Friday, October 3, 2008

Squirt gun rights

Some teenagers in Connecticut have been acting like teens and doing stupid things; sometimes with dangerous results.

Crashing cars into houses and running old ladies off the road is the pinnacle of stupid, but seriously? "Squirt gun assassin?" The media is always trying to make everything the most dramatic bunch of BS as humanly possible. The headline on the CNN page says "Assassin game puts teens in danger," as if these kids are running around killing each other like they do in Detroit.

You would think that they would be dealt with like the thousands of adults that drive into stuff and run old ladies off the road while talking on their damned cell phones, often with fatal results. You don't see "Cell phone assassins cause 17 car pile-up!!!" headlining anywhere, do you?

I'm not blind too the fact that they have hurt people with their game, but it should be dealt with on an individual level. I can totally see Connecticut banning squirt guns and any game with the word 'assassin' in it over this hysterical article, you know, "For the Children."

Better get down to Toys R Us and stock up.


Paul said...

Most college campuses have a game going at some point during the semester. It's harmless fun when confined to the clueless bubble of a college campus. Most organizers would never condone use of vehicles or taking the game off school property.

I wanted to play in my college days, but I was also on staff with the university at the time, which meant that I was a sitting duck in my office for 7 hours every weekday.

Unknown said...

I used to play in HS with those dollar store disk guns. Boys will be boys.