Friday, October 24, 2008

This just in!!! DC cannot protect the citizens!!

I know, shocking isn't it? Now DC citizens are looking to other community resources for help:

Our neighborhood has seriously declined and become a less desirable place to live given the threats of criminal-minded juveniles," said Amy Caspari, a Capitol Hill resident whose husband, Matthew, was the victim of an Aug. 12 midday attack by a knife-wielding juvenile on the corner of 17th and C streets Southeast.

Said Mr. Caspari: "It's very frustrating trying to raise two kids when you have this kind of stuff going on."

As a result, Mr. Glick has asked for help from the D.C. chapter of Guardian Angels, a volunteer group of unarmed residents who patrol streets and make citizen arrests, if

For starters, the unarmed Guardian Angels no doubt care ten times more about the safety of DC citizens than the Metro police, but the fact of the matter is that they shouldn't be forced to be unarmed. How do you make a citizens arrest on a knife wielding teen if you don't have equal or greater force to match it? You can't even use pepper spray in DC.

I think the community has turned to the right people for help, but that help should have the ass to make these thug teens know that violence could potentially land them a dirt nap, and by that I mean the citizens should have the choice to go armed, which most probably won't, and that's fine. Nothing pisses me off more than when hippie pacifists say that pro-gun folk advocate arming everybody in order to make the world safer. That is incorrect. Erroneous. Absurd.

The truth is that people like myself want all Americans to have the choice to be armed in order to provide for their own defense, and to prevent nonsense like this from starting in the first place. That does not mean that myself or other gun owners want to be armed in order to take the law into our own hands, nor does it mean that we want to be vigilantes. It only means that we want to be able to hold our own until the cops get there. When criminals see the community, along with the Guardian Angels, patrolling the streets with a means of matching or exceeding the potential force that they were considering using, then they will go elsewhere to find easier fodder.

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