Thursday, October 30, 2008

There's a shocker

The four scumbags who killed two people at the University of Central Arkansas each had a criminal record, but so far details of their records have not been released. My earlier coverage here.

While Vaden declined to elaborate, he said the defendants each has some sort of criminal record.
As usual. But there are people who think that it's best to release scumbags back into the wild, and then try to keep them from acquiring a firearm with some arbitrary law that stops them at the cash register.

So did they use an evil "assault thingy?"

The men fired at least eight rounds from a semiautomatic pistol, Grumbles said. He declined to say whether or not multiple handguns were used in the shooting.
As a side note, how cool would that be to have the name Grumbles? Anyways, here are the names of the scumbags with the charges:

Kawin Brockman, 19, of Conway; Kelcey Perry, 19, of Morrilton; Mario Toney, 20, of Little Rock; and Brandon Wade, 20, of Lake Village, could face the death penalty or a life sentence if convicted on one of the murder charges. The men also face charges of attempted capital murder, eight counts of terroristic threatening, illegally possessing a firearm, firing a weapon from a car and having a handgun on a public school property.
Well that "Gun Free Zone" policy sure is the nail in the coffin! Charging them with that on top of the capitol and attempted murder charges will buy them an extra month or so in prison! Good work gang!

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Mike W. said...

hmmm, why am I not surprised that none of them are even of legal age to own a handgun?