Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day roundup

Good morning folks, and happy Memorial Day. Gratitude to all our veterans out there dishing out justice to America's enemies. Stay safe and keep your heads down.

For this morning, I thought a quick roundup would be good to go.

Starting out, it would be appropriate to see what our military is doing this weekend. There are events all around the world depicted in this thread, but there are also lots of Marines kicking ass!

Armed defense against a bear in an Alaska state park. The final word is still out on whether it was a good shoot.

The AP News has a hit piece on Oath Keepers, lamenting the group's 10 "vague principles" and otherwise smearing them. You can always count on the media to only support the first amendment, and know nothing of the rest. It's not surprising that they consider holding government accountable to the Constitution "vague principles."

Lots of shootings last night in "Gun Free" DC. Also some stabby, too. Why is DC so violent?

The 17 year old girl that appeared to be abducted in Virginia is safe and sound. That's the good news. The bad is that people will still not be bothered to even find out what the hell is going on when three people jump out of a van, grab a girl aggressively, and then drag her into the open van.

That's all for now. Y'all take it easy!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Assault thingy negligence

A sun bather was "mowed down" by a New York cop using a deadly assault thingy on the beach. Why an assault thingy was even allowed on the beach in the first place is unknown.

Injuries and fatalities resulting from the improper use of these assault thingies, erroneously referred to as "Sport Utility Vehicles" by advocates, is extremely common. Something must be done to prevent more accidents like this.

What do you think the outcome would be if you or I were wielding one of these dangerous assault thingies (cops call them "patrol vehicles") and hurt an innocent?

Ya think!?!?

Wow, DC drivers are almost the worst drivers in the nation. What's odd is that there had to be a study for people to believe it.

This explains why morons insist on riding slow in the passing lane.

Give them what they want!

Thank goodness this guy was unarmed! He may have hurt his attackers, who were obviously just trying to get gas money to get to choir practice, and meant no harm by throwing him off a parking garage from fifty feet up.

Do it yourself

I have a few holsters for the Kel-Tec, but none of them fit my needs perfectly, even for the specific tasks of which I ask it. I have decided to make my own; if this turns out to be something I am good at, I'm going to make them for all of my guns.

I haven't even bought anything yet, but this post at gives me some hope. I'm pretty handy at building stuff, this looks like it's no sweat.

I've also been planning on forming my own rifle stocks, just haven't had the time to order blanks yet and get to work. There's also that whole time thing, of which I am in short supply. If anyone has any unused minutes sitting around, let me know and I'll give you my address.

I'll put up pics if I can get this thing started.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bizaare story of the day

This one's for the "There aughta be a law" edition:
Dubbed "sack tapping" by some students, the practice is now featured in dozens of homemade videos on YouTube.

"We're gonna see who our first victim is," says a student in one video before punching an unsuspecting male student in the groin as he walked down a school hallway.
It's pretty unfortunate for the kid, but like I said yesterday, kids will be kids. Sure, parents should have to pay for their children's stupidity; my worry is that this will turn into some zero tolerance law, or the parents will sue for some ridiculous amount of money as society today thinks that that's the thing to do.

Hey Speedo people

Riding a bicycle is cool and all, but seriously, do you really have to ride down what is possibly the most deadly road in all of Virginia in the morning when everyone is heading to work?

I've been pretty torn about bicyclists in the past; it's good exercise, it's economical, it saves pandas and shit. . . . but I lost a bunch of empathy this morning when I watched a car trying to pass some spandex clad bike warrior almost take out an oncoming driver. I look at it like this, you're not really endangering my life with your hobby when I'm riding behind you because I can choose not to risk trying to pass you. But what about if I'm coming the other way, and I collide with another vehicle that's just trying to pass your slow ass on some twisty back road? Not all that cool anymore, now is it?

In Europe, a lot of the roads have bike lanes built in from the start, as it would seem that municipalities actually consider the roads and other infrastructure beforehand, instead of just building houses with wild abandon and damn the repercussions. The extra four feet of pavement would be good here, in my opinion, because maybe some of the hippies that have infiltrated from up North would be able to bike to their work, instead of running me off the road or rear ending me while I'm on my way to mine.

