Thursday, October 2, 2008

Guns aren't for Regular folk

DC Police Chief Cathy Lanier thinks that us "regular" people shouldn't be able to carry guns because we would go crazy and shoot at barricades and motorcades. Ummm. . .sure?

What she is implying is that only terrorists carry guns, and you wouldn't want to associate with those guys, would you?

She didn't specify whether or not the thousands of gangbangers, pimps, and drug lords who carry guns despite DC's silly law, and who operate completely unchallenged within the district, "make it harder to stop terrorist attacks and other violence." Word is that she is still trying to "Get Them."

I still don't get how she thinks that the fraction of the peaceful population who want to carry a gun for protection from the scumbags that the Metro Police dept. has failed to stop will have any impact whatsoever on terrorism. Last I heard the terrorist attack on the Pentagon was committed with a commercial air liner. Maybe we should ban those? A handgun is a piss poor weapon for causing mass fatalities when compared with the weapon that terrorists favor most: a bomb. All of this posturing by this woman is just hot air.

There's more preposterous stuff in the little video on the side. Chiefy and her friend, Brian Siebel of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Ownership, try to make the case that semi-auto handguns are, in fact, just about as deadly as automatic weapons. Yes you read that right.

"The district was urged to still ban popular semi-automatic handguns despite the court ruling. . .opponents say they're little different from deadly automatics. Witnesses said that deadly automatics can fire thirty rounds of ammunition in just two seconds. . .while a semi-automatic takes just three seconds longer." Says Tom Sherwood of NBC News.
Notice the term "deadly," as if no one understands that all firearms are potentially deadly. Then we have this gem:

". . . so these are weapons of extrordinary firepower if equiped with these high capacity magazines." Says Brian Siebel.
What a clueless jackass. Let me get this straight. So your telling me that if peaceable DC residents have one of those "deadly" automatic handguns that they aren't asking to own or carry, that they're a danger to armored motorcades and concrete barriers because if they fire the blasted thing than it will be void of ammunition in two seconds? Brian Seibel, you are a patriot. Thanks for saving humanity from the throws of unreliable, poor quality, and inaccurate handguns. How do you know what makes a gun so deadly? Oh, you have that handy chart!
Brian can tell just by looking at the gun what separates a semi-automatic from one of those "deadly" automatics, and it's not the unseen fire control parts. I bet if you go to his website (not linked intentionally) you can find charts and pictures from 1980s Iran that show militants firing evil looking weapons, like the ones in this chart, from the hip, because that's why these guns have things like pistol grips. It makes the bullets go faster.

Believe me, the last thing that you want to have is more than two seconds worth of ammo when your firing in the least accurate way possible.

What does all of this have to do with embattled DC residents that are tired of being controlled by thugs and want to be able to fend for themselves? Absolutely nothing. It looks as if Cheif Lanier paraded this idiot in front of the DC Council in a bizarre effort to scare them into not easing the restrictive, and now unconstitutional, gun regulations of the district.

Why the residents there are not calling for her resignation, if not just because of this mess but also the fact that she can't seem to protect the city from the scumbags, is beyond me.

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