Thursday, October 16, 2008

Man with CHP killed by police in TX

There's not enough of this story to get an accurate picture of what was going on. The man claimed to be a CIA agent, but had a CHP and was presumably armed. His wife said that he was a govt. contractor who works for the CIA, SS and so on, but nothing explains why he led police on a chase.
"I'm really skeptical of this guy's information. He's got a concealed handgun license and if he's a federal agent, he shouldn't have to have a concealed handgun license. He's exceptionally nervous when I talk to him. His hands are shaking. He's a little bit angry at me," the officer said on tape.
A cop fatally shot him after the chase, as can be seen from the video taken from the dashcam of the cops car.

I'll post more if I get it.

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Anonymous said...

Here's video of the dash cam footage without the idiot reporter talking over the top of it the whole time:

Why they think we'd be more interested in what they have to say than in what's actually going on in the video is a bit beyond me. Plain narcissism?

At any rate...

They guy was definitely digging around on the floorboards for something. I'd have to give the benefit of the doubt to the cops in this incident. It's easy to second guess sitting here in the comfort of my office, but they were there, they had just chased the guy for several miles over a speeding ticket, they had the adrenaline up, he was reluctant to come out of the car...when he started rooting around in the floorboards, I may have reacted the same way.