But that's just not the case. Oh no. Instead, we have many of them that like to take the scenic route during morning and afternoon traffic hour, down the not so straight road that follows the river - River Road, imagine that - where the lanes are narrow, bumpy, banked the wrong way, with random creeks running across them, with visibility of about thirty feet, and overall just treacherous. Good decision.

And every one of these guys - every time without exception, gets miffed when you're tailing behind them and tries to wave you by angrily while going around a tight curve, like I'm gonna look back at my three kids buckled into their car seats and say "hold on tight now! Speedo man assures me that the way is safe!" and just nose my 5,000 lb. SUV across the double yellow line so I don't interrupt his tranquil bike ride. I'll tell you what, jackasses, if the decision between collisions boils down to me hitting a tree, an oncoming Tahoe, or your squishy ass, guess which one I'm gonna chose every time?

Please, for pete's sake, ride your little bicycle on a different road, or try riding at a different time.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Violence in smalltown Virginia

A carjacking and an armed robbery in Fredericksburg, an armed robbery in Orange county, an armed robbery in Culpeper, and this friggin guy who murdered a woman an then some in Spotsylvania. The savages are restless these days.

In the latter case, the scumbag in question has a lengthy record of ten felonies; using the Virginia Court search thingy I found a bunch of misdemeanors, a 2nd DUI charge, a felony Malicious Wounding charge for which he was on parole for when he committed the above linked atrocities, a felony charge for "DR AFTER DECLARED H.O." whatever that is, some forged checks, and a felony Burglary charge, and that's just from a search of three counties. Why was this guy not in prison in the first place? Also, it seems most of the charges for these crimes were dropped, meaning that these charges are in addition to the ten felonies that he's already been convicted of. What law enforcement official(s) are responsible for this, and why are they not being held accountable? Perhaps such reckless negligence warrants some jail time too?

Update: Geodkyt comments that "DR After Declared H.O." probably means "Driving after declared a Habitual Offender", which makes perfect sense since the guy has multiple DUIs already. Thanks!

Virgin stabbed in face

I have noticed the clear pattern of in vogue crime terms that begin in the twisted mind of some dumbass politician and get spread around by the media. We have the War on Drugs, the War on Poverty, the War on Guns, the War on Terrorism, sex offenders, and now hate crimes.

How stupid.

So some kids broke into a church, broke some stuff, made a cross, pooped on a chair, and stuck a kitchen knife into a portrait of Mary, and a bureaucrat is quick on the draw with the "hate crime" BS crime word of the day. Well good for you Captain Awesome. What a witty determination.

How about kids will be kids, just like they have for thousands of years? I'm sure at one point, two teenage cavemen pooped in their neighbor's mortar and pestle before stabbing a bone knife into a cave painting of Grothgar's mom, just for kicks. Teenagers do stupid stuff because they're teenagers. Nobody is really sure why.

Pompous bureaucrats and lawmakers get on my nerves with this stuff, like they're actually serving humanity by wordsmithing new criminal acts. Well thank you for saving the world, Jack Bauer, but how about we leave the heavy thinking to the mortals. Thanks.

Glad that went down well

Crazy Mofo walks into Pennsylvania church, pulls out a gun, and hits a Deacon in the ear with it before a bunch of dudes knock him down and take his weapon.

I'm glad he didn't manage to shoot that Deacon in the head.

BTW, church carry is legal in PA, so take that for what you will. Just because you're in the house of the Lord does not mean that crazy people won't come in. Actually, last I heard, churches welcome crazy people as they need all the help they can get.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Get your knife rights on

Aaron at Sharp, Bright, and Tactical WebMagazine brought to my attention a knife rights win in New Hampshire!

Good to go!

The 2nd Amendment is more than just firearms. Now, if they can just get blackjacks, "slung shots" (?), and metallic knuckles crossed off the list, life would be even sweeter!!

