Monday, August 4, 2008

Movie Guns XVII

I have my feet back on the ground now, but this week is gonna be pretty busy. I meant to do this Movie Guns last week, but I thought I would wait. The movie I chose for this week is Bad Boys II, which I thought was the first one, but oh well. This movie is pretty over the top with lots of Hollywood stupidity and over exageration, but it features a beautiful arsenal of goodness that cannot be overlooked.

If you're into cars then you would be well served to check this one out. There are also spectacular car crashes and explosions, and of course the gunfights are cool too. When I took the frames from this movie I had to use a friends laptop because mine doesn't so video capture, but my friends computer wouldn't play sound while I was watching so I didn't get any cheesy one-liners to mock.

Here we go.

The first gun seen in the film is this Sig Sauer P239 that two ladies find in a druglord's nightstand. They negligently fire it into the wall, and the woman who fires it noticably anticipates the shot when she badly flinches before the pistol goes off:
Sig P 239

Next we have some not very tactical fellas coming out of the water wearing AN/PVS-7 night vision monoculars while on an operation to take out some KKK guys:

Our two esteemed crimefighters Mike (Will Smith) and Marcus (Martin Lawrence) decide to break cover in the middle of the KKK rally and arrest everyone there. Here we have Mike holding two Glock 17's with stainless steel slides:
Brace of Glock 17's
While that may look good for television, police officers would never point two weapons at the same time because they cannot account for every shot fired if they're holding two pistols.

Marcus is more realistic with his single two-tone Sig P226 that he holds in this unsteady grip:
Sig P226
That's definitely not the way to hold that Sig, especially with it's high bore axis. Be good to it and it will protect you.

At this point all hell breaks loose as the not-so-tactical guys who are supposed to be backing up the bust decide to just sit tight. One of the bad guys pulls this Smith & Wesson Performance Center model 629 Weighted Barrel and holds it on Marcus:
S&W 629 Weighted Barrel

Obviously a firefight breaks out and Mike takes a leaping double shot at a bad guy with the two Glocks. You can see the bullets leave the barrel and that is captured in this frame if you click on it:
Dual Glocks fire

You can see the bullet from the bottom Glock at the front of the top Glock's ejection port. The funny thing about this is that the bullets are not rifled, nor do they have a copper jacket which is kind of a no-no in Glocks:
No rifling

One of the bullets hits Marcus in the ass, while the other hits a bad guy in the neck while he's firing this Mossberg 500:
Mossberg 500

When backup arrives, one of the officers had this Heckler & Koch G36 with nightvision scope:
H&K G36 w/Nightvision

Next we have the druglord whooting rats with this unknown type of revolver:
I don't normally capture pictures unless I can get a closeup shot to help determine the make, but I thought someone might be able to pick this one up.

The next firefight starts when Syd (Gabrielle Union), an undercover DEA agent, gets shot at by a bunch of thugs. She takes off in an SUV and fires back with what looks like a Glock 30:
Glock 30

She also uses this super short Mossberg 500 to waste another bad guy, but she has to rack a round into the chamber before firing it, which is pretty stupid considering this gun only holds two rounds in the tube with one supposed to already be chambered:
Short Mossberg 500

The bad guys are firing with AKS 74U's like this one:

And one of them has this very short FN FAL:
Compact FN FAL

The no-freakin-way award goes to this scene where Mike fires this H&K UMP one handed from a spinning Ferarri 550:

The next firefight goes down in a badguys hideout. One of them has this pistol gripped Mossberg 500, and another has a Beretta Inox:
Pistol Grip Shorty Mossberg 500
Beretta Inox

A later gunfight has Mike and Marcus getting ambushed by these guys with a Micro Uzi, a H&K MP5 PDW, and a Intratec TEC9:
Micro UZI
Intratec TEC9

I also got a shot of this FN M240B machine gun which is used to shoot up a boat that is used to haul drugs:
FN M240B

The last and largest firefight is at the end and has a ton of cool guns. First we have a AT4 anti-tank rocket that is used to take out the radio room of the druglords house:

Marcus is running around with this H&K G36C wearing an Aimpoint optic that looks like it was put on upside down:
H&K G36C

Mike is carrying a H&K MP5SD just like this one which is being fired by one of the not-so-tactical "former Delta" cops:

Here are two more cops: one with a AR15/M4 type rifle, and the other with a H&K MP5SD; both of them wearing Surefire lights and Aimpoint optics. Notice none of them use the sights at all:
Use the sights!

Here one of them has a FN M249 Para SAW:
M249 Para SAW

The druglord has a Steyr TMP:
Steyr TMP

And his mother has this unknown make double barrel shotgun:
Double Barrel

Cuban soldiers are firing AK's, and this RPG 7 and DShKM:

When the fight ends up at the edge of Guantanimo Bay, the cops and druglord encounter M16 type anti-personnel mines, of which one gets triggered by a two tone Glock 17:
M16 AP Mine
M16 AP Mine body

How's that for a Movie Guns week? Some day I will cover the first Bad Boys, but not right now. I have a couple of requests which I am more than happy to cover. In fact, I've already made the trip to the video store and picked them up.

Thanks for tuning in!

Update: The rocket launcher used at the end of the movie is not an AT4, but a C90-CR (M3). The blonde guy with dreads has a Ithaca 37 with a pistol grip; seen earlier as a "stakeout" model during the car chase scene, but later morphing into a full size pump gun in the crackhouse, which this photo shows. Also of note is that the H&K G36 with the night vision scope is, in fact, a H&K SL8.
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