitcase that he believes is full of Alabama's things, but instead contains over a million dollars worth of uncut cocain that belongs to some Sicilian mobsters.

Free'd of the pimp, Clarence takes Alabama to meet his father, Clifford (Dennis Hopper), who is a former cop, and has connections to find out if Clarence has any detectives looking for him for the shooting. After they leave, the mobsters who own the drugs show up at Clifford's house to find Clarence's whereabouts.

One of the thugs points a Beretta Inox at Clifford's head when he walks in the door, then they torture Clifford with a CCC balisong, which doesn't yeild any information:
Beretta Inox
CCC Balisong

I won't give it away, but next is great dialog between Clifford and Sicilian mob boss Vincenzo Coccotti (Christopher Walken). The script seems almost like it's done from the hip pocket; that is, like it's improv, and both of them are top notch actors.

Coccotti pulls a H&K P7M13 pistol and kills Clifford:
Evil with a bad grip
H&K P7M13

Later, Clarence drops Alabama off at a hotel and heads out for some burgers. Alabama walks into the hotel room and mobster hitman Virgil (James Gandolfini) is waiting for her with a short barreled Remington 870:
Shorty Remington 870

This is a very violent scene, but a good one. Virgil beats the snot out of Alabama, but finds out that she can dish it out as well as she can take it. When he goes to shoot her with a S&W Model 629, she sets him on fire with a can of hairspray and a Bic lighter, and then finishes him off with his own shotgun:
S&W Model 629
Short barreled shotguns and bloody boobies
Loves her Remington 870!!

Clarence walks in with his S&W, and takes Alabama and the cocain out to the car:
Clarence with S&W 686

They go to visit their friend Dick (Michael Rapaport), who hooks them up with a movie producer via a surrogate, Elliot (Bronson Pinchot), who wants to buy the cocain. Elliot gets caught by the cops with a sample of the cocain in his car, and agrees with the cops to wear a wire to the final drug deal in order to avoid a lengthy jail sentence. The mobsters find out where the drug deal is going down and gear up for a firefight by loading a bunch of guns in a hotel. Here, one of the mobsters has a .44 Magnum Desert Eagle on his end table:
Desert Eagle .44 Magnum

The bed is covered in guns and ammo:
Guns galore

Looking closer shows a S&W Model 36, a couple of Beretta 92F magazines, and a bunch of shotgun shells with struck primers:
S&W Model 36
Struck primers

For some reason, after the thugs finish loading the weapons, they stuff all of it loose in a gym bag to transport it to the location of the firefight:
Gym bag o' guns

+4 for one of the thugs loading a shotgun correctly: by pulling the slide on the pistol gripped Remington 870 back, dropping a shell into the ejection port, jacking the slide forward, and then loading the rest of the shells into the loading gate:
Proper shotgun loading
Loading 870

-5 for racking the slide later on in order to intimidate a pothead when it is obvious that the gun is empty:
Thugs with guns
No shell in chamber

The cops are preparing for what they think is gonna be a major drug bust by loading their weapons like this Beretta 92F:
Beretta 92F

That same cop was seen earlier with a snubby revolver, probably a S&W, in a straight holster that he was using as a crossdraw holster, although he has it way too far to the left on his belt for it to be useful:
Odd crossdraw

Clarence checks the rounds in his trusty 686P, and then stuffs it into his waistband, at which point Dick asks him why he brought a gun. Clarence responds correctly that "I learned a long time ago that it's better to have a gun and not need it than to need a gun and not have one." Sound advice, and notice the Pachmayr grips:
Checking S&W 686
Waistband carry

When Clarence, Alabama, and Dick are in the elevator with Elliot, Clarence pulls his gun on him to try to find out if Elliot is going to double cross him:
Model 686
S&W Model 686P

All seems well and they enter the room to meet the movie producer Lee Donowitz (Saul Rubinek). Clarence doesn't know that Elliot is wearing a wire, and that cops are monitoring the room and prepared to bust in at any moment; nor does he know that the Sicilian mob is about to come through the door with some serious firepower. Lee has two bodyguards who are armed with an H&K MP5PDW and a UZI, and neither of them knows how to use the sights:
This would be why dumb-ass politicians think that automatic weapons are dangerous. They can be "hip fired" doncha know!!