Running my mouse

About a month ago, I got a text on my crappy BlackBerry from my brother about a sighting of the ever elusive .380 autoMus Musculus in Wal-Mart. Once my wife got home from work, I made the four mile, forty five minute trip down there and sure enough, two one-hundred round boxes sat in plain view on the shelf. Thankful for good comms, I snagged both boxes - one for me, and one for my mom to help her break in her new heater.

This weekend my family and I made our way to the local gunshow, where peddlers of death and destruction were handing out AK-47s and fistfuls of money to all who dared to enter (if you didn't speak English and didn't have a driver's license, all you got was a lousy RPG). While we were there, I found .380 ammo aplenty, so I got another hundred rounds of target fodder for some close range draws, and thought what the hell, I'll buy a pack of Glaser Blues. I can't knock it if I haven't tried it.

I want to test these rounds in some stuff to see if they're all that, and so far I only fired one round to see what it would do to a gallon jug of water:

The round did exit, and if you look at the bottom of the split in the jug you can see the lead shot. It clocked in at 1,047 fps, which is about as fast as the Buffalo Bore Hard Casts that I use for carry move, although the Buffalo Bore rounds are 30 grains heavier.

I'm going to shoot more stuff with the Glasers; maybe a coyote or something. I'm not drinking the frangible koolaid, I just want to see what the fuss is about. A couple of years ago, I watched a friend shoot a Glaser Blue from a 4" .357 Magnum through five walls that we had built to shoot rifles at. The walls were built to code with drywall, and the round didn't break up at all. After that test (which I have pictures of, but still haven't posted) I am convinced that the little .223 Remington is better for blasting inside of a home in regards to self defense and minimizing penetration in walls. Most of those bullets broke into little pieces while leaving the second wall, and a 9mm went through all five without a sweat.

As for the mighty Kel-Tec, it's got several hundred rounds through it now without a hiccup. I'm really impressed with the beast. My dad noted how the shell casings were thrown twenty five feet back behind me as I was shooting; this gun doesn't play around. I'll tell you though, never in my life would I have thought that I'd be picking around in the grass for every measly .380 casing that I fired. Strange times call for strange measures.

Terrorist mountain lions

They can give the Bear Cavalry a run for their money.
The cougar was found just blocks away from an elementary school. But, no one was hurt.
Fortunately! That thing could have massacred them all!
No human has ever been attacked and killed by a mountain lion in the valley, wildlife officials said.
That is not to say that it won't happen! We need to act now!

This was ultimately a provoked attack, but the question has to be posed: what are California lawmakers doing to prevent terrorist animals from preying on our schools? Think of the children. Mountain lions were only designed for one thing: killing; so it makes sense to put up some signs around schools to keep dangerous fury things from entering the grounds and running off with someone's child.

The Predator Free School Zones Act should close this loophole.

Told ya so!

Well now, it would seem that my earlier thoughts on this stupidity came true, as Virginia has decided that as far as budget cuts go, lawn mowing is low hanging fruit.

To get this straight, if you live in one of the mentioned counties and you let your grass get too tall, the county now won't send "its agents or employees" to cut it for you because they aren't funded, but they will ask you to volunteer to do it for free! Awesome! Glad we cleared that up.

I'm sure they will still add the $100 fine, but I wonder if they will charge you "the cost and expenses . . . chargeable to and paid by the owner of such property and may be collected by the county as taxes and levies are collected?"

To that I say: Bring It On Bitches!!!!

My suburban kingdom is chock full of foreclosed on houses, which means the county has to cut all that grass as they are the title holder. If they can't even afford to pay govt' employees to do the key task in order to extort your hard earned Federal Reserve Notes via statutory fiat, they sure as hell can't afford to be penalized by John Q. Public for the same crime.

Let he who is free from sin cast the first stone. I wait patiently!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Breaking news, a Confederate flag has been spotted in Fredericksburg!!!

I still am astonished at how clueless Americans are about the Civil War in general, and the Confederate flag in particular.

