Thursday, October 23, 2008

ABC news says I'm a McCain voter

They have this little game where you see which presidential candidate you lean towards. I picked McCain's quotes all but one time. The problem with it is that most of the choices I had in the game I didn't agree with either way, but you have to pick one of two choices.

That's when you know the election is going to suck.

The Pawnbroker has left me the most compelling argument that I've heard thus far in comments on an earlier post. I'm definitely taking that into consideration, but I still maintain that I have zero confidence that either one of these two yahoos can accomplish any of the bullshit that they're shoveling at us.


Anonymous said...

Mildly curious as to which question went Obama, I had only one as well (abortion).

Unknown said...

No idea, but I now think less of myself for agreeing with McCain on the issues.