Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Assault Knife menace must be stopped

As wrongheaded as the idea of violence prevention via gun ban may be, I can at least see the primitive motives behind the thought process. The typical reaction by the ignorant is to ban firearms from ownership by all in the idea that scumbags won't acquire them because they're illegal. By simple deduction and reasoning, one can generally enlighten the ignorant that gun bans don't work.

I find it hilarious though that people would suggest to apply the same flawed "banitforthechildren" logic to knives, as if you can actually prevent someone from sharpening a piece of metal by writing a statute in a book somewhere.

Oh, but there are people who suggest such a thing:
Guns are strictly controlled in China, but until recently possession of large knives were not. Chinese authorities have recently issued a regulation requiring people to register with their national ID cards when they buy knives longer that 15 centimeters.
Thank heavens!!! The next time some mental case gets dumped by his fiance' after losing his job and his house, he'll think twice about buying a big ass blade and taking his frustrations out on the helpless public!! HAHAHA, it's illegal now, sport! Better measure that knife!

See how awesome legislators can be? They make the world a safer place with the clever application of some words!

So what to do about saving the children from a future attack by a crazy killer who decides he doesn't give a shit about the knife laws?
The ministry instructed schools across the country to hire security guards, install security facilities and ensure that pupils are escorted home. Schools are also urged to teach pupils to how to protect themselves.
We're talking about China here, so don't expect the same level of government care in regards to kids as in countries that actually respect human rights. With that said, I'd be interested in what kind of things they plan on teaching kids in order to stop an attacker with a weapon. Perhaps the children should carry around a copy of the knife laws to stop the miscreant in his or her tracks? More than likely, nothing with any substance will be done.

That they're passing out poles to cops to stop someone with a knife should tell you something about the mentality. What good are those poles going to do against someone with a bomb? A gun? A sword?

I swear, the more advanced society gets, the more stupid it becomes.
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