There is a new movie theator in Fredericksburg, Virginia that bears a mural with both the Union flag and the Confederate flag on the outside wall. This would be the same Fredericksburg that, for a time, was the center of the Civil War, and still bears many ugly scars from that time. Really, the only reason people have ever heard of Fredericksburg is because of the tens, if not hundreds of thousands of Soldiers that died there during the Civil War.

If there was a place in this country to spot a Confederate flag, or any other flag flown during the Civil war it would be here, so to hear some bumbling kid get his offense on at the mere sight of something he hasn't a clue about, in what is perhaps the most historic place for the Civil War makes my teeth chatter. What a fucking idiot.

I haven't been inside this theator yet, but I hear it's lovely, and you can order a beer. The inside of the theator has a Civil War theme, so a little heads up to all you brain washed, public educated pussies out there, you're going to see the dreaded Confederate flag in there too, so bring plenty of bleach for your eyes.

Actually, before you drag your family to my town and congest it with your fleet of Priuses, do us all a great big ass favor and order a fucking history book on the war before you pass judgement on something and make yourself look like a moron.

Up for air

Sorry about the lack of posting folks. This drive to Fairfax every day is killing me; I've added three to five additional hours on to my work day just to sit in traffic screaming at all the other cars.

Really, where in the world do all these people come from? Of all the places to screw up, why does everyone want to live here? I don't understand it. It's 42 miles from a to b, so I'm averaging about 24 mph round trip, which is probably a little more on the way there and less on the way back. There are simply too many cars on not enough road, and it gets worse every single day.

People, listen to me, stop moving to Virginia. It sucks here. It's no longer beautiful. Do yourselves a favor and find another place to destroy.

A little on the bitter side, yes.

How is everyone else doing?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

High Tech terror listing

He’s laughing now. But this New York native says it isn’t funny how hard it is for him to visit his daughter, a Fox 5 producer, in Gaithersburg, Maryland. About three years ago, Harris discovered he could no longer check in for a flight online. Instead, he now must arrive hours ahead so the airlines and the Transportation Security Administration can clear him to fly.

“Harris is a very popular name. You'll look in the phone book and you'll find pages and pages and pages of Harrises", Harris points out.

If you think about this, if he's on the no fly list the every Jim Harris is on the list. I would gather that this is a problem for other people with common names as well. I found 19 Jim Harrises in Virginia Beach.

And wait til you get to the part about the 12 year old getting interrogated by TSA agents. How would you feel if that was your son? Would you stand by, or make a scene, ultimately putting yourself on the list too?

The worst part is that scumbag lawmakers want to strip the rights of people who are on the list without due process of law. Keep in mind that people on the list don't know that they're on it, and can't do anything to get off of it other than to apply for a "Redress Number" that doesn't remove you from it, but gives you something to offer to government agents instead of your body.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Touch and go

Blogging will probably be light for a week, maybe two. I may get in some phone blogging on my shitty BlackBerry (who designed the browser on this thing anyways?) during that time, and I will also strive for some real bloggy bloggy on a for really real computer early in the mornings, we'll see.

I'll be slogging up the interstate every day for the next two weeks, bumping fenders with other happy commuters on their way to earn monopoly money in DC. Work is fun!!!

HIGH POWERED assault pellet gun pistol confirmed by HIGHLY TRAINED veterinarian

And. . . .it was loaded! Duh duh duuuuuuhh.

Veterinarians have to first go to medical school, and I hear that's where they also get 1st class firearms training. Everyone knows schools of higher learnin' have constitutional gun professors on staff to pass such knowledge on to our youth.

So I kinda doubt that the man intended to kill the animal considering he shot it with a pellet pistol. To all you ignorant, loathsome journalists out there, I would appreciate it if you would stop tacking pointless terms like "high powered" onto things that you have no knowledge about. It was a freaking airgun for pete's sake, one that has a barrel like four inches long. I guess "high powered" is subjective and all, but y'all sound like pants wetting morons when you state things like that.