At one point, Lee is being 'friendly' with Clarence by pulling the S&W out of Clarence's waistband and pointing it at him:
Rules 1-3
Safety violator!

When the deal goes down, the cops bust into the room, and one of them, Officer Dimes (Chris Penn), is holding a Beretta 92F in the classic "I've-never-held-a-gun-before" type Hollywoood grip:
Terrible grip
His support hand is grabbing his wrist. He'll never get any work done like that. Officer Nicholson (Tom Sizemore) does a better job.

None of the other 'cops' are any better, with these guys not really even using their support hands or even bothering to bring the weapon up to eye level:
Not a cop
Not real cops

When the mobsters bust in a firefight starts, with every man for himself. Clarence is in the bathroom talking to Elvis and misses the whole thing. Nobody is using any cover that is worth a damn; the mobsters at least take refuge behind a couch, not that it can stop anything. Some other cops are trying to get into the fight and can be seen outside an elevator with snubbies in hand:
Cops with snubbies

Here is Dimes flinching badly with his eyes closed while still holding that Beretta with one hand:

His partner is firing two guns: one of them is a Beretta 92F, the other is a S&W Model 49 Bodyguard:
Two handed shooting
S&W Model 49 Bodyguard

When the shooting stops, the last man standing is Dimes, who walks over to one of Lee's body guards and finishes him off. Clarence got hit when he walked out of the bathroom, and Alabama picks up his gun and kills Dimes, thus ending the fight:
Deadly chick

Well, that's all for tonight. If you have somehow missed this movie, you should seriously consider picking it up one night. The story line is great, the actors are top notch, and the revolvers can't be missed. Go ahead, you owe it to yourself.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Nasty weekend

Sorry about the light blogging again. Stayed busy this weekend with all sorts of things. First up, I got hit during a six car pile-up on Friday, and everyone turned out OK. Time for a new rear bumper and tail light. Next, I shot a perfect score on the rifle range, right after I turned out this zero:
The bottom group was my first, and it is six shots with one flyer. I corrected and put the three in the center. That's all she wrote. The Marine Corps zeros at 36 yards, and sets the rear sight on 8/3 -2 and the front sight flush, if I'm not mistaken. The Army zeros at 25 yards with an 8/3 +1 rear sight and a front sight post that's screwed way down into the front sight housing. Weird.

Next, I ran my Cold Steel Arc-Angel through the middle finger of my left hand (somewhat graphic). I got five stitches for my trouble. That will teach me to not handle a sharp knife while on the cell phone.

Other than that I'm pretty tired of working constantly. Some R&R would be nice which would give me the time to sight in my AR with the Burris on it. A guy can dream can't he? Too bad I have a basement full of drywall to finish. I will have a Movie Guns for you tomorrow; I've already got the pictures but haven't had the time to do anything with them.

That's all I have to report tonight. See ya'll tomorrow!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Failing to keep felons locked up

Or properly supervised when they are turned loose.

Brought to you by Guy with Guns.

Criminals beware of the deadly text message!!!

From none other than DC comes this garbage, where businesses - who are disarmed by the local govt. for their own good - will get text messages to let them know they're being robbed.

Awesome plan DC! It's not like anything could go wrong with the text message alert system!!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, DC businesses are still not allowed to keep and bear arms for the defense of their stores.

The media still doesn't get it

More on the airport fiasco about the "loophole" of allowing carry of handguns in non-sterile areas of airports.

The media actually thinks that criminals and terrorists will go through the lengthy process of obtaining a handgun permit, which they can't get anyways, just so they can legally carry a gun up to the point of the security checkpoint, and then commit a felony by smuggling it through the checkpoint and onto the plane where they will commit mass murder.

