Monday, October 27, 2008

More AK47 madness!!

It's tragic that a teen was killed, for sure, but I'd like to point out just the kind of news "facts" that the Brady Campaign likes to point to in regards to "assault weapons."

Here we have a drive-by shooting late at night in the dark, and somehow, amongst the several shots fired, the weapon is identified, but there's zero information about anything else. The two surviving witnesses were diving for cover, yet they know the vehicle was a red Navigator, and that the weapon was an AK47. Call me a skeptic.

The police have found no evidence whatsoever to identify anything in this case, but WSBTV has the murder weapon figured out regardless. Great job over there folks!

Why don't we just hire them to figure out crimes from now on. The link that took me to the article was from CNN and labeled "Assault Weapon shot kills teen." There's a clever title for ya. No doubt this story will be tallied up by the Bradys and added to their next shit piece about "mass produced mayhem."

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