Yes, the guy is kinda a scumbag for killing a family pet, I agree. I do not agree with the two douchebag writers Alan Gathright and Lance Hernandez digging up dirt on the man with the obvious intent of making him out to be a villain. He did quite enough of that himself, and without the help of self righteous pricks.

Violent times in California

Sounds like it was a pretty good shootout in LA this weekend between rival gang members. Someone should have told them that it was illegal to discharge firearms in public. Fortunately, nobody was killed which leads me to believe that gang bangers can't shoot. Good.

Now, raise your hand if you think these yahoos were a) sober, and b) carrying unloaded holstered guns. Thought so. Perhaps all the Cali hippies should stop picketing Starbucks for not discriminating against regular folk, and instead direct their wrath towards businesses that rent out Hummer limousines. Who rents those things anyways? Gangsters, right? Lets stop gangsters in their tracks by banning Hummer limos.

Also, some little scumbag stabbed a bus driver to death. What possible good did that guy think would come from killing a bus driver? I generally could care less if violent scumbags kill other violent scumbags over something as trivial as colors or whatnot, but leave the working folk alone.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Never back down

Fighting men like US Navy SEALs are selected because they don't run from fights; they finish them.

So I'm not at all surprised to hear that Special Operations Petty Officer Second Class Matthew McCabe was acquitted for hitting a detainee; after all, sacrifice is the measure of credibility, and he who leaves the field of battle first loses by default. I've never heard of SEALs leaving the battlefield first, and I appreciate their determination.

Well done, fellas!

Assault with a deadly K-9

Sure, it was all an accident, and the police feel bad about siccing a dog on an innocent man, but tell me, do you think you or I would get off scott free without an aggravated assault charge, malicious wounding, or some other arbitrary stack of codes if one of us sicced a dog on the wrong person? A racoon knocks over your trash can, so you send Cujo out to investigate and he ends up peeling the scalp off of your neighbor: what do you think would happen?

How about some of that equal protection in and of the law!

Making a deposit during a withdrawal

A robber in Florida tried to rob a man at an ATM, and for his troubles got three shiny new holes put in his body by the victim.

Everybody lived through it; I'm just glad that the victim ended up without a scratch despite what sounds like a close range gunfight.

TSA workers have feelings too

Just know that the humiliation you feel when getting electronically fondled at the airport is sometimes shared by the very people who get to do the fondling.

Boo hoo!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

It's about the layers of incompetence

According to the Obama administration, the airline appeared to drop the ball on Monday by not consulting an updated list when the Times Square suspect purchased his ticket. A post-9/11 requirement that airlines provide Customs and Border Protection officials with lists of passengers 30 minutes before departure kept Shahzad from leaving the country.

Obama administration officials say this is why the aviation security system has multiple layers. Emirates airlines officials did not respond to requests for comment about their role in the security lapse.

Many, many layers, you see?

It all starts with a secret list of like a Yahzillion people on the planet who may or may not want to blow up a plane. A list like the no-fly list needs to be as comprehensive as humanly possible, because you never know who may be the next terrorist; so that means at least half the country needs to be on it just to be certain that we have the right bad people, only now we need lots of government worker bees to constantly scrutinize the list to make sure we stop the terrorists at the 11th hour. Lots of oversight, baby!

The solution of course is more money! More money is needed to purchase uniforms and brass badges for the ten thousand new employees who will slave away night and day frisking babies and the elderly, just to keep them from doing anything stupid.

I guess the next thing that needs to happen is to make sure we strip the rights from those jaded people on the no-fly list so they can't buy a gun or open a bank account, because it seems that the terrorists, like Faisal Shahzad, pay for their plane tickets with cash. To stop them from getting on a plane, we must stop them from getting cash. Too easy! And who the hell would argue that barring half a million peaceable people from buying a gun isn't a small price to pay to stop one wannabe terrorist from buying one months before he tries to detonate a car bomb in a crowded city? Sssssssmart logic!! We must close the terror gap!!