Sure thing, guys. Whatever you say.


Culpeper, Virginia has a groundhog problem, and has passed a law to let people shoot them within city limits. Quite common sense if you ask me.

The rules are that you have to live on one acre or more, assume responsibility if there's an accident (no shit), and give a courtesy call to the police if you're setting up to shoot. The police chief seems pretty cool with the whole thing, but one citizen interviewed is a moron, and another one is oblivious to the destruction that these critters cause.

I agree with the woman interviewed, who says that if someone has a groundhog problem then let landowners shoot them. Groundhogs are great animated targets, and in Virginia farmers often give permission to let you rid their land of the beasties. I used to vaporize their little heads when I was a kid, and I'm gonna be building a groghound slayer right after I finish building my DPMS LR308.

You can almost hear the banjo in the background . . . "just some good ol' boys. . . never meanin' no harm. . . ."

Man with CHP killed by police in TX

There's not enough of this story to get an accurate picture of what was going on. The man claimed to be a CIA agent, but had a CHP and was presumably armed. His wife said that he was a govt. contractor who works for the CIA, SS and so on, but nothing explains why he led police on a chase.
"I'm really skeptical of this guy's information. He's got a concealed handgun license and if he's a federal agent, he shouldn't have to have a concealed handgun license. He's exceptionally nervous when I talk to him. His hands are shaking. He's a little bit angry at me," the officer said on tape.
A cop fatally shot him after the chase, as can be seen from the video taken from the dashcam of the cops car.

I'll post more if I get it.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

This is a steaming load of B.S.

The Virginia State Board of Elections says that voters can't wear clothing, buttons, or other attire with the names of candidates on them to the polls.

The Virginia State Board of Elections can kiss my ass. I am still a free citizen of this country, at least until inauguration day, and I'll wear whatever I want. This is as unconstitutional as it gets.

Why the hell does every national, state, and local "official" get all sideways around election time? It's this very issue that has made me decide to not pull the lever for McCain. Try to ban my rights on election day. Again, kiss my ass!

I guess the ban didn't work then?

With all of the past and latest hoopla about the evil assault thingies, you would think that law enforcement officers would be dropping like flies. You would be wrong. 55 cops were killed with firearms nationally during 2007 according to the latest data from the FBI..

Anti-gunners say that the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act, aka the Assault Weapons Ban (or, apparently, the Biden Crime Law - think about that!), made an impact on the use of scary looking firearms in the commission of a crime, especially crimes where these scary looking weapons are used on cops. They were wrong.

Look at table 27 of the report. Rifles in general are not used very often, to say nothing about "assault weapons," and the frequency of rifle usage has actually dropped by almost half since the ban expired. Does that mean that the expiration of the ban caused the drop? Probably not, but it does mean that the expiration of the silly ban didn't cause the "blood in the streets" scenario like the antis thought.

Here is some useful information though:

Profile of alleged known assailants

In 2007, 62 alleged offenders were identified in connection with law enforcement officers feloniously killed. Of those offenders, the following characteristics are known:

  • The average age of the alleged offenders was 29 years old.
  • The average height was 5 feet 9 inches tall, and the average weight was 177 pounds.
  • All 62 of the alleged offenders were male.
  • 35 of the alleged offenders were white; 24 were black; and 3 were Asian/Pacific Islander.
  • Most of the alleged offenders, 58 of the 62, had prior criminal arrests.
  • 19 of the alleged offenders were under judicial supervision at the time of the incidents.
  • 11 of the alleged offenders were intoxicated or under the influence of
    alcohol at the time of the fatal incidents.
Emphasis mine. These killers were prior criminals who were walking about on our streets after they had been locked up. A third of them were under state supervision because they were know to be scumbags. Wanna bet they had rough childhoods too? Do we still feel sorry for them? I bet if we kept violent scumbags in prison instead of paroling them to make room for a hundred non-violent potheads then the small number of cops killed every year by criminals would be almost non existent.

Good thing she couldn't fight back

We wouldn't want to hear about this story having a happy ending instead of just an ending without tragedy.

