Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Breaking news, a Confederate flag has been spotted in Fredericksburg!!!

I still am astonished at how clueless Americans are about the Civil War in general, and the Confederate flag in particular.

There is a new movie theator in Fredericksburg, Virginia that bears a mural with both the Union flag and the Confederate flag on the outside wall. This would be the same Fredericksburg that, for a time, was the center of the Civil War, and still bears many ugly scars from that time. Really, the only reason people have ever heard of Fredericksburg is because of the tens, if not hundreds of thousands of Soldiers that died there during the Civil War.

If there was a place in this country to spot a Confederate flag, or any other flag flown during the Civil war it would be here, so to hear some bumbling kid get his offense on at the mere sight of something he hasn't a clue about, in what is perhaps the most historic place for the Civil War makes my teeth chatter. What a fucking idiot.

I haven't been inside this theator yet, but I hear it's lovely, and you can order a beer. The inside of the theator has a Civil War theme, so a little heads up to all you brain washed, public educated pussies out there, you're going to see the dreaded Confederate flag in there too, so bring plenty of bleach for your eyes.

Actually, before you drag your family to my town and congest it with your fleet of Priuses, do us all a great big ass favor and order a fucking history book on the war before you pass judgement on something and make yourself look like a moron.
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