Think about how crazy it is to actually let those hundreds of thousands of good people on the no-fly list purchase a firearm without so much as a body cavity check, or even a good water-boarding just to make sure that they don't "try to go out and kill some Americans;" amongst those people are the two hundred who are denied a gun purchase every year for being on a list that they can't see. Two hundred!!! These are bloodthirsty citizens, folks; they're on the secret list!

And how could they ever claim that they didn't know they were on the list? Sure, it's secret and all, but you can't claim ignorance when you're certain that you're a terrorist. When you know, you know; and those who are not terrorists that somehow make it on the list. . . .not saying that that happens or anything, but if it did and they get arrested for buying a Marlin .22 for their grandson. . . .well fuck it then - serves em' right for having a stupid name like Ben Ladden. Besides, we're talking about saving lives here!

Personally, I would also include citizens who wear underwear. Hell, we should even go as far as banning SUVs. They seem to be used a lot in attacks against the home land. Can't be too careful these days.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

In case you wanted to handle a machine gun in Boston

It's Marine Week in Boston! This is about the only chance for non-criminals to hold that kind of firepower.


Remember that ninja who slashes in the woods? Yeah. . well. . .he did it to save the trees.

Okeey Dokeey then.

I see that the machete that he used is the same crappy type available at Wal-Mart for the nominal sum of like $6. I would know because I have one. Unbelievably, Wal-Mart does not do a background check or even a simple retinal scan to determine if a customer is eligible to own one.

Ask for a warrant signed by a judge

Thugs posing as FBI ransacked a house in Georgia after pistol whipping the homeowner. It does sound like they may have kicked in the door, but all too often people willingly open their door for anyone with a shiny thing on their chest.

Always ask for a warrant, and make sure it's signed by a judge before you allow entry.

Of note, the victim's neighbor responded to the four armed intruders with a gun in his hand, and instead of a "Wild West" shootout, the scumbags instead decided that the stakes were too high and left the area in a big hurry. Who would have thought that one armed good guy would deter four armed bad guys? Weird.

Noting the delay

We see this most readily on Metro. After an incident somewhere in the world, our Metro stations suddenly have bomb-sniffing dogs and fierce-looking officers carrying automatic rifles.
Indeed. Also, noticeably lacking on the Metro and NYC subway are regular everyday folk who are armed for their own protection. Though after an attack somewhere in the world, there are plenty of these guys with rifles.

That sort of governmental distrust - explicitly shown via infringing gun laws - makes my blood boil, but I still have to see that many of the people from these cities asked for it, and thus have nobody to blame but themselves.

I'm pleasantly surprised to read an article about this from a news site; normally I browse the pages looking for something to mock. Good on NBC News for posting something that actually questions the typical response to events that scare the sheep. I do wish that someone in the organization would question the lack of armed Americans from time to time.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Thompson SMG pr0n

Four pages and counting of beautiful Thompson Sub Machine guns, courtesy of

It's like you could have seen this coming

There have been some arrests in the murder of DC middle school principle, Brian Betts. That's the good. The bad is that three of them are teens that have extensive criminal histories, and were supposed to be under the control of the juvenile justice system in DC.

I'm not even going to bother digging for all the times I've brought this up on this blog: when you catch violent scumbags, you put them in a box for the rest of their lives. So they're a juvenile? Then sure, give them a second chance if they haven't ruined someone's life; but if they can't control themselves to the point where there is a determination that they have to be monitored in order to be released into the public, then that pink squishy thing in between your ears should tell you that they shouldn't be walking free at all.

Just because they aren't 18 years old does not mean that they cannot be held accountable for their actions, and someone does not magically turn into an adult on their 18th birthday. There was a time when a 12 year old was considered an adult, and that if they wandered around in life damaging people then they would be controlled by people who didn't.

Also, I'd hate to hear that these three spineless scumbags were released from detention to make room for some non-violent youths. The wheels of the machine need to be greased and all, but for pete's sake make some stinkin' room for the crazies!

