Thursday, October 16, 2008


Culpeper, Virginia has a groundhog problem, and has passed a law to let people shoot them within city limits. Quite common sense if you ask me.

The rules are that you have to live on one acre or more, assume responsibility if there's an accident (no shit), and give a courtesy call to the police if you're setting up to shoot. The police chief seems pretty cool with the whole thing, but one citizen interviewed is a moron, and another one is oblivious to the destruction that these critters cause.

I agree with the woman interviewed, who says that if someone has a groundhog problem then let landowners shoot them. Groundhogs are great animated targets, and in Virginia farmers often give permission to let you rid their land of the beasties. I used to vaporize their little heads when I was a kid, and I'm gonna be building a groghound slayer right after I finish building my DPMS LR308.

You can almost hear the banjo in the background . . . "just some good ol' boys. . . never meanin' no harm. . . ."

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