Police say he duct taped the three people -- a mother, her boyfriend and her young daughter -- then started searching the apartment. During that time the mother and her daughter were able to break free. They jumped out of the second-story window, landing face first in the alley below.

"When I went out and looked, I saw a girl hanging out of the window and then I could hear someone screaming around the corner, "Baby don't die on my." The little girl and the woman were on the ground," said AJ, neighbor.

I guess jumping out of your second story window with your baby to avoid the criminal is the safe bet when compared to smoking the home intruder with your Colt. Too bad that poor family didn't have the option; it is Chicago, and all, and Mayor Daley knows what's best for you.

Remember kids, don't resist. Give them what they want, and it might be a good idea to leave your windows unlocked in case you need to make a quick getaway.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

DC Police Chief blames citizens for being victimized

That's what I'm hearing from this article:
Groups of young people are attacking victims who walk alone at night.
Victims who are unarmed.

Lanier also is asking people to do their part when it comes to drinking. Those who leave bars at 2 or 3 a.m., and who've had too much to drink, create more opportunities for criminals to prey upon them, she said.

Drunken rowdiness, which can spill onto streets, diverts police from protecting people against robberies, she said.

So don't go out and enjoy yourself as an adult in DC or you're just helping the criminals attack you. Why don't you just stay at home and drink a sixpack instead?

It's not a ban if someone gets cut there

Authorities believe the razor was a box cutter, White said. Razors are banned in school buildings, and such an incident could lead to expulsion.
EXPULSION!!! Oh heavens no! Please, don't!

How retarded. Do you think that a girl who's willing to slash another person with a knife gives a rats ass about expulsion? School rules do not make anyone safe, and apparently neither does the faculty. More reason for me to homeschool my kids.

Where were the guards with the M4s?

Just so you know, the University of Mary Washington is not so super safe. Too bad that while the girl was being abducted, a security guard was wandering around the parking garage above her. The campus police and their M4s were nowhere to be found, which you can't really blame them for because it's not like rapists try to get their attention or anything.

This isn't the first time some scumbag has tried to rape someone on campus, but what bothers me is that students say that they still feel safe because the campus is so friendly.

My point in all of this is still the same: personal security is up to the individual, not some benign security guard you've never met, and not a sworn officer of the law who is well protected in the guard house with his shiny new rifle.

Update: Look at the bottom of the article for this gem:

The University of Mary Washington offers a 12-hour Rape Aggression Defense self-defense class. The program is free for male and female students and is available to area residents for a fee.

For more information, all 540/ 654-1025 or visit

I highly doubt the class involves proper instruction in the use of a modern, portable self-defense tool that negates the strength of full grown attackers. Just for fun, stick that link in the address bar and see if you get anything.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Behind on blogging

I'm late on another Movie Guns this week, and my blogging has taken a hit as well. I've been finishing my basement for ten days straight now, and there's still more to be done. The only thing I hate more than painting is finishing drywall, and both of those are coming up next. Too bad I have to go back to my regular job, but when I get home from that I have to keep working on the house.

I'll start getting back on track shortly folks, I promise.

The ads the GOP needs to be showing

Via 4RWWs are these videos from Definitely check them out.

I still hold that I'm not voting this year, so I don't have a stake in any political party, but these ads need to be seen.

DC's new crime fighting initiative

Stopping citizens from buying single bottles of beer. You read that right. The DC Council thinks that they will stop violence and public drunkenness by forcing people to buy sixpacks instead of 40s.

Regime change folks. Think about it.

Update: HutchTX wrote in comments:
This is a great move. Next they need to outlaw saggy pants, over sized North Face jackets, Newports and McDonalds. Soon the city will begin to clean itself up.
That's funny, right there!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Beating the Brady Campaign at their own game

It's not that hard; SailorCurt works their new "study" over with some simple math. Check it out and be educated.