The Assault Knife menace must be stopped

As wrongheaded as the idea of violence prevention via gun ban may be, I can at least see the primitive motives behind the thought process. The typical reaction by the ignorant is to ban firearms from ownership by all in the idea that scumbags won't acquire them because they're illegal. By simple deduction and reasoning, one can generally enlighten the ignorant that gun bans don't work.

I find it hilarious though that people would suggest to apply the same flawed "banitforthechildren" logic to knives, as if you can actually prevent someone from sharpening a piece of metal by writing a statute in a book somewhere.

Oh, but there are people who suggest such a thing:
Guns are strictly controlled in China, but until recently possession of large knives were not. Chinese authorities have recently issued a regulation requiring people to register with their national ID cards when they buy knives longer that 15 centimeters.
Thank heavens!!! The next time some mental case gets dumped by his fiance' after losing his job and his house, he'll think twice about buying a big ass blade and taking his frustrations out on the helpless public!! HAHAHA, it's illegal now, sport! Better measure that knife!

See how awesome legislators can be? They make the world a safer place with the clever application of some words!

So what to do about saving the children from a future attack by a crazy killer who decides he doesn't give a shit about the knife laws?
The ministry instructed schools across the country to hire security guards, install security facilities and ensure that pupils are escorted home. Schools are also urged to teach pupils to how to protect themselves.
We're talking about China here, so don't expect the same level of government care in regards to kids as in countries that actually respect human rights. With that said, I'd be interested in what kind of things they plan on teaching kids in order to stop an attacker with a weapon. Perhaps the children should carry around a copy of the knife laws to stop the miscreant in his or her tracks? More than likely, nothing with any substance will be done.

That they're passing out poles to cops to stop someone with a knife should tell you something about the mentality. What good are those poles going to do against someone with a bomb? A gun? A sword?

I swear, the more advanced society gets, the more stupid it becomes.

Peacefully armed Hollywood citizen thwarts slasher

. . .and by peacefully armed Hollywood citizen, I mean an off-duty cop. Most Californians can't carry a loaded arm because they might freak out and start trying to off other shoppers; luckily, this is all prevented by smart legislation that keeps dangerous weapons out of the hands of crazy people.

Or not.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Criminal control fail in DC last night

Nine people were shot last night in DC, two of them fatally, in four separate shootings. The story doesn't mention a peep of the usual outrage from the standard cast of characters about how they're going to "get them," nor does it mention anything about prevention.

I'm not at all surprised.

As I've said before, this type of violence is practically called for by the people that live in that city.

When a community is plagued with violent criminals, traditionally able bodied members of the community bonded together and took care of business, often times working in unison with the local police to bring the peace. This is not 'vigilantism' at all, and suggesting so is disgusting. Cops are given special tools and powers by the people, and paid to commit to the task of finding violent people full time; whereas citizens, ultimately responsible for their own safety, would be hindered during their day to day affairs if they kept that full time responsibility. In the end, every soul is charged with protecting their gift of life as the protector of the last resort, but that is not to say that many souls cannot act as one to bring order to their community.

The mentality of DC citizens, from my point of view, shows that instead of using the strength of numbers to stop violent scumbags, they novate all responsibility to police and other government wholesale along with some of their rights. There are groups in DC that get mad and roam the streets in an attempt to prevent more attacks, but they lack the tools and the power to have any impact simply because they are so used to giving those things over to 'officials' in a uniform with a shiny thing on their chest. They can no longer see that they have a right to protect their person, their home, or their community, and that right is held by a higher form of law than any that are exercised by the courts.

The officials they gave powers to don't like it when the mortals take matters into their own hands, but the people are so scared of that implied authority that they are no longer able to challenge it. For that reason, I see much more bloodshed in the district's future. DC government has put themselves on the hook to provide relief from the violence, and to an extent they have done just that, but one needs only to look across the Potomac River to see how things are when people have the means and the attitude to not allow scumbags to operate with impunity.

Going Commando

Fox is looking towards a remake of the movie Commando.