Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Violence in smalltown Virginia

A carjacking and an armed robbery in Fredericksburg, an armed robbery in Orange county, an armed robbery in Culpeper, and this friggin guy who murdered a woman an then some in Spotsylvania. The savages are restless these days.

In the latter case, the scumbag in question has a lengthy record of ten felonies; using the Virginia Court search thingy I found a bunch of misdemeanors, a 2nd DUI charge, a felony Malicious Wounding charge for which he was on parole for when he committed the above linked atrocities, a felony charge for "DR AFTER DECLARED H.O." whatever that is, some forged checks, and a felony Burglary charge, and that's just from a search of three counties. Why was this guy not in prison in the first place? Also, it seems most of the charges for these crimes were dropped, meaning that these charges are in addition to the ten felonies that he's already been convicted of. What law enforcement official(s) are responsible for this, and why are they not being held accountable? Perhaps such reckless negligence warrants some jail time too?

Update: Geodkyt comments that "DR After Declared H.O." probably means "Driving after declared a Habitual Offender", which makes perfect sense since the guy has multiple DUIs already. Thanks!
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