I tried to read their latest piece about "assault weapons," but got fed up on about the 7th or 8th page when they erroneously assert that pistol grips, barrel shrouds, and the like make weapons more dangerous. They believe that it makes "hip firing" easier, despite the fact that armies don't hip fire because you can't hit anything that way. You must realise that they are activists, and not experts on anything firearm related.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


No, really!

The Times-News of Hendersonville reported Friday that a bus driver saw the woman and officials thought she was an armed student on school property. So they kept students and staff inside the Balfour Education Center for about an hour until police determined she wasn't a threat.

Authorities said the woman wasn't on school property, wasn't doing anything wrong and had a rifle to shoot rats.

I think we get a little too worked up about stuff these days. Good on the Sheriff for handling it well.

Have no fear!!! 911 is . . .


Have a backup plan.

This qualifies as a 'cache'

This guy was seriously prepared:
Investigators also found mortars, mortar shells, nearly 80 pounds of black powder, smoke grenades, a Thompson submachine gun, assorted rifles and shotguns, along with about 50,000 rounds of ammunition.
I don't find this shocking in the least. He could just be a reloading enthusiast. Anyways, now the press has a new "anti-armor terror weapon" to flaunt.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Maryland has Catch & Release program too!

Remember that kid, Collin McKenzie-Gude, who had all of those illegally obtained guns and chemicals and such, and who was supposedly a super dangerous threat to the fabric of our society? Well apparently he wasn't enough of a threat to keep in jail until his sentencing, because while he was walking free he bought a bunch more guns, chemicals, bomb making materials, and even managed to score two more DoD ID cards.

Why can't states like Maryland keep these people locked away? And how come Maryland's super tough gun laws can't keep a minor from getting them with ease?

Why are anti-gunners so violent?

It seems that even members of the DC Council can't control themselves these days.

I wonder if Mayor Fenty's new crime bill will address violent members of the council, and does it consider them a "gang" considering there are more than three people on it?

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Busy week

I'm re-finishing my basement this week, and it's turning out to be a bigger job than I had anticipated.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Movie Guns XXVI

So I'm a little late - sue me. I wanted to do a solid post this week, but not another 80+ picture post, so I decided to cover Lethal Weapon. This is a good all around movie with cops carrying old school revolvers, and when high tech meant the Beretta 92F. What's not to like?

I'm not wasting any time, here we go:

One of the main characters, Martin Riggs (Mel Gibson), carries a Beretta 92F without a holster by sticking it in his waistband at various locations. He loads it at the beginning of the movie by jamming in a magazine and dropping the slide, then sticking his spare magazine in his right rear pocket where it will be useless to him for a quick reload. He later goes to kill a madman and he has to rack a round into the breach. He is then clearly carrying his spare magazine in the front of his waistband:
That's a good way to loose your gear.

The madman he kills is shooting at random with a M1A1 rifle in a horrible chicken wing stance, and the rifle is later shown to be made of rubber:

The cops surounding the place have S&W Model 27s; at least one of which is carried in an open top holster with exposed trigger:

As Riggs is leaving, SWAT shows up with Colt M16s, H&K MP5s, Remington 870s; which one of the officers uses to flag Riggs' face with:

Riggs then goes on and gets into a gunfight with three BGs; one of which (and the first to die) has what looks like a Mossberg 500, but I can't tell if it's a pistol grip or not:

The second has an unknown revolver, and the third has what can only be a FN Barracuda, but curiously has an adjustable rear sight, and it looks as though the spur on the outside of the trigger guard has been removed. I don't think there's a similar gun out there that I missed:

All of the cops backing Riggs up appear to have S&W Model 36s, like this woman's:

We find out that Riggs is a suicidal psycho. He wants to blow his brain out, but can't pull the trigger. Here is the "special bullet" that he has to do the deed:

The bullet is a Federal Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) judging by the casehead seen moments later. What's odd about this is that later Riggs tells his new partner, Rodger Murtaugh (Danny Glover) about how he thinks about killing himself:

