Tuesday, May 11, 2010

High Tech terror listing

He’s laughing now. But this New York native says it isn’t funny how hard it is for him to visit his daughter, a Fox 5 producer, in Gaithersburg, Maryland. About three years ago, Harris discovered he could no longer check in for a flight online. Instead, he now must arrive hours ahead so the airlines and the Transportation Security Administration can clear him to fly.

“Harris is a very popular name. You'll look in the phone book and you'll find pages and pages and pages of Harrises", Harris points out.

If you think about this, if he's on the no fly list the every Jim Harris is on the list. I would gather that this is a problem for other people with common names as well. I found 19 Jim Harrises in Virginia Beach.

And wait til you get to the part about the 12 year old getting interrogated by TSA agents. How would you feel if that was your son? Would you stand by, or make a scene, ultimately putting yourself on the list too?

The worst part is that scumbag lawmakers want to strip the rights of people who are on the list without due process of law. Keep in mind that people on the list don't know that they're on it, and can't do anything to get off of it other than to apply for a "Redress Number" that doesn't remove you from it, but gives you something to offer to government agents instead of your body.
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