"Do you want to hear that sometimes I think about eating a bullet, eh? Well, I do . . I do . . . I even got a special one for the occasion. . . with a hollow point. . . look [shows a bullet that's obviously not a hollow point] . . make sure it blows the back of my godamned head out & do the job right."
Then Murtaugh gives Riggs his S&W Model 19 and tempts him to kill himself right there on the spot:

Murtaugh carries that Model 19 in a bizarre crossdraw position with a leather retention holster, and two speed loader pouches on his weak side:

Later he moves it to a more manageable position:

Next we have Riggs and Murtaugh at the firing range, and Murtaugh seems satisfied to only fire six rounds; like that's going to keep his skills sharp. Both of them flinch badly with every shot, like Riggs here who actully fires two rounds without opening his eyes:

Somehow I caught that Riggs fires only nine rounds, but his target has sixteen holes in it:

Riggs and Murtaugh go to talk to someone about the case that they're on when they get into a tangle with an armed guy by a pool. Murtaugh shoots him in the leg with his S&W 19, but then the guy gets up and pulls a Walther PPK:
Riggs kills him dead.

Next, Murtaugh is investigating a war buddy about the circumstances of his [war buddy's] daughters murder when "Mr. Joshua" (Gary Busy) kills the guy with a scoped GAU-5A/A:

Not long after, Riggs gets shot by Mr. Joshua, who uses this unkown shotgun which looks like a Remington 870, but there's not enough there to tell for sure:
Riggs' kevlar vest stops the buckshot.

Murtaugh finds out his daughter has been kidnapped, so him and Riggs hatch a stupid plan to try to negotiate her release without backup. Riggs is dropped off on the side of the dirt road to snipe with this H&K PSG 1 clone:

Murtaugh has a M61 hand grenade which turns out to be a "smoker."

Mr. Joshua's henchmen are armed with a variety of weapons: like this IMI UZI, and this weeks mystery gun:
What is that gun on the right?

Here are a couple more henchmen armed with a H&K MP5 and an unknown AR variant, and another IMI UZI with another AR variant:

Mr. Joshua's men capture Riggs and Murtaugh, but they escape and kill off the rest of the BGs. Riggs grabs a guy's blued Colt 1911 and kills a guy who is also armed with a 1911:

Anyone who loves 1911s knows that if you hold it like this you're gonna get slide bite:

Riggs stuffs the Colt in the backside of his waistband, his Beretta 92F in the front of his waistband, and then grabs a scoped H&K MP5. Murtaugh grabs his Model 19 and a 1911, then they head out of the building. What's strange is that they're in a the back end of a club, and when they come through the door into the bar, Riggs fires one shot which kills the bartender and nobody even notices. It's after he shoots another guy that the room panics.

Mr. Joshua hip fires at them down a hallway with the scoped rifle in this odd hold:
Why can't actors use sights?

As Riggs and Murtaugh go outside the club, Mr. Joshua opens up with his rifle and doesn't flinch the first little but despite firing that thing inside of a car while it's basically in his lap:

Here's the best shot I could get of the scoped H&K MP5 that Riggs has:

Here's Riggs hip firing a scoped weapon at a target that's about 100 yards distant:
Sights! Sights! Damnit, use the freaking sights!

After all that, the general - who is Mr. Joshua's boss - grabs a H&K P7 and some M61 grenades from a bag that includes a H&K MP5:

This is a good closeup of the GAU-5A/A that Mr. Joshua uses:

The last picture I have for you is of a uniformed cop who is wearing a holstered Colt 1911. You have to look closely through the car window:

Sorry for the delay on my post. I'm finishing my basement and it's going slower than I had anticipated. I hope you enjoyed it!

Update: I've done more research on the large snubby that looks like a FN Barracuda, because from what I've read FN never made them with adjustable sights, and now it's pretty obvious it's a Astra .44 Magnum 'Terminator.' There seems to be only one picture of this thing in existence, and you can see it here or here. What an obscure gun!

Update: As pointed out by Taylor in comments, the madman at the beginning has an M1A, not an M1A1. Thank you for the catch!